Monday, July 30, 2018

Obscurus: Freakshow Summer Collection Wax Tarts

These wax tarts were provided by Obscurus at Femme Fatale Cosmetics for photography and reviewing purposes. 

Freakshow is the latest summer collection to release from Obscurus, a relatively newer company run by the owner of Femme Fatale Cosmetics, Sophie.  I reviewed their spring collection and a few general catalog scents not too long ago. It thrilled me to get another box filled with Obscurus' fragrant wares, especially freakshow, carnival, oddity themed. How fun is that?! Their wax tarts come in clamshells are are 100% soy with a high ratio of fragrance and essential oils, so some breakage may occur as they are a touch softer than the average container wax. The tarts run $9 a clamshell AUS which is about $6.60 USD. 

Questionable Curiosities- Notes: Juicy watermelon, raspberry and peach syrup spun into clouds of sugar. 

The fruits are rich but also a touch creamy. They almost have a chewy Starburst texture to them. Very cheerful and ideal for summer melting. Two cubes melted in the kitchen and living area with a strong throw. It maintained that sweet candied melon and berry brew. Very nice.

Morbidly Peculiar- Notes: A crispy fried banana on a bed of vanilla ice cream dusted with cinnamon.
A ripe, soft banana caramelized with sugar and warmed with spice. This smells like my favorite fried plantains crusted with sugar that comes with the food at Texas de Brazil, just a pinch of cinnamon added. I am drooling. I am thrilled this is not a candy taffy banana but the real deal. I am tucking this one away for October melting.

Mysterious Oddities- Notes: A creamy vanilla and coconut milkshake dusted with cocoa and sugary sprinkles.
The coconut and vanilla are lovely and sweet but they do lean more tropical and beachy rather than gourmand on cold sniff. I melted two cubes in my living area and kitchen and they threw medium-strong. The beachy aspects melted off and more of a creamy bakery moved in with the coconut and vanilla. I wouldn't call it a milkshake but it was tasty. 

Cheap Thrills- Notes: Ripe red apple slices covered in buttery toffee, salted peanuts and caramel drizzle.
Juicy MacIntosh apples, ruby and watery and crisp paired with thick sticky salted caramel. The apples feature foremost and are ripe with their fragrant bounty. The caramel sweetens as an accent note with the nutty saltiness of the peanuts keeping it from being overly sweet. Another one that will be melted in a couple months. 

Death's Minstrel- Notes: Delicious dark raspberry ice cream with pink musk lollies and a drizzle of honey.
A unique scent that is interesting to describe. My mind goes to fruity-floral but it is darker, more muskier than a typical fruity-floral scent. And yes, I do smell a touch of flowers in the musk and honey. Maybe a whisper of wildflowers or carnations? It might even be a floral tone to the raspberries. As it melted the floral tones quieted but the raspberries and pink musk did have a hint of a medicinal vibe. It threw about medium-light. 

Overall, these are fabulous wax tarts. I am thrilled with the performance of these on the whole and love the unique scent blends. I am itching for fall to come so I can melt that spiced banana and that apple toffee one. 

When you do start to melt your fall scents? Have you tried any new vendors?


  1. I haven't ordered from any new to me vendors in forever. I'm pretty boring when it comes to that. lol

    I usually start melting some apple scents in August and the ciders and lighter fall scents in September. The pumpkins and heavy stuff usually don't start until October for me.


    1. I don't order from new vendors too often, myself. But it is fun every now and then.

      Apples in AUGUST!!! You just gave me permission. YESSSSSS!!! Apples in the next melting basket for sure. I cannot wait!


  2. Lovely vibrant photos, I can imagine the kaleidoscopic carnival. None of these combos speak much to me. As for Fall--same as Deb for the most part, even more specifically, granny smiths are an August fave, I don't crave pumpkins ever really, but I will usually throw 1 or 2 in Oct. My new sorta scent surprise has been caramel or sweet popcorn (thanks to Bohemienne Life samples and Super Tarts) it's a satisfying pre-fall melt.
    I have at least 4-5 wax posts to do but cannot get to photographing and melting bc I've been too busy. I'm hoping for maybe one photo shoot this week...but I'm back to work today after some days off:/
    Happy Monday.

    1. Thank you!

      Granny Smith apples are ones that escape me most of the time. I need to look into more of those. Pumpkin scents are funny fellows. They rarely smell exactly like pumpkin to me but more of a caramel vibe. Every now and then I get some pumpkin through the spice and sweet. You would probably love Handmade in Florida's caramel popcorn scent. I hate popcorn scents but this one is pretty good. I still gave it away to my sister though, she was mooning over it.

      Being busy can be good. I hope you get some rest though. I was scrambling earlier in the month to get posts done and I will be again soon once school starts back up on top of taking a philosophy class. Ah well. Getting them out while I can.

      Happy Monday, friend. <3

  3. Granny Smiths have a mouthwatering quality and tartness I don't find in the sometimes funky mac apple blends.
    I just threw my blog schedule out the window and am getting to it when I can, you may see Summer hauls in Oct, whatever!
    I usually love Philosophy, but got burned out on it when coaching Debate about 8-9 years ago, I should go back to it refreshed sometime. If you wanna chat up any philosophical arguments or philosophers, I'm here and I'm a nerd.

    1. Mac apples can be a bit watery and bleh sometimes. Or cloyingly sweet. Or perfumy.

      Hahahahahaa! Hey! We get to it when we get to it, right? I have hauls from Christmas I am thinking of posting right now. Such a rebel.

      Thank you! I would like that. My kids do a Socratic Seminar and I am trying to brainstorm topics.