Sunday, July 1, 2018

Cosmic Cleanse: April Pre-Order

April 17th Cosmic Cleanse opened up for pre-orders on a few miracle budders and such. No 3rd Wheel, a blend of lavender essential oil and peppermint, immediately caught my eye. I ordered everything it came in which was miracle budder and lotion bars. 

I picked up two 8oz jars of infused miracle budders for $12 each. I am so excited that Heidi found a container that shipped well! I know that had to be a huge headache for her, those other jars all busted and whatnot. These arrived in perfect condition. They have a seal on the inside and the clear sturdy jars look sleek. The miracle budder feels slightly more dewy and gel-like in texture than the creamy milky miracle budders in the past, but it may be because these are a fresh batch. I love the miracle budders. They moisturize wonderfully and feel emollient against the skin. It sinks in easy and leaves skin soft. I like this simple lavender and peppermint blend. The lavender pulls through the strongest on scent but the peppermint leaves that cooling tingle. I don't find this to be a sweet lavender mint, but more of an herbal one. It's marvelous.

Look how lush!

Heidi kindly included a whipped body souffle in Fell On Black Days, a blend of fresh rain, ocean air, sea grass and sandalwood. It smells amazing, like standing on a seaside cliff. Bracing, fresh, salty and woody. I like that the aquatics are toned down and it is mostly about the fresh air and salt encrusted driftwood. This is popularly used as a shampoo and I did use mine as just that and it felt amazing. It works into an intense lather (a little goes a long way) and rinses cleanly. My hair feels soft and shiny after using it and my usual conditioner. As a body wash it is great too. Highly fragrant and bubbly.

These things are filled to the brim. The texture is thick and full bodied and very easy to work with. 

Two lotion bars in No 3rd Wheel were also ordered for $13 each. These are infused as well. These have a nice solid to powdery smooth texture. It runs along the skin and melts like buttah. These give a more plush and satiny feel to the skin, rather than sinking in immediately. It has a pleasant buttery velvet finish. I will like using this for areas and times when extra moisturizing is needed. I like the portability of the container too. These will pack well. I am happy they didn't melt during shipping either, because it feels like I am dwelling under the devil's scrotum right now.

I will say the scent is nice upon application but it does not linger at all. That doesn't really bother me as I tend to apply other scents anyway. 

Shipping was $11 and it was a pleasant ordering experience. Heidi has a new website which can be found here. She is still shipping out orders I believe and then she generally takes a few weeks off before starting up a new pre-order. 

Did you grab anything from this last opening? How do you feel about solid lotions?


  1. Mmm, that sounds nice, herbal lavender is right where I like to live when it comes to my herbal preferences. Speaking of, despite certain legislative freedoms this side of the border when it comes to marijuana (still a long ways off, but legal on paper) anything infused or containing an active amount of the stuff (like lotions, butters and rubs) is still strictly off limits. It's a literal pain, because I've heard (from you and others) that the infused products really make a difference for people suffering from chronic conditions, or simply aches and pains and other sore bits. I'm sure some beauty products will start to become available as everything rolls out more fully, but you know they won't smell like cupcakes (which of course is the big draw for me - seriously, why can't I have my dope-infused lotions AND have it smell like cake, too?)

    1. Hahahahaaa! Yes! The cake and CBD do go well together. I have read about some issues here and there about certain vendors getting the crack down on them from selling the CBD infused items. It is interesting to see how each state has different laws and how they regulate the internet sales of those items. It is legal here in FL with a prescription but stores all over the start sell CBD infused items to the general public.

      I really enjoy the relaxing properties of the CBD skin care and bath products. Especially during my period or times when I am stressed or anxious. It is subtle effect but I appreciate it.

  2. Also, good work on those dispatches from beneath Satan's sweaty num-nums - can't be easy blogging under those conditions. ;)

  3. I think I tried to get every scent offered this preorder, even if it was just in a mini budder.
    A lot of the scents aren't in my comfort zone, but I'm new to CC and want to try as many scents and products from Heidi as I can.
    I got 3 lotion sticks- No 3rd Wheel and Cheer Up Buttercup, 1 full size budder in Fell on Black Days, mini budders in Mochi Ice Cream and Pour it up Drink it down and full size whipped soap in FOBD, My Girl and Snowcone for a Unicorn.
    I can't wait to see the next preorder list. :D
    I love solid lotion sticks for neck application, hard to reach spots, the bottom of my feet, extra moisturization for anywhere that needs it. I got a stick for my father, but I honestly don't know if he'll use it.

    1. That is a great idea!!! I did grab out-of-my-realm scents a couple restocks ago and ended up liking a few I didn't think I would. But now I pretty much stick with the mints, lavenders and such.

      Feet!!! YES! I will use that on my feet here soon. I like the solid lotion. I feel like it is more nourishing.