Sunday, February 10, 2019

Grumpy Dwarf Pottery

My sister Heather and I share similar passions like music, outdoors, bugs and adventure seeking, but we rarely share the same tastes for style and such. She does not understand my love for perfume or candles or jewelry but she does understand my appreciation for ceramics. We were tagging each other on our favorite pottery makers' IG pages not too long ago and she tagged me on Grumpy Dwarf Pottery's page. I was immediately enamored. 

I love the mushrooms and slugs, the name of the shop and the starkness of the pieces. I picked up this tiny pot that I currently use for a tealight holder. 

For my birthday my sister Heather had ordered this wee lidded pot (it is smaller than a tealight). 

Here is my bowl with a lit candle inside. The ivory hued bisque is thin enough that the light dances merrily through the ceramic. 

I am hoping to collect a few more pieces for planting. I love the tiny wee pots to pieces. 

Have you discovered new artists through IG? Anyone I should check out?

I just wanted to leave a note apologizing. I finally got around to commenting back. I am laid up in bed sick as a dog but the plus is that I have time to tackle some things on the blog. Thank you for being so patient and supportive. <3


  1. These are beautiful, so much detail. When I see videos of this technique I want to try it, it looks calming.

    1. They really do involve a lot of detail and talent I watched some videos of her carving and laughed a little. She carves funny words into the pieces then etches them out as she goes.

    2. Oh one more shop I like, I am just browsing since I need to hold off (for the most part) until I move is Ashley Lauren Ceramics, I think she is just starting out. Earthy vibe, waves and moons.

    3. Thank you for tagging me with her stuff. I love that close up of the wave and sparkling moon. Rustic pottery really appeals to me. Especially the natural subject matter. I SHOULD be holding off until the move to collect any more pieces but between Hand to Earth restock (phenomenal) and Cate Be's upcoming pre-order for a mug I have been drooling over for a year or so, I am IN TROUBLE. But hey. That just means the next place we move will need a dedicated coffee mug display. <3 I am thinking of it as my art.

    4. Yes indeed. And now you've introduced me to Dirtworks, wow. and there is an update tomorrow. There will be browsing only... 🤞

    5. YESSSS Dirtworks is phenomenal. I just uploaded some photos I took of my Dirtworks mug last night to get a post ready but I will save it for next week. I saw she has a release. I love watching her videos. She is so stinking cute. I was hoping to snag a Totoro mug from Cate Be but now I am wondering if I should. Hm. We shall see I guess. Proud of you for behaving. I need a spanking.

  2. Aw, hope you are feeling much better. Love you and your wee pots! Is that one really tinier than a tea light?