Thursday, February 14, 2019

OneEleven Pottery

Another pottery post so soon?! Yes. Because I have been sitting on a few new pottery additions for a little while now. Come meet my chubby cauldron footed coffee mug from OneEleven Pottery

Rachel is the potter behind this magic. This is one of her iconic designs called the Wet Moon Cauldron. She names her glazes after gemstones and this particular combination of colors is called Runic Moonstone. 

I love the variety of shades, the ribbing on the sides that catches some of the glaze drizzle and the tripod of feet under the belly. The crescent moon has a lovely sandy finish and the thumb shelf is very comfortable.

Can you tell I am in love? I had a merry photoshoot in the woods behind the house. I even wallowed in the leaf litter and kicked up some roaches. It was.... real. 

So today is Savanna's 12th birthday and she is home with the flu. I feel so bad for her. She is on her third day of a fever and is truly miserable. I picked her a stuffed dragon up (she adores dragons) and some fuzzy socks since she had chills and caramel M&Ms (her favorite) on the way home from work yesterday to try and cheer her up. But really, turning 12 on a school day, she just wants to be at school with her friends. And she just wants to be healthy. I had to go back to work but Adam has been home with her the past two days. If she gets better we'll take her to have fun this weekend. 

How are you doing? Have you had the flu bug this season? Do you have photo shoots with your coffee mugs? No? Just me? 

Happy Valentine's Day <3


  1. Sometimes, I do have coffee mug photo shoots, but I'll be damned if I could get them to smoke so hypnotically;)
    Speaking of hypnotic: this glaze. The perfect liquid-y pool melting from the moon to the foot is unreal. I wonder if there's significance in the crescent's shape and orientation? It's almost draining it's lunar abundance or overflow...maybe it's that release of energy that occurs somewhere in the moon's cycle--I should study up more on my moon phase magic:)

    Poor sickly Savanna-I'm sure you'll do her up right as soon as she's better and fuzzy socks and dragons are good start<3 (I've got a pesky sore throat and I've been coating it in tea and honey to no avail, gonna have to try meds tomorrow).

    1. LOL! They are fun aren't they?! I have been LOVING your coffee mug photo-shoots. I wanted to take these pics in the woods but knew any hot tea I brewed up wouldn't stay hot in the cool windy air so I cheated. I took some sage and burnt it in the mug. Lots of yummy thick white smoke. I love that you looked for significance in the drippy horseshoe looking moon. I know horseshoes are always hung upside down like this so that the good luck doesn't "run out." Maybe the upside down crescent holds all the goodness too.

      I hope you are feeling better, my friend. <3 We have finally kicked the yuckiness. Whew.