Friday, July 6, 2018

Melting Basket 123

Wax from the last basket I would buy again include: Handmade in Florida Eastern Oudh, CFTKR Strawberry Margarita, Marshmallow Fireside, Teakwood and Coconut.

Sniff My Tarts-Marshmallow Fireside/Toasted Marshmallow/Graham Cracker/Fireside
Sniff My Tarts- Peppermint/Barbershop 1920/Ocean
The Bathing Garden- Lavender Vanilla Custard
The Bathing Garden-Bohemian Rhapsody
The Bathing Garden- Raspberry Hearts
Ten Digit Creations- St. James Place
Candy Panda- Minthogany
Glitterati- Vicious Sex on the Beach
Candles From The Keeping Room- Swedish Dream Salt
Candles From The Keeping Room- Scandal
Lasting Scent Candles- Summer Bonfire
Starry Skies- The Bearded Lady (Pink Sugar + Barbershop <3 gift
Wonderberry- Smoked Vanilla <3 gift
Purple Fox- Salt Life <3 gift

If you would like any of these reviewed more in depth, please let me know which ones in the comments. 

I have been sitting at my sewing machine and holding paint brushes in my hands lately and it feels marvelous. 

I have a new hankering too. I want to make a curio cabinet/shadow box filled with oddities to hang up. 

Night Vale has been fun to listen to. Lore has been fun to watch. I am craving more mythology and supernatural distractions. 

I also am craving the desire to be more active and get back to more fruits and veggies.

My sister and I talk about taking herbology classes and going glass blowing. We seek out oddity stores and strange foods. 

Sometimes finding excitement in small things is enough to sow contentment. And I am hoping I can keep up the creative endeavors and bring in some healthful ones too.

If you could learn or experience anything from your wildest dreams what would it be?


  1. I'm not familiar with Lore but your mention of craving more mythology has me clapping and nodding excitedly in agreement. I just recently reread Loki's Wolves and Odin's Ravens and I'm sucked waaaaay back into Norse mythology and all things Viking again. I want to watch the first couple seasons of the Vikings show again. I'm anxious for Vikings football. I'm finding it really cool (and I'm jealous) that my sons have Scandinavian blood. And then on the 4th of July, we were all sitting around at one point talking about what we know of mythology. I'm going to finally read the Magnus Chase books after I finish the last of this other Norse series. Gimme all the Viking stuffs!

    Something from my wildest dreams to learn or experience? It would probably be something medieval. Learn alchemy or blacksmith, or live in a castle...something like that.


    1. EXCELLENT! I saw on your Goodreads that you have been eating them up. I picked up that Norse Mythology book by Neil Gaiman. I am going to bring it on vacation with me to read. I am with you on re-watching the first season or two. It was SO GOOD in the beginning. I liked the Magnus Chase book. And hey. You can put your viking ship ornament up on the tree this Christmas too. <3

      How cool. Alchemy would be amazing. I am fascinated with all the symbols and what not. I bet castle living was very interesting. I will join you but I will be the old herb lady who hands out potions.

  2. I think I might have just been saying to Jay that SMT doesn't have a Marshmallow Fireside scent, but there it is! Could you please let me know how that one turns out for you? I'm curious as I put together some blending possibilities for the end of the summer...

    And in answer to your question, if I was anybody other than me (as in I could not live this way if I was current my personality type) I'd like to be a Hawaiian surf girl - live on the beach in just any old shack that keeps water off my head, hold down any old job that pays for my boards and live for the water. I'm too high strung to appreciate that life at all, but it's ever so tantalizing. That's Alt Sandra there. :)

    1. Ugh, MY current personality type. English much? Also, I forgot the part where I'm really rather terrified of large bodies of water and the beasties that lurk beneath them. So that's a problem for a surfer, for sure!

    2. I think the SMT Marshmallow Fireside is decently done. Not the strongest one I have tried and not the most exact but close enough to both qualities that I used the heck out of it in my blends. I like it a lot. That SMT MF blend above melted super strong and smelled really really good. It was about a year old so plenty of cure time (if that is a thing) and I would blend it again in a heartbeat. My name should be coming up here soon for my order. I was pretty much dead last this opening. LOL! Ah well.

      I LOVE that alt life. I could see that being pretty much the most simplistic way to be close to nature, happy and fulfilled... waiting to catch the perfect wave.

  3. Night Vale and Lore? I've listened to Welcome to NV (LOL) and read Lore, :) okay, we're in tune again, I'm good.

    1. :-) I had heard Lore was a really cool podcast but I settled for watching the series and it was pretty well done. Very short, 6 episodes, but I enjoyed it. <3