Friday, February 22, 2019

Sea Witch Botanicals: Wax Tarts and Incense

Sea Witch Botanicals soaps were reviewed not too long ago and since falling in love with their ethics, products and branding I went ahead and placed an order. As many of your know I am on a wax no-buy/low-buy until after we move over the summer. I have done great and not ordered much, if anything, at all since December I believe. When I was loading up my Sea Witch Botanicals cart with a candle and incense I also saw this bag of wax tarts on clearance for $10 and with those scent notes I went ahead and grabbed them too.

Wolf Night- Notes: Wintery and wondrous with notes of fir, peppermint, citrus and spice. 
These wax truffles are made with a soy wax and rice bran oil blend along with organic cocoa butter and scented with essential oils. There are 10 pieces of wax that are about an ounce each in a bakery bag. Five truffles lie twisted in crisp white paper like vintage candies. I put one wax truffle in the kitchen warmer and one in the living room warmer, both large areas. They threw strong and smelled amazing, just like Christmas morning. Oranges spiced with cloves and cinnamon glow brilliantly. The evergreen fir and cool peppermint both add depth and a crispness to the pomander aroma. I find this to be a wonderful rustic cabin type of atmospheric scent. There looks to still be some Wolf Night left in the "Sale" section of the website.

I picked up a 50-pack of incense sticks scented in The White Lodge with are also currently on sale ($20). 

The White Lodge- Notes: Cedarwood Atlas and Siberian fir needles.
The large eco-pack of 50 came in a beautiful package with a stunning label. The artwork is amazing. I appreciate that the incense sticks are all-natural and use essential oils, charcoal, natural resins and bamboo sticks. I burned these in the home and they created an atmosphere like a sun dappled evergreen woods. The conifer trees and cedar woods possess an herbal brightness and lightness. A beautiful experience.

I am very happy with these incense sticks and look forward to trying more. I have some that Jay gifted me that I am loving too.

Knowing that the Sea Witch Botanicals home fragrance line (and everything they produce, actually) is all natural and produced ethically and with minimal waste really gives me comfort and makes using them in my home a pleasure. 

Do you enjoy incense? Are all natural products something you enjoy exploring from indie vendors?


  1. I am looking forward to ordering from this company this year.
    I've seen your and The Scented Library's hauls and everything looks and sounds great! Right up my alley.
    I've been following them on IG for awhile now. :)

    1. Awesome!! If you decide to order I would love to know your thoughts. I have loved all the scents I have tried, all very natural and earthy and lovely. I am interested to keep trying their catalogue of fragrances. I haven't found one I didn't like. Jay was so sweet to share a soap and some incense with me. I am sold. Julia too. I am sold. I have been using their skin care for a week or so now and will be reviewing that later. Wanted to use it consistently for a while before talking about it. What do you think you would try first?

  2. I don't use too much incense - but everything in their shop looks wonderful... Love the truly botanical aspect.

    1. I love the botanical and ethical sourcing as well! It really makes me feel confident and comfortable buying there. <3 Hope you have been doing well. Are you ready for spring? Does it feel like it is coming?

    2. WE are so ready for spring round here! It's been a weird winter. We are done... lol

    3. I bet! Polar Vortex and all. Here it has been abnormally warm... about 10 degrees hotter than usual. It felt like midsummer here last week. My wildflowers are withering with sadness. So many extremes.