Sunday, March 5, 2017

FuturePrimitive: Wax Tart General Catalogue Order

I melted up all my FuturePrimitive wax tarts and needed to restock. Tiggy recently made Wand Maker a general catalog scent and I was thrilled. I set out to scoop that one up and a few more. 

Everything arrived perfectly as always, nestled in a wee box with crinkles and wrapped in neat black tissue paper.

White Witch- Notes: Patchouli and bourbon geranium.

Eye rolling fantastic. If you love a ripe noir patchouli that smells of neglected hope chests and the forest floor on a moonless midnight then this is the patchouli for you (and me).  

Sylph- Notes: Marshmallows and a glug of lavender oil.

Sylph is a scent I love in Tiggy's bar soap. To be fair, I love all her bar soaps. But Sylph in wax is much more sweet and marshmallowy. Don't get me wrong, the lavender is still very much there and gorgeous as all get out, but the candy like tones are much more present. It is so sweet and pure as to almost have a berry-like quality to it. This is a sweet/herbal lavender. One of the best out there for my preferences. 

Dark Carnival- Notes: Honeycomb, vanilla caramel, sugared walnuts in newspaper, coconuts, amber and tonka bean incense. 

A sweet amber scent that almost crosses into the gourmand territory. Amber musk heightened and drizzled with creamy coconut caramel sauce. Man oh man is this one brilliantly delicious.

I love it so much.

The Wand Maker- Notes: Leather bound books, cedarwood, lavender beeswax candles, and black wand boxes.

It truly reminds me of Ollivander's. The leather not only bind books but wraps around the wand boxes as well. The cedar lends an austere nod to the magic of the wood in the wands and beeswax rounds out the rougher edges, adding the patina of age and the warmth of light to the shop. I love this one. This is what my Amortentia potion would smell like.

Festival- Notes: Nag Champa, patchouli and smoke.

Please forgive me, somewhere along the line I must have misplaced my Festival photo. It is that pretty mint green tart in the center of the photograph above. And it is my meditative scent. The nag champa and patchouli meet together in an almost icy state where some coolness of eucalyptus or menthol emerges from their spiritual pairing. I melted one tart in my kitchen and one in my living area and they threw strong in the house. 

Not a huge order but I am so very happy with all the scents I got. I will be back for more. Tarts are 1.75 pounds each ($2.15) and shipping was 7.80 pounds ($9.59). I ordered doubles of some of these so not all the tarts I purchased are shown. I used a code for a discount since it was Tiggy's birthday (she usually emails out a code via newsletter for her birthday, I think it was 20% off or thereabouts). Have you purchased wax tarts from across the pond? How cute are their little scent cups?


  1. Incredible sounding order, ironically, the only one I'd skip is probably wand maker. Those prices aren't off putting either, for good wax. I'll have to get on that newsletter list. Adore your turned logs (birch?) set-up too.

    Now then, I tried Equestrian and! I admit it didn't quite smell how I expected, less leathery and more powdery but the hay combined with the strong tartness of the opening notes was powerfully savory. I felt quite sophisticated, though as it started to fade after a few hours I picked up a strange mix with my body's chemistry (that could have been the stress of the state tournament). I'm gonna try again to see if we're a match. Thank you for the sample, it was fun to experiment w/a new fragrance:)

    1. Thank you! Yes! There were a few birch slices and pieces left over from when Adam and my father-in-law built the bookshelf.

      I love how scents smells so different on different skin and to each nose. I can see the apples coming off a little tart at first. Sorry to hear the dry down wasn't really good on you. How did state go??? If Equestrian doesn't work for you, maybe another one will. Though sometimes perfume houses have their own signature style and some even think signature base, so chances could be good that others might not work if that one doesn't but it never hurts to try!! <3 Glad you had fun sampling it though! I will have to send some other houses your way too.

    2. Funny you should mention Equestrian. I love Laurie's fragrances and have many. They all work well on my skin except Equestrian. I so wanted to love this and I do, but not on my skin. Jour Ensoleille is my favorite. I also love her Incense Pure. I had ordered samples from Solstice Scents in January, and I really love Smokewood Apiary and Vanilla Pipe Tobacco. Some other good samples that I have been trying are from Abdul Karim Al Faransi. I really like Imperial Asiatic Musk with lots of sandalwood, Musk Tahara Al Faransi, and Habibati. I have not tried anything from FP, but I must try something from them.

      I really love your blog and look forward to it each day!

    3. Hey Cathy!! How cool to meet another SSS lover!! I am sorry to hear Equestrian didn't work for you either. Jour Ensoleille is stunning. Incense Pure is so grounding. Tabac Aurea was my first SSS true love. I have bottles of Champagne du Bois, Fireside Intense and Sienna Musk too. And many travel sprays. Her newest gourmand is shaping up to be decadent based on the tester I tried.

      Smokewood Apiary and Vanilla Pipe Tobacco are amazing. Thank you for reminding me I need to buy the larger size in Vanilla Pipe Tobacco. I have never heard of Abdul Karim Al Faransi. Off to go explore this new to me house. I am a sandalwood lover from way back so Imperial Asiatic Musk will be tried. Thank you!!

      Thank you so much for stopping by and I look forward to getting to know you <3 Sounds like you have an experienced nose and would be a treasure trove of fragrance chat! Have a nice week!

  2. My first FP tart is melting at this moment, why did I wait so long? I missed out on The Wandmaker and White Witch but picked up a few Festivals and a Bell Book and Candle (I think I have the name right). It looks like the general catalog wax was not restocked for the Spring release, I would have waited but I saw Om soap was being restocked so I broke my no-buy and ordered.

    Festival is perfection! Om is good too but on the soft side so I will tuck it away for awhile. Need to try some of her EDPs if she is still doing them.

    1. Just remembered we are international, and have to go to England try EDPs.

    2. It is great stuff isn't it?! I am loving my FP tarts. I enjoyed White Witch but there are others I enjoyed even more. I am hoping she continues to make them this time around. I wish we could order her EDPs too. If I ever get over to London I am going to message her asking if I can swing by and pick some up LOL! Wanna hop across the pond with me? ;-)

    3. Yes please. The one time I was in England was in college, over spring break, when two friends were there studying abroad in London and Oxford. I cut it down to a 4 day whirlwind trip because of an interview, which ended up being cancelled when I returned. Ooh, miffed that I could have stayed the whole week!

    4. How fun!!! Whirlwind trips can be fantastic! Not so long that adventures are over thought and you just run by the seat of your pants. I am sorry that interview ended up being canceled. That does stink. NaLonda and my trip to NYC was very much whirlwind despite being planned. And I have a feeling the fall NYC trip will be whirlwind too even though I will be staying one more day than last time, 4 days and 3 nights.