Sunday, February 3, 2019

Sawdust & Embers: Oak Grove Candle

The candle was sent to me by Sawdust & Embers free. All opinions are my own.

Oak Grove- Notes: Oakmoss, amber, grapefruit, rose, with orange blossom and sage essential oils. $30

Sawdust & Embers knows how to craft a polished wooden fragrance like no other. This amber glass apothecary jar candle holds 8.5 ounces of wax and burns 60-65 hours. The coconut wax blend holds intense fragrance and the woodwick burns strong and boisterously. Love it. The oakmoss and amber shine brightest with golden hues and rustic elegance. It is a classic aroma that creates a sophisticated environment. The rose and citrus and herbs convey a sparkling effect, almost like aldehydes, but they only gild the edges allowing the amber and oakmoss to bloom to their best. The throw is medium-strong in a large room and strong in a smaller room. This is one I would scoop up again in a heart beat.

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What candles are you burning?

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