Saturday, July 14, 2018

Vacation Wax and Plans: Savannah, Georgia

Time for the yearly tradition of sharing what smell goods will be packed for our summer vacation. The past few years have seen us headed for the mountains. I tend to crave cabin-esque woods, spice and coziness when staying in the mountains. Savannah seemed to warrant something a little different. A southern town shrouded in mystery and history needed some more austere fragrances.

I packed:
Bath and Body Works Palo Santo candle
Bath and Body Works Incense candle
Ten Digit Creations Wicked Lovely
Ten Digit Creations Rosewood & Amber
Dessa's Homespun Scents Harvest Moon
Candles From The Keeping Room Warm & Cozy

I think the candles will be just the ticket. Check out my new hot plate!! It is an old school 24 watt with the handle on the bowl that I missed having. I found some at a local gift shop and picked up two. 

Some things on the agenda for Savannah, Georgia:

The Old Pink House (dinner)
17Hundred90 (dinner)
The Pirate's House (dinner)
A Lowcountry Backyard Restaurant (lunch)
Sandfly BBQ (lunch)
The Collins Quarter (brunch)
Huey's on the River (brunch)
B. Matthew's Eatery (breakfast)
World Famous Breakfast Club (breakfast)
Tybean Coffee and Art
The Coffee Fox, Cotton & Rye and Leopold's Ice Cream are on the list too. 

Salt Marsh Kayaking at Hilton Head
Bonaventure Cemetery Tour
Ghosts and Gravestones Tour
Tybee Island Lighthouse
Tybee Island beach fun (that is where I found this baby cuttlefish)
The Book Lady bookstore
Graveface Records
River Street 
Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
Forsyth Park

Mostly eating, walking, shopping and exploring. 
What are some of your favorite things to do in Savannah? Best place to eat? 


  1. I love the clear emphasis here on eating. Atta girl, that's how you really vacation! I have reservations already booked for our trip on Labour Day weekend, so I know all about the importance of locking down what you're going to chow down on (apparently there's a lot of macaroni and cheese-type things covered in meat in my future; I'm nearly delirious just thinking about it!) Hope you have a wonderful time, and of course we will need pictures of all that delicious grub, please and thank you. :)

    1. Food is the focus this summer vacation for sure. Mac and cheese and meat? I had some of that myself today. I tried to promise myself that I would take lots of photos this trip. I feel like I am failing at that already. Tomorrow is a new day!

  2. P.S. I'm ignoring that critter up there that has me sort of frightened. Cuttlefish?

    1. LOL! Yes! He was the cutest cuttlefish ever. We hope to catch one again tomorrow.

  3. I want to hear about those cemetery tours when you get back!


    1. Excellent!! I will make sure to tell you all about them. Hope you have had a nice week. I missed talking with you. When are you off next?

    2. I'm off today and tomorrow (Sat/Sun) and then have a wacky schedule with overtime this coming week.


  4. What a treat to be able to pack candles for vacay:) All of these Savannah haunts sound perfect, looks like you guys had a great time.

    1. It is nice when driving. I can pack way more than when I am flying. The way the house air flow went I ended up burning the candles more than melting. The wax threw WAY too strong in that old drafty house which was weird. I wasn't expecting that. We did have a very nice time. Crazy that it is already over.