Saturday, February 16, 2019

Nocturne Alchemy: Eternal Ankh Colors

I am going to be a tease today. But I will tease in the hopes that some of these return one day. I have seen them pop up on the NAVA Marketplace from time to time. These beautiful perfumes from Nocturne Alchemy are all variations on a theme with the theme being Eternal Ankh, a classic from the house. Eternal Ankh is often described as a sandy vanilla amber. My only experience with it was Eternal Ankh Anniversary which I disliked at first but then began to crave. I quickly used it all within a few months. So I never even got around to reviewing it. However, I have about half a dozen of its cousins here to talk about today.

Eternal Ankh Yellow- Notes: White amber absolute, Egyptian vanilla husk, vanilla fleck, organic Egyptian neroli absolute, organic Moroccan neroli essential oil, Italian Red Mandarin oil, bergamot, orange blossom and Crystalline absolute.

This version of sandy vanilla amber is brightened by citrus zest and bergamot greenery. It has a youthful sparkle and has often been compared to Clinique's Happy. Once a dear friend told me that I couldn't shake the similarity. However, Yellow is a lovely summer scent and perfect for hot and humid Florida. It is a sweet resinous vanilla and bergamot treat.

Eternal Ankh Orange- Notes: White amber absolute, Egyptian vanilla husk, vanilla fleck, black patchouli absolute, black vetiver absolute, nag champa accord, Plumeria rubra, Magnolia champaka and gold sandalwood.

This is one of my favorite earthier versions of the Eternal Ankh colors. It is a vanilla patchouli vision. The patchouli and vanilla are augmented by thick nag champa smoke and a handful of plumeria flowers. Orange glows with meditative goodness, like a yoga retreat on the beach. It ends on the most incredible patchouli, wooden and dark, dry and rich.

Eternal Ankh Purple- Notes: White amber absolute, Egyptian vanilla husk, vanilla fleck, Sambac jasmine, Egyptian jasmine absolute, Indian Jasmine Grandiflorum, Egyptian musk, Bastet's Amber absolute, Crystalline absolute and organic pink peppercorn.

Purple highlights the simple beauty of a clear and sweet jasmine. This classic white flower shows her innocent side in this iteration. No skanky or indolic tones here. Just the crisp, sweet play of tiny satin petals. The jasmine and sun dappled vanilla make a lovely pairing. Purple dries down into a silken amber.

Eternal Ankh Blue- Notes: White amber absolute, black patchouli, Kulfi accord, pistachio, sandalwood, Egyptian vanilla fleck, Egyptian vanilla absolute, amber resin, Bastet's black amber, saffron, blue sugar and a touch of Egyptian musk and cardamom.

This version is my favorite. Hands down. The cardamom and pistachio, patchouli and spice, all combine to remind me of a much more delicious and exclusive version of Blue Sugar (the masculine version of the Pink Sugar perfume). I had accidentally dropped a 2 ml sample of this that a friend gifted me. It shattered and I mopped it up with my pajama tank top. It smelled so good I simply kept wearing it to bed for a few days in a row. This is a beautiful scent. I kick myself all the time that I let a backup get away when it released again. A slightly gourmand vanilla patchouli with lush spice and real warmth.

Eternal Ankh Pink- Notes: White amber absolute, Egyptian vanilla husk, vanilla fleck, African white vanilla absolute, amber resin, Bastet's amber, pink sugar and a touch of Crimson.

Pink is the closest to Eternal Ankh Anniversary on my skin. Not the same by any means, but the closest as far as smelling like a candied vanilla amber that is heavy with sandy resin. The added pink sugar and Crimson musk lend a slinkiness to the perfume which makes it a wonderful confidence booster. I had a sample of this and gifted it away but then realized I missed it. Once it debuted I grabbed a bottle and I am happy I did.

Eternal Ankh Cobalt- Notes: White amber absolute, Egyptian vanilla husk, vanilla fleck, almond sweet, pistachio accord, French vanilla, a touch of black tea, amber sweet, blue sugar and organic Bourbon vanilla bean. 

Cobalt is the most cherry-almond sweet perfume I own. Generally I am not a fan of cherry or almond scents in my perfumes, but this one I made an exception for since it was so lovely sounding. Make no mistake, it does begin life very much cherry-almond centric. But then it morphs seamlessly into a sweet black tea and I love it. Cobalt is Eternal Ankh with a darker side, infused with devilish sweets and fortune telling teas. It does steep down into that familiar amber vanilla base but it retains its individuality. 

I am really excited about these Eternal Anhk colors. I do have Green now and Pearl. I am not sure when I will get around to talking about then since I went ahead and packed them. Of all these colors. EA Blue and EA Orange are my very favorite (figures!! GO GATORS!). Honestly, I love them just for their bottle colors alone, but it makes it all that much more magical when the insides have treasure within too. 

I picked up three perfumes when Nocturne Alchemy reopened this month. I will probably review two of them within the next week or so since they are newer scents and I am not sure how long they will be around. 

How was your week? Which color do you think you might enjoy the most?


  1. Blue is my favorite, too!!! I destashed it last year, and then kept thinking about it, and daydreaming about it, and what do you know? I found a bottle and now it's in my top five scents. <3

    1. Hey Lizzie!!!! <3 I had no idea Blue was one of your faves too! I fell so hard and so fast for that one. I am so glad you located a bottle. Did you pick one up when it was re-released last year?? I still kick myself for not getting a back up. It is such a dreamy scent. Sweet but not too sweet, vanilla and soft warmth form the spice. So yummy. Hope you are doing well, my friend.

  2. I am catching up on RM blogs today! I always love looking at your pictures and reading your juicy descriptions. This! " Orange glows with meditative goodness, like a yoga retreat on the beach." How fun you are!

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to swing by and leave me a note, I really appreciate it!! I have been wearing your Butterfly and loving it for a calming influence. <3 I saw you restocked Dryad. I have been meaning to pick her up for ages.

  3. Ah sweet! I'm so glad you enjoy Butterfly. It was so casually inspired yet seems to appeal to so many. I am renewing my dedication to perfuming this year. Cutting back on some of the other things to make perfumey room. Your love of scent is inspiring.

    1. It is a true beauty!!! I am excited for you to dive back in the fragrant waters. <3 You lead such a varied and beautiful life. I love that you have so many interests and derive joy from the simpler things too. I feel a kindred spirit with that.

    2. I'm having the warm fuzzies right now. So glad to share a kindred spirit sentiment. Love to you beautiful soul!