Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mermaid Moment

Here are some mermaid moments... in fabric. Independent fabric stores draw me like a moon  captured by gravity. They carry talented designers that cannot be found in chain stores. The quality tends to be better as well.
Mermaid doll I sewed using a free pattern from Wee Wonderfuls. The girls got these as a small gift in the advent calendar last year (only 7" long).
Japanese fabric is a weakness of mine. Kokka is some of the best but hard to come by in these parts. I have no idea what to make with it yet but I know I will love it. Hand crocheted octopus from my soul sister in Turkey... who is moving to Japan soon! Hmmm.... Kokka???

A quilt I made using some of my favorite fabric of all time, Heather Ross's Mendocino Mermaids. I bought this line in two colorways; this fall themed one in orange and browns, as well as a bright pink fushia one seen further below.

This is my colorful hippie bag. The pattern came out of Anna Maria Horner's Seams to Me book. Highly recommend this book, tons of great projects.
Check out your local independent fabric store... you are sure to find some treasures.

Rosegirls Store Haul

I recently saw all the lovely new scents Jenny, the owner of Rosegirls, was coming out with and one really stood out in my sampler: Lovely Sandalwood. I asked my dear friend Deb if she would be up for a store run to see if I could nab any (with a few more thrown in of course, can't get just *one*).
Personal shopping at the store is tricky since the stock is always revolving and nothing is certain to be currently in store. Lovely Sandalwood was not there... but something just as yummy was.... Pink Sandalwood. God is good!
Deb is very generous. The past two times we work out a plan and I make an offer (which I make sure to leave a lil fun money aside for her to use too as she wishes) and she goes above and beyond that. My love cup runs over.
Two extra goodies I am extremely grateful for: pumpkin pecan waffles and celtic moonspice.
PPW is much more rich and full bodied than the BBW candle it is a dupe of (the RG version beats the original to my nose); I pick up more of a buttery pumpkin beignet drizzled with praline sauce than just plan ol' PPW. This large chunky cookie is strong enough I think I can break it into quarters to melt. The piped cletic moonspice heart is some serious fall loveliness. The celtic moonspice here is very creamy, not too spicy on the cinnamon at all. And not a Red Hots cinnamon. As I am a seasonal metler these gems will be tucked into my fall/winter basket.

The bags! L to R: Pecan Waffle Smoothie- I loved the way Sunnee descibed this one in her video, with the almost liqueur note. It is creamier and richer than PW Fluff Puffs, which has a definite cookie crunch similiar to a pecan sandie, and PPW is much more buttery than either of these. If I could only choose one it would be PW Fluff Puffs (for now!).
Earth Angel- Sweet lavander/Sinfully sweet pops/Vanilla ice cream, on cold I mostly get a Lavender Vanilla scent. Not as much creamy vanilla in this lavender as the BBW version. Still a winner for me as I love to melt lavender at night for sleeping. Oh, and I like florals. :-)
Oooh La La- THIS one! I have been wanting to get my fins, I mean hands, on this one for ages. Pink sugar cookie with vanilla musk.... mmmmm..... musk. Musk makes all the difference. I think it even gives it almost a touch of a strawberry smell. Save the Drama is another fav of mine (Pink and Monster cookie) and StD has more crunchy cookie at the forefront. OLL is all about the vanilla musk with a hint of the pink sugar cookie (on cold anyway- this may change when warmed). Either way, I cannot go wrong.
Pink Sandalwood- Here's the thing. I love Pink and I love sandalwood. As a perfume lover Pink is a little too young for me to wear but in my home I enjoy it. Sandalwood mixed with Pink is like Pink without pigtails anymore. Lovely sandalwood has more of a prominent floral, even possibly a clean floral note. Both are perfect, perfect blends for the bedroom.
Snowflake- Deb and Lauren sang the Snowflake praises and I am chiming in! Peppermint is my happy smell. This is a blend of peppermint and marshmallow smoothie. Peppermint Noel is creamier with the hint of cookie (mmmm!). Peppermint Coconut Mallow is even more creamier with the coconut tone (peppermint and coconut?! who knew?!). Compared to these Snowflake is the strongest on the peppermint note and sweet like candy canes hanging from the tree. I love all three, but if I HAD to pick.... well... I can't. Oh, yes that is a second bag of snowflake hiding behind the first... backups baby, backups.

Thank you thank you thank you Deb. Have a swimmingly great weekend!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Rosegirls Trifecta!

Rosegirls. Yes, I will become a stalker in 2 seconds flat if I think I will have the opportunity to purchase from Rosegirls.

Last August was my first dip into the wonderful wax pool that is Rosegirls. I purchased two bags (cranberry lodge and pumpkin polooza) and a sampler. I was hooked.
I missed the January 1st opening earlier this year, however, Muffin Club came to the rescue and I did get 8 custom muffins courtsey of fellow waxy friends Sunnee, Deb, and Lauren (her quick fingers ordered). Thank you!!

May has been a wonderous month of Rosegirls hauls. Three to be exact. The first was from the sampler sale they had in April (one assorted and one fruity bakery). The second was Muffin Club. The third was an in-store purchase from a dear sweet friend. My sampler has been broken apart and gifted here and there so I am unable to capture it for you. Suffice to say they were glorious and I am happy as a clam.

Today is Mufffin Day!

Lauren is very sweet and a wonderful young lady. Not only did she send the muffins we ordered but also many extra yummy smelly things. I love smelly things.
This is Devil Woman. From the description I did not think I would like it (lavender, cherry almond, some type of creaminess- ice cream maybe?). I adore it. It is strong. The lavender complements the cherry-almond and the creaminess takes the edge off.

The first four muffins: ooey gooey caramel/marshmallow smoothie/celtic moonspice (Thanksgiving on steroids, creamy cinnamon toffee goodness), royal sugar cookie/butterscotch/orange revival (creamy caramel orange cakiness- my mom would like this), orange danish/wildberry/vanilla ice cream (ice cream comes in first for me, with a hint of a jam vibe with orange zest in it), and vanilla oak/vanilla musk/wild honey bee (a super strong blend that smells just like Lush's Honey I washed the Kids to my nose).
Last four muffins: Gilligan's Brew/Vanilla Ice Cream/FL keylime pie (smells like a lime creamsicle-yum), sweet lavender/sweet lemon confection (I swear RG has the best lemon in history, I get that watering pinch in the sides of my jaws when I smell this- mostly straight up lemon but oh so good), peppermint/watermleon slush/marshmallow smoothie (this is so refreshing- reminds me of a sweet mint watermelon drink I made for my baby's birthday once), satsuma/gilligan's brew/coconut lime verbena (so relieved RG has a great CLV, been bitten by a nasty one before- this muffin smells like a frosty concoction Jimmy Buffett would blend, margarita-esk for sure).
I am so thankful to have been able to be a part of this Muffin Club. I hope I am not premature in my excitement for it to continue! These scents are all wonderful and I look forward to melting them.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Greetings From the Sunshine State

My name is Julie and I am a fangirl of life.

  Mermaids. If God ever made a mermaid I would be first in line to volunteer. Salty air, seashells, sand, gulf breezes, waves upon waves of tranquility all call to me like a siren song. For now though, when I cannot indulge in wistful longings on the shore, I have my little obsessions to tide me over. Wax (ya know, the smelly kind that makes your house a home), make up products, perfume, fabric, quilting, cooking, and homelife in general all ring my seashell covered chimes. I am officially busting a bottle of sparkling grape juice on the prow of my blog. Cheers!