Thursday, February 28, 2019

Ebb & Flow: February 2019

Verdant Faerie Butterfly (a beautiful all natural treat that soothes and relaxes with notes of citrus, lavender and geranium... review here.)

Perfume Oil:
Whisper Sisters Brigid

Aromatherapy Oil:
Life Flower Care Anxiety Oil

Body Oil:
Kings Road Apothecary Tulsi and Pinon

Cosmic Cleanse ScentSations No 3rd Wheel Miracle Budder

Lip Balm:
Blood Moon Botanica Bourbon Vanilla

Skin Care:
Sea Witch Botanicals Facial Collection (to be reviewed soon!)

Beezy Marshmallow Fireside (going on day three in my bedroom)

Sawdust and Embers Fern Canyon

Chopped kale salad kits with added carrots or chicken or seeds. And prunes.

Club soda with lime

Scary movies with Savanna by her request. So far we watched Hush, The Conjuring, The Boy, Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity. She cracks me up when we watch. Many of these it was my first time watching. Out of all of them Paranormal Activity creeped her out the most. 

TONS! Currently Stephen King's The Eyes of the Dragon

More Enya, Lord of the Rings soundtrack and Celtic instrumental music. 

Dental Herb Company Tooth & Gums Tonic (sounds strange I know... but hear me out... my gums were not in the best shape last year even with brushing and flossing but adding this to the routine really helped out a ton and now my hygienist never has anything negative to say... no more 2, 2, 1... 3, 2, 2... 1, 2 ,1.... now it's all 3, 2, 3... 4, 4, 4...3, 3, 2...)

Lush Rub Rub Rub Body Scrub (it literally dissolves the minute I try to use it so obviously not very effective at exfoliating).

Having no school interested in hiring me or school accepting the girls.

A trip to Washington DC for work. I think it will be fun. I hope the cherry blossoms will be in bloom.

Feeling like we are stuck in limbo. Packing with no place to go. Missing my birbs. My home. My woods. My garden. Doing things for "one last time." Not hearing back about schools for the girls or me. Knowing I am not making strides in taking care of myself. Feeling sad. Stressed. Alone. 

Swinging back to excitement for a change of pace. A chance to get outta Dodge. To build a new garden. Laughing with Adam about how old we sound when he says "no one knows how to keep an appointment anymore." Snuggling with Toddles while it rains. Daydreaming about the next home we will live in. Watching the wildflowers grow. Watching the girls grow.

How was your February? Did it pass by with fanfare or quietness? Are you feeling ok?

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Nocturne Alchemy: Valentine's Release 2019

Look at what a good girl I was. I managed to stick to my limit of two perfumes from the Valentine's release from Nocturne Alchemy. It was hard. There were so many amazing sounding scents like Bastet's Ice Creams in spicy and woodsy flavors and a whole line of Victorian candies (I really want the Candied Crystalline) and a line of cute snuggly bunny scents. But needs must and I simply had to narrow it down. Technically only the Bastet's Ice Cream is from the Valentine's release while the Eternal is a new Permanent Collection scent found in the Eternals Collection.

Bastet's Ice Cream: Redwood & Myrrh- Notes: California redwood from sustainable redwood trees, Studio Limited Diamond absolute, caramelized vanilla beans, caramelize myrrh resin, spices of clove and cinnamon, vanilla Kobalt cream, butter accord, caramel accord, French vanilla bean absolute, vanilla milk accord, vanilla orchid, Crystalline absolute and vanilla sugar. $23
Sparkling vanilla and sweet redwood that possesses fruity tones perches on the skin like delicate butterflies, candied wings rippling in the air. The vanilla deepens and the redwood sheds some of the candied bark to reveal a creamy mellow woods within the heart. The fluttering slows to slower undulations. Shards of resinous myrrh sneak in under the shadows of the wings, melting and pooling below the surface of the liquid woods and now airy vanilla that has moved into Bastet Ice Cream territory. I am happy I sprung for this one. The incense of the myrrh really fleshes out the sweet redwood and shifting vanilla. I keep eyeing up the Cedar and Cardamom version and the Tea and Sandalwood versions. 

Eternal Tut Ankh Amun- Notes: Bourbon vanille absolute, Crystalline absolute, tonka absolute, Bastet's vanilla bean absolute accord and white amber. $22
This one is a beaut. A classy yet approachable vanilla amber. Initially it brings to mind that Eternal Ankh base that the Colors collection possesses... the sandy amber and warm pink vanilla but that opening morphs into a duskier version once the tonka and Bourbon vanille swirl about lending nuances of cocoa butter and tobacco, boozy almond and sweet hay. I enjoy the coziness of it. If this was an Eternal Ankh color it would be EA Smokey Quartz.

I am thrilled with my choices and happy I stayed in budget. I will try my best to not head back for more (So hard!!! They come down March 8th!). Hard to believe February is practically over. Are you ready for March?

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Sawdust & Embers: Fern Canyon Candle

This candle was sent free from Sawdust & Embers. All opinions are my own.

Sawdust and Embers Fern Canyon tin candle for $18 burns for 55 to 60 hours and smells divine.

Fern Canyon- Notes: Wild fern leaves, wood rose and sweet grass are joined with ginger and patchouli essential oils.

Another brilliantly burning woodwick. I love how reliable these tins are from Sawdust and Embers. Trimming the woodwick is important but if proper candle maintenance is observed, a perfect flame emerges every time. The scent on this one is ideal for the transition into spring. The rustic rose and wild sweet grasses join the fougere to build an accord that mimics the feathery and billowing ferns that grow alongside stately redwood trees of yore. Of course it is a green scent but more rambling flora and tree bark and boughs rather than something artificial trying to be "green." It throws medium-light in a large living area and a solid medium to medium-strong in the bedroom. It is wonderful and a refreshing change of pace after all the heavy holiday scents. Don't the let the rose run you off, it portrays more as a living plant than a strong bloom and fits in beautifully.

Use the code: REDOLENT for 10% off if you decide to give a candle from Sawdust & Embers a go. 

What scents do you start to crave in the spring time? I am thinking nag champa, some herbs, florals and maybe vanilla to smooth my way into these warmer days. 

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Hand to Earth Ceramics: Luminis

Deanna, the artist behind Hand to Earth Ceramics, recently took the leap to being a full-time potter and I am thrilled for her! She has been testing glazes, creating new items and trying her hand at new art pieces. One of her new creations is featured above, these adorable luminaries called luminis.

A tealight candle fits perfectly inside and casts the most magical illuminations.

I picked up a whimsical moon moth and starry sky full moon lumini.

These are simply magical.

I think if Deanna ever decided to make a wax tart warmer I would drift off to heaven.

Right now I am happy just gazing at these ladies. 

Do you use tealights? Any favorite indie tealight candle vendors? Luminary makers?

Friday, February 22, 2019

Sea Witch Botanicals: Wax Tarts and Incense

Sea Witch Botanicals soaps were reviewed not too long ago and since falling in love with their ethics, products and branding I went ahead and placed an order. As many of your know I am on a wax no-buy/low-buy until after we move over the summer. I have done great and not ordered much, if anything, at all since December I believe. When I was loading up my Sea Witch Botanicals cart with a candle and incense I also saw this bag of wax tarts on clearance for $10 and with those scent notes I went ahead and grabbed them too.

Wolf Night- Notes: Wintery and wondrous with notes of fir, peppermint, citrus and spice. 
These wax truffles are made with a soy wax and rice bran oil blend along with organic cocoa butter and scented with essential oils. There are 10 pieces of wax that are about an ounce each in a bakery bag. Five truffles lie twisted in crisp white paper like vintage candies. I put one wax truffle in the kitchen warmer and one in the living room warmer, both large areas. They threw strong and smelled amazing, just like Christmas morning. Oranges spiced with cloves and cinnamon glow brilliantly. The evergreen fir and cool peppermint both add depth and a crispness to the pomander aroma. I find this to be a wonderful rustic cabin type of atmospheric scent. There looks to still be some Wolf Night left in the "Sale" section of the website.

I picked up a 50-pack of incense sticks scented in The White Lodge with are also currently on sale ($20). 

The White Lodge- Notes: Cedarwood Atlas and Siberian fir needles.
The large eco-pack of 50 came in a beautiful package with a stunning label. The artwork is amazing. I appreciate that the incense sticks are all-natural and use essential oils, charcoal, natural resins and bamboo sticks. I burned these in the home and they created an atmosphere like a sun dappled evergreen woods. The conifer trees and cedar woods possess an herbal brightness and lightness. A beautiful experience.

I am very happy with these incense sticks and look forward to trying more. I have some that Jay gifted me that I am loving too.

Knowing that the Sea Witch Botanicals home fragrance line (and everything they produce, actually) is all natural and produced ethically and with minimal waste really gives me comfort and makes using them in my home a pleasure. 

Do you enjoy incense? Are all natural products something you enjoy exploring from indie vendors?

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Dirtworks Ceramics

Heeeeeeeyyyyyy!!!! Another dear daughter added to the mug collection! Ahnalisa at Dirtworks Ceramic is my latests IG victim. I love stalking her posts and stories. She is adorable, talented, hilarious and she makes some kick ass coffee mugs. I will link you to her Etsy store (click on the Dirtworks Ceramic mentioned above) but she has been having issues with Etsy and mentioned opening up her own webstore in the future. About two restocks ago she listed just one of these moon phase galaxy mugs and I stealthily snagged it.

Those plumy and eggplant purples with nebulae and star dust abound! Gah! I love it.

The blues and teals are gorgeous too. This mug is pretty healthy and holds at least two or more cups of coffee. The handle is robust with plenty of room for my fingers.

She so purdy. I was seriously eyeing up her bronze Moon Tarot card mug but behaved and contented myself with just watching all her mugs fly off the Etsy shelves. I will be watching Ahnalisa's work though and seeing what all I might add to my wishlist. 

Who are some of your new favorite pottery makers? I made out like a bandit with Hand to Earth's latest restock. I will show you my new luminis (luminaries) later this week. I was keeping my eye out for Cate Be's Totoro mug that was going to be pre-ordered but she moved that back to sometime in spring. He is so stinking cute. 

I have managed to give myself a false sense of room for my coffee mugs since I have begun to pack some away. LOL! Oh goodness gravy. Maybe I can end up using my china cabinet to keep them in once we move. (We go to the bank this weekend for our pre-approval loan. Adam sent in his signed contract for his new position. The school the girls applied to has their lottery drawing today. I'll take any and all well wishes.)

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Arcana Wildcraft: Unmentionables Collection

These perfumes were sent by Julia as a gift. All opinions are my own.

Julia continues to make magic at Arcana Wildcraft. This Valentine's she released an Unmentionables collection and a Love Potion collection. The Unmentionables consist of five perfumes for $28 each and all play on various aspects of delicate lingerie items. The tatted lace artwork on the bottles is lovely and pulls the theme together wonderfully.

Silk Knickers- Notes: Juicy bergamot and plump apricot halves give way to a heart of Italian crema pasticcera, warm caramel luscious vanilla bean and soft charmeuse accord.
Silk Knickers pours out a decadent gourmand dessert once the black cap unscrews. Peachy sweet apricots shine with sugar and syrup and float on a current of vanilla cream. My mouth waters just sniffing from the bottle. Drenched on the flesh the apricots swell with nectar while the bergamot offers a sliver of tartness akin to the furred apricot skin that jolts the tongue before giving way to the sweetness within. The vivacity of the wild apricots soon folds underneath a silken thick vanilla custard. The actual eggy-ness of the custard can be detected in its texture. As Silk Knickers dries down the vanilla becomes less gourmet and more like cashmere. A beautiful perfume with a delicate finish.

Bullet Bra- Notes: A take-no-prisoners blend of bespoke leather, red lipstick accord, queenly tuberose, iris root and a single drop of black musk.
From the vial wafts an inky and sultry aroma that is reminiscent of a pin-up's small leather clutch and the vintage mysteries contained within: mirrored lipstick case, pressed powder compact, a tiny glass roll-on perfume for d├ęcolletage touchups and the rattle of ivory calling cards from hopeful but doomed gentlemen. The leather licks and crackles with intimate heat. Once applied to the skin the tuberose blooms with tropical intensity, pearlized and nectar laden with nuances of green pliant banana leaves and a whisper of camphor. Scarlet lipstick melts within the heat of the tuberose blossoms and perfumes the flesh with that familiar accord of waxy powdery vintage cosmetics that glide from heavy gilded tubes. The lush blooms, lipstick perfume and leather all mesh effortlessly within the embrace of pillowy iris. It is like these notes were meant to be woven together, much like opening up that vintage clutch and inhaling the perfume that comes from within... a melding of all the accoutrements of the vixen into one dark bouquet of passion. It ends on one last crimson kiss.

Crinoline- Notes: Warm, spicy, sexy cardamom supported by a ruffled silk accord, citron peel, Key lime, sweet neroli, Bourbon vanilla, nutmeg, gutta-percha, cinnamon and clove.
A green and tart, peppery melange of citrus fruits tumble from the amber bottle. Dribbled on the wrists a green peppery note pricks at the nose, vegetal and a touch piquant. The sharpness reminds me of wearing crinolines when I was younger and attended beauty pageants. These pricking and poking notes are brief, they awaken the senses before sliding into a sweeter lemon, lime and orange tang. There is a creaminess rounding out the citrus oils that leads nicely into the soft warmth of the nutmeg that never strays too far from the orange wood. Crinoline possesses a powerhouse beginning bursting with flavor and fireworks then drifts and floats downward into citrusy sweetness then further down into warmth and silky vanilla woods. A kinetic and crackling scent full of movement and layers, very much like its namesake.

Peignoir- Notes: The languid scent of an idle lady's boudoir at midday. The leafy, jammy greenness of geranium absolute from Egypt twines around dewy red roses, Indonesian ylang ylang, golden vetiver and a trail of masculine musk.
From the bottle the grassy earthen dankness of vetiver with the merest hint of ylang ylang's fruitiness greets the senses. Draped on the skin the ylang ylang's nectar marries beautifully with the sharpness of geranium's green tone. This is a gorgeous scent. The smooth narcotic and creamy ylang ylang balances the lemony brightness of the rosy geranium. This scent will herald in the warmer spring weather I have been bathing in the last few days. This is pretty much the perfect February scent. As it settles into the skin the humid and earthy vetiver slinks in beneath the polished musk that drifts about with the last haze of geranium. 

Merrywidow- Notes: Jasmine grandiflorum absolute is rumored to cause paroxysms of joy with a single sniff. Here it is stung with tartly fermented strawberry juice, the finest frankincense from Oman, rich sandalwood and hints of cassia and patchouli.
Jasmine and strawberries glide under my nose when I sniff from Merrywidow's bottle. I find it fitting that a corset that is both beautiful yet sternly functional would be scented with the playful notes of strawberries paired with the austerity of jasmine. Once dabbed onto the wrists that jasmine simply sings. I don't find this jasmine to be particularly overripe or fecal, but more golden and heady, even slightly camphorous like tuberose can be. The bounty of cascading petals is stitched brilliantly with that fermented strawberry note. There is a fizzy effervescence to the strawberries and a slightly boozy, daiquiri quality to it that lifts the jasmine and highlights its sometimes surreal natural beauty. I want to keep sniffing my wrists and soaking it all in. Eventually the bubbly fruity-floral does mellow into the golden resin teardrops of frankincense and wooden patchouli, which are stunning as well. I love that the hint of that spiked jasmine lingers all the way down though. Lovely.

I love these flirty beauties. It is a beautiful collection of high end florals tempered with delectable gourmands, dark edgy scents and vivacious shape shifters. There is a perfume for everyone in this one. Bullet Bra, Peignoir and Merrywidow are the ones that will get used up the fastest on me. I will be wearing Peignoir and Merrywidow often over the next few months as the days get warmer and warmer. 

Which of these Unmentionables would you like to wear? Did you splurge on any Valentine's releases?

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Laurel and Lime Snail Mail Society

Katie Kelly from Laurel & Lime is a talented and kind silversmith that I have featured a few times here on my blog. She used to live not too far from me in Clearwater but recently relocated to Portland, Oregon. She kicked around an idea on Instagram that involved sending out small kindnesses via snail mail and getting back to tangible relationships in this virtual age. She followed up by created the Snail Mail Society. It is a monthly mailing of anything that strikes Katie's fancy. She will package it up with care and surprise you along the way.

I quickly hopped on the inaugural one-year option at a very low price point. She sent out a questionnaire and I happily filled it out. She mentioned sending out things like tea, treats, smellies and once every third month a handmade jewelry item made by her. There is currently a 6 month option for $84 or a 12 month option for $144. 

Upon opening the first month's gift I was merrily greeted with homemade confetti and a sweet hand written note. I was utterly shocked to see that the very first item was already jewelry! I love these molten silver studs. They are about the size of a regular Oxford shirt button, bigger than I usually wear and that makes them very special in my collection. I really love them. 

I am beyond thrilled to have a special little something come in the mail over the next year as I go through a transition of my own. Being the nerd I am I have a box ready for Katie too. I figure if we are going to be part of a society, she might welcome some goodies as well. 

If you like a sweet surprise, $12/month isn't half bad at all for something to brighten a day. 

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Nocturne Alchemy: Eternal Ankh Colors

I am going to be a tease today. But I will tease in the hopes that some of these return one day. I have seen them pop up on the NAVA Marketplace from time to time. These beautiful perfumes from Nocturne Alchemy are all variations on a theme with the theme being Eternal Ankh, a classic from the house. Eternal Ankh is often described as a sandy vanilla amber. My only experience with it was Eternal Ankh Anniversary which I disliked at first but then began to crave. I quickly used it all within a few months. So I never even got around to reviewing it. However, I have about half a dozen of its cousins here to talk about today.

Eternal Ankh Yellow- Notes: White amber absolute, Egyptian vanilla husk, vanilla fleck, organic Egyptian neroli absolute, organic Moroccan neroli essential oil, Italian Red Mandarin oil, bergamot, orange blossom and Crystalline absolute.

This version of sandy vanilla amber is brightened by citrus zest and bergamot greenery. It has a youthful sparkle and has often been compared to Clinique's Happy. Once a dear friend told me that I couldn't shake the similarity. However, Yellow is a lovely summer scent and perfect for hot and humid Florida. It is a sweet resinous vanilla and bergamot treat.

Eternal Ankh Orange- Notes: White amber absolute, Egyptian vanilla husk, vanilla fleck, black patchouli absolute, black vetiver absolute, nag champa accord, Plumeria rubra, Magnolia champaka and gold sandalwood.

This is one of my favorite earthier versions of the Eternal Ankh colors. It is a vanilla patchouli vision. The patchouli and vanilla are augmented by thick nag champa smoke and a handful of plumeria flowers. Orange glows with meditative goodness, like a yoga retreat on the beach. It ends on the most incredible patchouli, wooden and dark, dry and rich.

Eternal Ankh Purple- Notes: White amber absolute, Egyptian vanilla husk, vanilla fleck, Sambac jasmine, Egyptian jasmine absolute, Indian Jasmine Grandiflorum, Egyptian musk, Bastet's Amber absolute, Crystalline absolute and organic pink peppercorn.

Purple highlights the simple beauty of a clear and sweet jasmine. This classic white flower shows her innocent side in this iteration. No skanky or indolic tones here. Just the crisp, sweet play of tiny satin petals. The jasmine and sun dappled vanilla make a lovely pairing. Purple dries down into a silken amber.

Eternal Ankh Blue- Notes: White amber absolute, black patchouli, Kulfi accord, pistachio, sandalwood, Egyptian vanilla fleck, Egyptian vanilla absolute, amber resin, Bastet's black amber, saffron, blue sugar and a touch of Egyptian musk and cardamom.

This version is my favorite. Hands down. The cardamom and pistachio, patchouli and spice, all combine to remind me of a much more delicious and exclusive version of Blue Sugar (the masculine version of the Pink Sugar perfume). I had accidentally dropped a 2 ml sample of this that a friend gifted me. It shattered and I mopped it up with my pajama tank top. It smelled so good I simply kept wearing it to bed for a few days in a row. This is a beautiful scent. I kick myself all the time that I let a backup get away when it released again. A slightly gourmand vanilla patchouli with lush spice and real warmth.

Eternal Ankh Pink- Notes: White amber absolute, Egyptian vanilla husk, vanilla fleck, African white vanilla absolute, amber resin, Bastet's amber, pink sugar and a touch of Crimson.

Pink is the closest to Eternal Ankh Anniversary on my skin. Not the same by any means, but the closest as far as smelling like a candied vanilla amber that is heavy with sandy resin. The added pink sugar and Crimson musk lend a slinkiness to the perfume which makes it a wonderful confidence booster. I had a sample of this and gifted it away but then realized I missed it. Once it debuted I grabbed a bottle and I am happy I did.

Eternal Ankh Cobalt- Notes: White amber absolute, Egyptian vanilla husk, vanilla fleck, almond sweet, pistachio accord, French vanilla, a touch of black tea, amber sweet, blue sugar and organic Bourbon vanilla bean. 

Cobalt is the most cherry-almond sweet perfume I own. Generally I am not a fan of cherry or almond scents in my perfumes, but this one I made an exception for since it was so lovely sounding. Make no mistake, it does begin life very much cherry-almond centric. But then it morphs seamlessly into a sweet black tea and I love it. Cobalt is Eternal Ankh with a darker side, infused with devilish sweets and fortune telling teas. It does steep down into that familiar amber vanilla base but it retains its individuality. 

I am really excited about these Eternal Anhk colors. I do have Green now and Pearl. I am not sure when I will get around to talking about then since I went ahead and packed them. Of all these colors. EA Blue and EA Orange are my very favorite (figures!! GO GATORS!). Honestly, I love them just for their bottle colors alone, but it makes it all that much more magical when the insides have treasure within too. 

I picked up three perfumes when Nocturne Alchemy reopened this month. I will probably review two of them within the next week or so since they are newer scents and I am not sure how long they will be around. 

How was your week? Which color do you think you might enjoy the most?

Thursday, February 14, 2019

OneEleven Pottery

Another pottery post so soon?! Yes. Because I have been sitting on a few new pottery additions for a little while now. Come meet my chubby cauldron footed coffee mug from OneEleven Pottery

Rachel is the potter behind this magic. This is one of her iconic designs called the Wet Moon Cauldron. She names her glazes after gemstones and this particular combination of colors is called Runic Moonstone. 

I love the variety of shades, the ribbing on the sides that catches some of the glaze drizzle and the tripod of feet under the belly. The crescent moon has a lovely sandy finish and the thumb shelf is very comfortable.

Can you tell I am in love? I had a merry photoshoot in the woods behind the house. I even wallowed in the leaf litter and kicked up some roaches. It was.... real. 

So today is Savanna's 12th birthday and she is home with the flu. I feel so bad for her. She is on her third day of a fever and is truly miserable. I picked her a stuffed dragon up (she adores dragons) and some fuzzy socks since she had chills and caramel M&Ms (her favorite) on the way home from work yesterday to try and cheer her up. But really, turning 12 on a school day, she just wants to be at school with her friends. And she just wants to be healthy. I had to go back to work but Adam has been home with her the past two days. If she gets better we'll take her to have fun this weekend. 

How are you doing? Have you had the flu bug this season? Do you have photo shoots with your coffee mugs? No? Just me? 

Happy Valentine's Day <3

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Melting Basket 136

Wax tarts from the last basket that I would love to melt again: Bohemienne Life Medieval and Third Eye, CFTKR Woodland Festival (surprisingly tender and fresh, like wild woodland flowers and curls of bark) and Dessa's Country Store. 

CFTKR- Winter Wonderland
CFTKR- Peppermint Cream
SMT- Marshmallow Fireside/Fireside/Camp Fire Marshmallows/Vanilla Sandalwood
SMT- Pink Noel/Marshmallow Noel and Candy/Marshmallow Fireside
Handmade in Florida- Cinnamon Donuts
Handmade in Florida- Moroccan Mint Tea
Dessa's- Sugar Plum Fairy
Dessa's- Grandpa's Pipe/Cinnamon Pine Cones
The Bathing Garden- Widow's Walk
Beezy- Marshmallow Fireside
Lasting Scent Candles- Vanilla Ice Cream Cone

My sense of smell still has not returned so I am not sure when I will begin melting these bad boys or when I will have some perfume/candle reviews going again but it shouldn't be too much longer I hope. 

I wanted to show off my newest flower babies. The cosmos, zinnias and sunflowers are all budding and beginning to bloom. 

I hope I can get enough wildflowers to entice some bees and butterflies to pay a visit.

Some yummy things have come into the house recently that I hope to blog about once my nose gets to work again: Sea Witch Botanicals candle and incense, Sawdust and Ember's Fern Canyon candle and my very small Nocturne Alchemy Valentine's order. I also have a mug from Dirtworks Ceramics I need to show you and a mug from OneEleven Pottery. 

But for now I am tending to my garden. I water it when I get home and weed here and there as bird seed millet sprouts up. I hope where ever we land next has room for a wildflower garden. What is your favorite flower?

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Grumpy Dwarf Pottery

My sister Heather and I share similar passions like music, outdoors, bugs and adventure seeking, but we rarely share the same tastes for style and such. She does not understand my love for perfume or candles or jewelry but she does understand my appreciation for ceramics. We were tagging each other on our favorite pottery makers' IG pages not too long ago and she tagged me on Grumpy Dwarf Pottery's page. I was immediately enamored. 

I love the mushrooms and slugs, the name of the shop and the starkness of the pieces. I picked up this tiny pot that I currently use for a tealight holder. 

For my birthday my sister Heather had ordered this wee lidded pot (it is smaller than a tealight). 

Here is my bowl with a lit candle inside. The ivory hued bisque is thin enough that the light dances merrily through the ceramic. 

I am hoping to collect a few more pieces for planting. I love the tiny wee pots to pieces. 

Have you discovered new artists through IG? Anyone I should check out?

I just wanted to leave a note apologizing. I finally got around to commenting back. I am laid up in bed sick as a dog but the plus is that I have time to tackle some things on the blog. Thank you for being so patient and supportive. <3

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Sawdust & Embers: Oak Grove Candle

The candle was sent to me by Sawdust & Embers free. All opinions are my own.

Oak Grove- Notes: Oakmoss, amber, grapefruit, rose, with orange blossom and sage essential oils. $30

Sawdust & Embers knows how to craft a polished wooden fragrance like no other. This amber glass apothecary jar candle holds 8.5 ounces of wax and burns 60-65 hours. The coconut wax blend holds intense fragrance and the woodwick burns strong and boisterously. Love it. The oakmoss and amber shine brightest with golden hues and rustic elegance. It is a classic aroma that creates a sophisticated environment. The rose and citrus and herbs convey a sparkling effect, almost like aldehydes, but they only gild the edges allowing the amber and oakmoss to bloom to their best. The throw is medium-strong in a large room and strong in a smaller room. This is one I would scoop up again in a heart beat.

Use the code REDOLENT for 10% off your order at Sawdust & Embers. 

What candles are you burning?