Saturday, December 31, 2022

Ebb & Flow: December 2022

 The highs and lows of the month.

Moonalisa Cedarwood and Patchouli EDP

Perfume Oil:
Arcana Wildcraft Two Finger Ballet, Moonalisa Yule Woods, and Nocturne Alchemy Veil in heavy rotation.

Blood Moon Botanica Rose Gold Velvet

The Bathing Garden mini scrub samples, just used up Mrs. Cratchit's Christmas Pudding. Shannon's scrubs are a forever favorite. My husband even placed an order for me for Christmas this year. It was a sweet surprise!

Hair Care: 
Future Primitive shampoo bar and conditioning hair rinse, my all time favorites, any scents but currently in Nanook

Skin Care:
Blood Moon Botanica Moon Dew hyaluronic acid serum with a few drops of the Luminous Oil. Britton will be on break due to having a baby (last I saw she was even in the hospital at the moment in labor!). I should have stocked up a touch more but hopefully she will come back to making body care and such in the future. She is quitting social media, so her newsletter is the best way to follow her. She had an amazing podcast that I am still listening to, and she recently published a book, which I bought. I love supporting Britton.

Burning the old Bath and Body Works still. I have tried a few indie candles but other than Sihaya and Witch City Wicks, I just keeping returning to BBW for the size and price (on sale of course). Currently burning Fireside and Smoked Vanilla Whiskey, which smell amazing together. Other favorites this year: Flannel, Twisted Peppermint, Palo Santo, Vanilla Balsam, and Balsam & Firewood.

Candles From the Keeping Room Citrus and Balsam, as well as, Plumberry Spice. I ordered from Carol during each of her last openings and I am quite stocked up on her wax for when she retires. If she has any more openings I will place orders too. I plan on keeping my warmers going as long as I can. I did place a couple orders with Starlit Corner but the throw varied a lot. I am totally mesmerized by her videos. I also ordered from Vintage Chic Scents a couple times this year and enjoyed the fall scents I ordered. 

Sesame candy, toast, Slim Jims. 

DRAM sparkling waters (love them all!), coffee with that Target Marshmallow whipped cream on top, water.

Twenty One Pilots Vessel album that Savanna bought me for my birthday.

Married at First Sight with the girls, Unsolved Mysteries (with Robert Stack) with Savanna, and finished up Outlander. 

All over the place, really. Just finished Hausfrau about a woman whose life is flying off the rails, Mythos which is retold Greek mythology tales by Stephen Fry, and about to dive into some Virginia Woolf. I have the last Outlander book and need to finish that soon. Jay and I are doing another reading challenge and it will be posted January 2nd. 

Savanna turning sixteen! Already peeking at used cars. Planning on how to fit that into the budget. She doesn't want a party, but does want to visit Cornell's campus in Ithaca, New York. 

Not dreading, but I am a touch overwhelmed with work, the new lead position, and schooling at the moment. I know it is a season and only temporary. I don't want to look to the future all the time. I know it is vital to stay in the present as much as possible (especially when I feel like the girls are in their twilight with us). The program is 18 months and I have a little more than a year left. I can do this.

Plackers Grin No More cheap and disposable mouth guards. 

I bought some M. Barc Sandalwood Vanilla hair shampoo at Kohls in a rush. I used it and it felt.... off. Too thick, kinda dry. Weird smell. Turns out it was pet shampoo. Yeah. Do not recommend. 

The quickness at which winter break flies by. Christmas was chill this year. I didn't put up all my decor and the girls chose a tiny tree this year so I only needed about 1/4 of the ornaments I usually put up. It was nice. How is this low turning into a high? I don't know. Hm. My low is that my chickens are not laying eggs. They have been on strike for a couple months now between molting and winter starting. There. Buying eggs when you have chickens. Who are spoiled. A low.

Saving my wildflowers, herbs and some veggies from the freeze. This time I insulated them with tons of moss and then covered them with blankets and many survived! Woot!

How was your December? How was 2022? It was a great year for me overall. I got to see my sister, her husband and baby in Belgium. I got to see my other sister and her husband in Texas. I got a promotion. The girls did well in school. Toddles is still around. I got to be outside. I grew enough green beans to cook and eat. I found some thrifting treasures. Tell me about yours.