Monday, July 9, 2018

Fortune Cookie Soap: CYO Liquid Shampoo and Deep Conditioner

Since I enjoyed the small hand sanitizer order I placed with Fortune Cookie Soap for Savanna's Lord of the Rings birthday party, I signed up for their newsletter. I read about a CYO (Create Your Own) shampoo and conditioner event and knew I wanted to give it a go. The CYO Deep Conditioners ran $14.99 with up to three scents blended and an option to create your own name. Regular Deep Conditioner releases are $12.99. I think these are about 2 ounces or so. The CYO Liquid Shampoo was $13.99 (regularly $11.99) and is 9.5 ounces. 

The Liquid Shampoo formula is very nice. The CYO version is a beautiful pearlized sky blue and nice and thick in consistency. It is easy to pump out but has some viscosity to it. The shampoo lathers up wonderfully easy and cleans my hair of product without drying it out. The fragrances are strong without being obnoxious and linger quietly in the hair after it is dried. 

I knew straight away I wanted a shampoo and conditioner set in Middle Earth. 

Middle Earth- Notes: Warmed Longbottom leaf, frosted silver birch atop the Misty Mountains, blue juniper bushes of Pelennor fields and subtle hints of citrus. 

I loved this scent on first sniff in the hand sanitizer and would buy it in just about any format. It is a sweet tobacco aroma with shades of summery orange slices and woods. It will be perfect for the transition from summer into fall. 

The Deep Conditioner does come in a small amount but a little goes a long way and it is recommended for use 1-2 times a week, much like a hair mask. It contains argan oil, aloe and proteins. I appreciate how soft and moisturized my hair feels after I use this. Once a week is good enough for me with this product. 

I have been having a major love affair with Blue Sugar. I created a blend I named Hagrid. 

Hagrid- Notes: A handful of peppermint Pepper Imps, the subtle sugary anise tones of herbal tea (Blue Sugar) and the earthy tang of patchouli, freshly picked from the Forbidden Forest.

Hagrid and I are birthday twins, December 6th babies, we have a love of creatures and a soft spot for loyal friends and good professors. He is my very favorite person in Harry Potter. If I could spend a fall evening sitting by his fire, sipping tea and chatting, I would be happy as a hippogriff. Alas, I cannot but I can happily create a smell that will make me think of him. The Blue Sugar features prominently with accents of cool mint and deep patch. I love it.

The results I get from this shampoo and conditioner combo make me happy. My dry, thin curly hair is softer and more shiny. I will be alternating this with my Future Primitive shampoo and conditioner. 

Do you have any favorite Fortune Cookie Soap scents? I am new to this company and any scent direction would be fabulous. 


  1. Very cool! Are you ever all about the Blue Sugar these days. I used to have a thing for Blue Cotton Candy; it was really excellent with citrus scents like satsuma.

    1. Guilty as charged. I don't think I have really had Blue Cotton Candy on its own. I recall having it mixed with Winter Candy Apple in TBG Vintage Circus but that is it, I think. I will have to try it.

  2. Middle Earth is a scent I enjoy in body oil form. Hagrid sounds amazing!!
    FCS was one of my first experiences with indie vendors. I bought a ton from them for about a year before I got into any other indies.
    I love the deep conditioner, it's so thick and you really don't need to apply much product. I used to use the liquid shampoo, too and still use their shampoo bars.
    I'll have to look at my perfume oils to see what FCS scents I would recommend to you. :) They definitely have a wide range of scents that appeal to anyone.

    1. I bet it is killer in a body oil. I will keep my eyes peeled for a CYO body oil event.
      Hagrid is amazing. <3
      They had their 40% off sale yesterday/today and I was eyeing up some of the shampoo bars but decided to wait. I ended up getting wax tarts (YAY!) and deodorants for Savanna and myself. Oh! And two bath bombs.
      Thank you for checking. I was really overwhelmed during the CYO event and sometimes reading scent descriptions didn't help because the scent could go any way.

    2. More earthy or unisex type FCS scents: The Hound, the shiz, Christmas spirit essential oil roller, small favors, warm hearth, trickster magic, tame the beast, agent of shield, black pearl, kingslayer, a nod to the hippies, one c, poisonous fog- bonfire bliss dupe, unsullied, moriarty, me so thorny, American royalty, you shall not pass.
      Look into Old Hollywood Fall 2015 collection, As You Wish (Princess Bride) Fall 2016 collection and Peace Love and FCS collection and Winter Has Come (Game of Thrones) 2015 collection
      Fan favorites have been: Lions breath, mermaid tears, tink- serendipity dupe, Skywalker, prince valium- pink sugar dupe with added lavender, pjp, rum butter, salem, good zombie, Tommy Guns and baseball bats, thebombdotcom, rule #47. Typically the fruity and sweet stuff are crowd favorites.
      Some of my personal favorites, aside from the more earthy, unisex types have been, Lil Blue, Time, Iron Islands, Dirty Santa and Bloom Bloom Room.
      Scent descriptions can be found on their Pinterest boards, website or Google search on various blog pages.
      FCS has had a ton of scents over the years, so like you said, the CYO list can be very overwhelming. Some scents, (like cinnamon ones they don't do in CYO body product events), or sometimes they can't create a blend again because the oil was discontinued, but I've only seen that happen with like 3 scents so far.
      Let me know if you ever have questions.

    3. You are a goddess rock star queen. Thank you so much!! I am writing down all the ones in your first paragraph and your faves at the end. I will plan on starting there for the next CYO event that crops up. Thank you again! I will definitely send you a message next time I have a FCS question.

    4. Oh, no prob at all! You're welcome.
      I'm sure I missed some, but hopefully I got the majority. The collections I listed have more earthy type scents.
      I feel like FCS scents typically span multiple scent categories, so probably appeal to more people.