Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ebb & Flow: March

The highs and lows of the month.

Sonoma Scent Studio Wood Violet

Diptyque Jonquille

Aftelier Face Elixirs

FuturePrimitive Om

The Bathing Garden Lavender Vanilla Custard

Vikings and X-Files

Fragrant by Mandy Aftel

Kombucha everything.... still on a fizzy kick.

Still on dried pineapple, specifically Fresh Market chopped dried pineapple.
Oh. And fresh pico de gallo. Diced tomatoes, jalapeno, red onion, garlic, lime juice and salt.

Teeny tiny micro stud earrings.

Lasting Scent Candles' April opening... no limits, mega haulage I hope.

FSA, Florida's standardized testing that will be happening in a couple weeks. My 3rd grader will be taking it and is already dreading it. I will be on my feet every day all day proctoring. No bueno.

Meeting my new niece. It is so much fun being an aunt.

I bought that ding dang Candle-Aire warmer that many are raving about only to not know that I needed to buy the tin too so I could melt. On top of that... it is a beast and the size of a sauce pan. I am almost ready to give it away before I even try it. Gah. 

Haus of Gloi Moon Dog Pumpkin Butter, puts a grin on my face before I go to bed at night, soft smoldering skin.

Blinc mascara. Thin, liquid, messy nightmare. Immediate toss.

Not meeting some goals I have set for myself. I am not going to dwell on it but I will keep setting them and not give up. Hopefully soon I will want it bad enough that I will bite the bit and move forward.

Spring Break. I made a quilt, met my niece, took the girls to the beach, did a photoshoot with them, enjoyed seeing my husband all day, went to a Quilting Expo, binge watched Vikings and X-Files and had a nice Easter. 

How was your March? Any magic? Highs? Lows? Did you fall in love with something? Please share.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Aroma M Perfumes

   These scents were provided for reviewing purposes by Aroma M Perfumes.

Geisha Noir by Aroma M was a scent I sampled in one of the past Olfactif boxes. My first impression was positive, given the classic structure and elegant beauty portrayed in that oriental floral face. Aroma M, launched by Maria McElroy in 1995, builds from her artistic eye and years of experience living in Japan, infused in the culture and enchanted by Japanese incense and traditions. Her line offers up both eau de parfums and perfume oils that utilize their scent properties beyond the fragrant and into the realm of aromatherapy. 

Geisha Noir- My mind cannot help but illustrate a Moroccan market place scene while wearing this exotic spicy scent. Equally attractive on a woman or a man, though all these fragrances are certainly unisex, the sweetly spiced amber and classically elegant oriental texture of this fragrance fits all eras and styles.

Geisha Blue- Sweetly soothing chamomile and honeyed green tea feel tranquil and quiet. A touch of dewy jasmine lends it a warm sub-tropic air. Calm and lovely. 

Geisha Violet- Lilac and violets impart a fresh floral hue that is kept from entering the powdery territory by aquatic lotus that brings with it edgy green tones. Bitter chocolate gives the impression of dark fertile earth  rather than confections. A unique violet by any standard.

Geisha Marron- Stunning muguet and crisp white magnolia blossoms shimmer with twinkling citrus highlights. Dry bergamot and tart grapefruit really set off the magnolia beautifully. I feel like a Southern Belle walking through historic brick paved Savannah, Georgia wearing this fragrance. If this is what brown smells like then it is my new favorite color.

Geisha Green- Absinthe on tap, hypnotic lime green potion swirling with woody anise, sugar crystals, hazy violets, liquid amber and vanilla flavored tonka beans. I cannot stop sniffing my wrists. Entranced. Enchanted.

Geisha Hana-Cha- Fashioned after a floral jasmine tea, this beauty opens with green jasmine and haunting ylang ylang. Quiet wood tones and background cedar add to the tea effect, taking me to some of my favorite hot jasmine tea experiences in the past. Warm steam planting dewy kisses on my face as I lean deeply into the cup cradled in palms, brimming with hot jasmine green tea. 

Geisha Blanche- This Geisha is a little aloof and pristine. Clean. White cotton, white flowers, white sheets. Blanche indeed. 

The Geisha Collection is available for $80 in the EDP versions and $59 for the 8ml perfume roll-on. 

Camellia- A fragrance built with all natural organic materials, creating a camellia accord using jasmine, gardenia, neroli, geranium, rose and frankincense. Jasmine figures prominently in the scent on my skin with an aquatic and woody frame for her floral landscape. Which is very fitting, as camellias do have a watery cucumber and melon tone to my nose when picked fresh from their woody stems. The oil parfum is $150 and the eau de parfum is $110 for one ounce.

Camellia Body & Bath Oil- The perfume is a much deeper version of the scent. Here in the body oil is comes across as a lighter veil of the fragrance gracing the skin. Lovely and nourishing, it leaves the skin feeling like satin. 

I am smitten with the obvious Japanese aesthetic. Wearing these scents and soaking in the Kyoto temple vibe really has me yearning to go back to Japan. Since I will not be able to make that flight any time soon, I can slake that yen with these fabulous scents. My favorites of the collection are: Geisha Blue, Green and Marron. I definitely want to buy the roll-on size in those scents. Which of these strike your fancy? Do you enjoy the Japanese aesthetic? Do you use aromatherapy?

Monday, March 28, 2016

Vintage Chic Scents: Mint Sampler and Sweeney Sampler

Boy, it has been ages since I have ordered from Vintage Chic Scents. I had tried to halfheartedly order from VCS a few times recently but you really can't go halfhearted with Kirby's openings. You have to want it. You have to stalk it. You have to be the eye of the tiger. Otherwise all the ravenous waxy fiends will trample you in the dust and leave you sadly scrolling the "availability" bar looking for the leftover crumbs. You don't want to be that person. I didn't want to be that person anymore. Thankfully my friend Liz let me know when Kirby opened and I was stalking the page like a good obsessed home fragrance lover and I got everything I wanted. 

Two Mint Samplers ($9.15 each for three 2.8 ounce roses) that included:

Hello Gorgeous- A minty fresh blend of candied strawberries, sticky marshmallow and cool peppermint. This one does remind me a bit of Rosegirls' Strawberry Mint Ice Cream but creamier with the marshmallow. 

Ice Palace Cookies- Vanilla sugar cookies laden with crushed candy canes and just a pinch of spice. The cookie smells like snickerdoodles to my nose.

Moonstone- One of my favorite spa scents. Peppermint, spearmint and eucalyptus blended into a refreshing clean scent. 

Two Sweeney Samplers ($9.15 for three 2.8 ounce roses) that contained:

Sweeney's Barber Shop- This is a scent my friend Elizabeth adores so it made me curious to try it out. I am thrilled I did. Sweet strawberries are mixed with fresh mint and clean whipped shaving cream. Delectably invigorating. I will be hunting this scent in a blossom bag if I get so lucky to order again.

Mrs. Lovett's Pie Shop- The same theme as above but with blueberries instead of strawberries. I enjoy the strawberries more as they seem to be more prominent. This blueberry blend has a plastic tone to it but hopefully it will disperse once it is warmed and let the blueberry pull through more.

Johanna- I love this one. Johanna is the same as Sweeney except it adds rosemary to the mint, strawberries and shaving cream. I really couldn't choose between Sweeney or Johanna and would in fact be just as happy with both. Double the chances of getting something yummy.

Purple Haze- Marshmallow Jelly-Filled Zucchini Donut. Not really ringing my chimes right now. I think I OD'd again on jelly wildberry zucchini craziness from CFTKR as of late. Ooops. 

Meet Me in St. Louis- Warm Vanilla Brown Sugar Figs Glistening Snow. Very clean, like laundry, that snow note smells more like laundered cotton and it drowns the brown sugar and fig. Nice for the bathroom so that is where it will go. 

This was the first order of two I placed during Kirby's late March opening. The second order will post soon. Have you ordered from Vintage Chic Scents lately? What are some of your favorites? I think I will melt some of these now and then hold on to some to try later. A lot of people swear by letting VCS cure for ages. I have had mixed results with some throwing amazing immediately (Blanche and Baby Jane) and some getting better with time (Central Park Snow Globe). How about you?

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Olfactif Artisan Perfume Subscription: March

Soliflore Gardenia by Dame Perfumery- Notes include: Gardenia, perfect gardenia. That's it.
I love Dame's Lime, Gardenia, and Benzoin creation so much that I ran off and bought a full bottle and wear it with delight for breezy carefree days. This Soliflore Gardenia and I, however, just don't see eye to eye and it has been difficult for me to distance myself when I know how much I connect with his other gardenia. Soliflore bends and flexes exuding white hot light like a surreal Dali painting of a falling angel. Ozone fumes rippling off summer pavement, fresh rubber, sun flares. This abstract gardenia is full of olfactive information and it fries my circuits. Fresh, powdery, electrical, soft, sharp. It is one you need to smell. To experience. I still need to spend some more time with her. Though I am not sure I will ever fully understand her. Maybe that is the beauty. The enigma. A full bottle is $65 (only $47 with the $18 member discount) and comes with a bevy of free samples from Dame's perfume line. 

Memoir Woman by Amouage- Notes include: Mandarin, cardamom, absinthe, pink pepper, wormwood, clove, white flowers, rose, jasmine, frankincense, styrax, oakmoss, leather, labdanum, musk. 
Sexy. Expensive. Lush. Dark, smoking hot, mysterious, evolving. This is a fragrance you have to wear and experience to understand. Not an office friendly fragrance but certainly appropriate for nights up to no good. Think modern day Poison with her jammy dark fruits and blazing tuberose. Expensive leather, haunting woody absinthe with glints of anise, and black sticky labdanum join the fray with those large white florals beating out a rhythm they all dance to. That you dance to. $275 to purchase a full bottle. 

Mon Jardin by Bottega Profumiera- Notes include: Tangerine, bergamot, neroli, orange flower, jasmine, fig leaves, iris, musk, sandalwood.
Inspired by the Ninfa gardens in Italy, some say the most beautiful gardens in the world, this floral fresh beauty is a flower lovers delight. Light airy citrus oils unfold into filmy fluttering blossoms. The dry down does a slightly sour turn on my skin but does not for everyone. Perfect for spring. A full bottle runs $150.

Which one would I buy? Memoir Woman without a doubt. Will I ever? Who knows. I probably won't have that kind of perfume cash for a while but maybe one day I can get a bottle. I am ever so enchanted with her. In the meantime I will use my sample sparingly. Do any of these strike a fancy?

Friday, March 25, 2016

Scent Trunk: Rebranded

This product was provided by Scent Trunk gratis for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

Scent Trunk has updated its branding to a more streamlined minimalist design. Inside still lies the black velvet pouch and a card for each scent (no longer any distracting people on it, but just the brand, scent and notes with a little background information) but now the scents come in uniform plastic atomizers with a sticker that shows the brand design/logo, the scent and Scent Trunk on the bottom so you remember where the sample came from. Each month is a random sampling based on your preferences. This box was sent without any prior scent preferences chosen.

White Zagora by The Different Company- Notes include: Neroli, bergamot, osmanthus, peach blossom, white musk, amber.
The citrus and floral melding pops together to create an orange tart candy  that only intensifies when peach blossom makes an entry, lending additional nectar to the confection. I am not catching the intended orange blossom accord that was mentioned in the placard but to experience it on its own merits, it is a citrus popping candy sensation with bright youthful flashes of neon orange, candied peachy flowers tucked inside like  cascarone confetti, sweet fun. A full bottle of this candied creation run $235.

Eau De La Couronne by Rance 1795- Notes include: Melon, blood orange, freesia, gardenia, apple, mahogany, iris.
A rounded fruity-floral sweetened with melons and citrus, offset by freesia's potent freshness. Gardenia is soft in this one. The bulb flowers really shine in this scent. It very much reminds me of the polished, sweet and fresh scents of the 90's, I get a Sunflower vibe from this that I cannot shake. Takes me right back to early high school. You too can go on a nostalgic trip for $100 a bottle.

Pavane No. 2 by Gwendolyn-Marie- Notes include: Aquatic notes, water lily, rose, stargazer lily. 
Seaside, sand dunes, soft cottony clouds scudding across the oceanic sky. The salty waves and white floral breeze drys down to a rosy musk with lily undertones. A beautifully easy to wear summer fragrance that is accessible at $45 a bottle. 

For once in my entire life, I am wanting the most affordable option. My husband teases me that I am a snob about everything. I totally am. But here I want the seashore in a bottle for only $45. It is easily the most beautiful and effortless to wear of the three for my skin. Someone quick! Write this down! Oh... wait. 

Scent Trunk is offering a free trial right now. Check them out, what have you got to lose? 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Glitterati: Mystery Box

Glitterati operates soley out of Janine's Glitterati Facebook Group page through two main lists: customs and mystery boxes. Both of these lists are full until at least 2017. There are flash sales on occassion in the group and sometimes destashes come up but those are rare as hen's teeth. 

The Summer 2015 Mystery Box list has wrapped up and the 2016 list can commence. My name came up earlier but I deferred to the bottom of the list due to the wax budget being busted for that month. When the final call-ups happened I made sure to pay immediately. My name is not on either of the new lists so seeing any more Glitterati will take an act of God or really really generous friends. 

The mystery boxes are made up of overpours from the custom list orders. Let's see what mysterious scents I received. The box was $30 plus about $6 for shipping with chunks ranging in size from 2.8 ounces to 3.3 ounces.

Toasted Marshmallow/Vanilla Bean Noel/Vanilla Sugar Waffle Cone (?)/ Zucchini Bread- All the vanillas in this blend make this the single most creamy zucchini bread I have ever had the pleasure to sniff. It really doesn't even smell like zucchini, but more like pound cake or non-spicy coffee cake. Rich, dense, super yum.

County Fair/Orange Julius- County Fair is one of Janine's popular scents. It blends apple, funnel cakes, cotton candy and other carnival and boardwalk treats. Here it adds a firmer foundation for the ultra strong orange juiciness of the Julius. This one will be a strong throwing scent. I find most of her orange scents do really well. 

Strawberry Punch Bread- Now this one smells like zucchini. The strawberry punch is indeed punchy. Hawaiian punchy. With the bread it makes an undeniably unique scent. But not one for me. I do have it re-homed already.

Nilla Wafer Banana Pudding- Ultra sweet and creamy banana pudding just like my best friend NaLonda makes with the vanilla wafers, cut up bananas, banana pudding and topped with cool whip. The banana is a touch Laffy Taffy and Runty but still very nice.

Blueberry Cobbler- Blueberry stands out bright, sweet and juicy, leaning more syrupy than fresh. The cobbler lends a vanilla sugar tone. This is not heavy on the bakery. Very much looking forward to melting this. I think it would blend wonderfully with Vanilla Bean Noel.

Pink Serendipity- Ok. Who blended this? I will buy it off you. A simplistic but effective blend of pink sugar sweetness and serendipity tropical coconut dreams. The musk in the pink sugar lends a sophisticated edge to the serendipity. Can't. Stop. Smelling.

Island Peach- Yes ma'am. Lip smackin' good. I am a huge fan of Janine's peaches... her soft, juicy, fuzzy peaches.... yezzzzzzz. Get yer mind outta the gutter. Her wax peaches. They are perfectly sweet with a tartness and realism. Here the peach has a slightly exotic tone with mango, papaya and citrus tagging along in the fruit basket. You know what... this would smell AMAZING with that Pink Serendipity. 

Blue Cotton Candy Lemon Drops- Not sure why but I get a touch of Fruit Loops with this. Maybe the Lemon Drops have a bakery note or the Blue is Booberry? Either way it smells like extra sweet and less cereal-bready Fruit Loops. Love.

Salt Water Taffy & Cotton Candy- I struggle with salt water taffy in real life and in fragrance. It has a tongue coating artificial taste that I can never get past. Here in the tart there is a lemon tang with the taffy. It may not be for me... but hopefully it will be for one of you. I intend to add it to the Spring Break Giveaway that will be popping up here soon.

Mac Apple Coconut Explosion- A tropical delight where the red mellow apple and Caribbean coconut are equally evident. Saving this one for June or July melting. 

Melon/Bergamot/Salty Sea Air- This one took me back! I remember when I blended about a trillion different blends with Janine ages ago and bergamot was in there. Boy I bet Janine hopes I never make a customs list again lol! I promise I will take it easy Janine. The blending fever has abated some. This is a great fresh scent of aquatic ocean tones and watery melon with dry bergamot. Nicely balanced. 

Lovespells & Lemon Drops- I wish I loved Love Spell from Victoria's Secret. It has kind of melancholy memories for me so I never enjoy smelling it. No, not boy related, but old best friend related. Anyway, that oh so familiar fake peach infused purple juice kills me. If Victoria's Secret made it with Janine's peaches... well it would be a different story I bet. Janine's peaches. I know a lot of folks love this blend of Love Spell and Lemons so I am sure it will find a happy home. 

Freebie in Clean Air, which smells like freshly washed laundry. Very nice.

So, six out of twelve were huge hits with me and that isn't so bad. I am happy, my friend will be happy and whom ever wins the giveaway will be happy. I hope. I am sad I missed the current lists... but hopefully there will be a next time. 2017 I will be ready. Who knows... I may even still be here to blog about it.

Have you scored any of the unicorn of the wax world? What are your favorite Glitterati scents? 

Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring Break Giveaway!

In honor of Spring Break (a full week off is a big deal!) I would like to usher in the new season with a little giveaway. All the items in the photo along with a few extra surprises will be included.

Candles From The Keeping Room- Caramel Praline Zucchini
Candles From The Keeping Room- Fresh Picked Strawberry
Candles From The Keeping Room- Lemon Fluff/Holiday Cookie
Candles From The Keeping Room- Lemoncello
Candles From The Keeping Room- Berry Vanilla Fluff Cake
Sniff My Tarts- Dragon's Blood
Sniff My Tarts- Marshmallow Noel/Ice Cream Scoop Bread/Birthday Cake
Zeep Bath- American Cream
Sassy Girl Aroma- Butter Brickle Caramel Ice Cream Scoop Bread
Valhalla- Elf Cakes
Lasting Scent Candles- Pink Sugar Spruce
Candy Panda- Blueberry Ice Cream Scoop Bread
Candy Panda- Sweet Nuthin'
Candy Panda- Dream Machine
Candy Panda- Candy Says
Glitterati- County Fair/Orange Julius
Glitterati- Mac Apple Coconut Explosion

To enter the giveaway, please comment with what scent you are craving at the moment and just cannot get enough of or what scent you always look for when ordering from a vendor, a tried and true staple. I am craving marshmallow something fierce right now. Strawberry and marshmallow. A scent I always look for in a vendor is peppermint or any peppermint blend. But not the cocoa and mint. Yeck. 

The giveaway will be closed on March 30th, and a random winner will be drawn. Thank you! Happy Spring!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Melting Basket:62

Wax from the previous melting basket that I would love to have again are: Valhalla Nag Champa, Rune Caster, Masala Chai, Floki's Fetish, Valkyrie, Norseman, Hedonistic, Pendragon's Passion, Oak Ash & Thorne, Candy Panda Panda Berries, Lily Lavender, Late Night Booty Call, Fruit Loops, Bedtime Bath, and Be My Valentine.

CFTKR- Jellied Filled Graham Pie
CFTKR- Blackberry Jam Graham Pie
CFTKR- Fresh Picked Strawberry Wildberry Mousse Bear Claw
CFTKR- Jelly Donut Marshmallow Birthday Cheesecake
CFTKR- Fresh Picked Strawberry Jelly Donuts Birthday Cheesecake
CFTKR- Jill's Strawberry Cream Filled Jelly Roll
CFTKR- Strawberry Noel
CFTKR- Apple Grove <3 gift
Rosegirls- Berry Lovely Smoothie
Lasting Scent Candles- Peppermint Marshmallow Snow
Sniff My Tarts- Rose Jam/Iced Sugar Cookies/Pink Sticky Marshmallow
Sniff My Tarts- Warm Vanilla Sugar/Dragon's Blood/Plumeria
Sniff My Tarts- Rose Jam/Glazed Donut/Dragon's Blood
Sassy Girl Aroma- Pink Sugar Hello Lover Coconut Cream Pie
Candy Panda- Fruit Loops

If any of these pique your interest and you would enjoy a more in-depth review of them, please list them in the comments below. 

I crossed another few things off of my 2016 Bucket List: Bok Tower (beautiful), watching The Help with my sister (we cried, we loved it, the book was still better), bought Fragrant by Mandy Aftel (it is a wonderful read!) and making homemade ice cream (strawberry in case you are interested).

I was born and raised  and have lived most of my life in Polk county. It was a crying shame I had neglected visiting one of our National Landmarks. Bok Tower and its surrounding gardens were absolutely beautiful. I cannot imagine going any other time of year. The azaleas and camellias were in full bloom, along with many other species. The overcast sky and brisk breezes kept us from sweltering. The Spanish moss dripping from the oaks hypnotized me. 

I am feeling better. I find myself laughing loudly again. Enjoying my days again. Daydreaming. Plotting goals. Looking forward to things. 

I also am planning a giveaway this week in honor of Spring Break, which officially begins tomorrow. The first few sunny days will be spent on day trips to the beach, outside exploring and just relaxing. The last few days will be raining and I have been commissioned to paint a tree-house mural in a children's bedroom. So I will either be sketching that or actually beginning to paint it. I hope the latter, as I take FOR-EVER to paint. I also plan on doing some sewing, writing, and reading.

How are you feeling? Looking forward to anything? Encounter any great smells? Cook anything yummy? Read a good book? 

Saturday, March 19, 2016

FuturePrimitive: Om Soap

Om is one of FuturePrimitive's newest soaps that features essential oils. Geranium, rosemary, vetiver, clary sage, patchouli, cardamom, petitgrain, and sandalwood accord create this smooth herbal blend. The fragrance that wafts off of the sky meets sea azure is a changeling. A fresh breeze that carries memories of the coastline, grassy meadows, fertile earth, stone monoliths, and quaint herb gardens. Could this be the optimal soap scent? All the brisk cleanliness without any synthetically jarring notes? I think it just may be. 

It lathers like a dream, bubbling and frothing in my hands like magic. I appreciate the rustic texture of FuturePrimitive soaps, all the little ridges and textural sensations give my fingertips and palms pleasure. It cleans my skin effectively, leaving it renewed. 

I can see Om being a lovely lotion scent for a post-bath, pre-bedtime routine. It clears the mind and refreshes the senses. 

Friday, March 18, 2016

Sniff My Tarts: January Opening

My small but mighty Sniff My Tarts custom order arrived. It all fit in a Regional A box so I consider that a feat. Amy and Donna must have really found a great system that works for them, because they are pounding out these orders while still offering random custom loaf openings on the fly. Gone are the days of only getting custom Sniff MY Tarts only once or twice a year. Now between Dream Boxes, regular openings and holiday loaf sales as well as Facebook group flash sales, they are getting pretty easy to obtain. Which is great, because their wax is one of my favorites.

This opening they offered frosted cookies, piped hearts, no-fuss chunks (seen above), regular chunks and sheet cakes and pies and loaves. I think this paring down of shapes may be helping streamline the TAT. You do still have what seems to be hundreds of scents to choose from and I appreciate that. 

Dragon's Blood- Sniff My Tart's version of Dragon's Blood is very floral and summer breeze scented rather than the dirty earthy versions I am used to. It is nice and pretty but I do like my Dragon's Blood a bit more wild and feral.

Marshmallow Noel & Candy- I have sung its praises before and continue to do so. Strong sweet mint and thick vanilla.

Peppermint Swizzle Sticks- Totally candy canes to my nose. I am enjoying this new to me peppermint as well. This will be my next mint to blend with upon future custom openings.

Acai Berry/Plumeria/Apricot- A summer scent for sure. The acai berry reminds me a bit of raspberries and paired with the peachy apricot and sweet mellow plumeria, it almost comes across as a tropical drink. 

Pumpkin Sugared Donuts/Honey Gingerbread/Vanilla Waffle Cone- Eye rolling good. Sheet cake good. Perfect fall scent good. This will be ordered again and in larger quantities. I think I have found my perfect Honey Gingerbread blend. It is sweetly spiced with creamy vanilla bakery notes and just a little richness from the pumpkin.

Lemon Cake Pops/Sticky Pink Serendipity/Pink Sticky Marshmallow- A toned down serendipity that had lemon brightness and pink sugar sweetness. I do believe I love it. Looking forward to seeing what comes forth more when warming. 

Rose Jam/Iced Sugar Cookies/Pink Sticky Marshmallow- As long as there is Rose Jam listed, I feel compelled to blend with it. The cookies smooth out some of Rose Jam's exuberant sweetness. It is still pretty loud though. We know Rose Jam likes her spotlight. I will very much enjoy melting this but will continue to seek out the perfect Rose Jam combination.

Serendipity/Raspberry Guava/Strawberry Daiquiri- This blend was inspired by my friend Liz (notoriousliz_54) when we were chatting about SMT blends before the big opening. She mentioned loving serendipity with raspberry guava so I gave it a go. And boy am I glad I did. Strawberry daiquiri is a beast in this (in the best possible way) but add raspberry guava and serendipity and it tastes, I mean smells, like a fancy cruise cocktail. Amazing.

Marshmallow Noel/Ice Cream Scoop Bread/Birthday Cake- Can you tell I wanted vanilla overload? Death by vanilla. Vanilla deluxe mamajama. I got it. On cold it has a slightly strange plastic undertone but when melted that tone vanishes and the riches most vanilla laden cookies and cakes emerge to throw at a medium to medium-strong level. Very happy with this blend.

Marshmallow Noel & Candy/Peppermint/Pink Sugar- Pink peppermint on steroids. Pink peppermint so incredibly arctic cold and yummy it sears my sinuses and makes me shiver. I think Sniff My Tarts is becoming my gold standard for Pink Peppermint. My Holy Grail. 

The next two blends were my free samples. And they both feel custom blended just for me. 

Rose Jam/Glazed Donut/Dragon's Blood- Say what?! Rose Jam and Dragon's Blood... sure! But Glazed Donut?! That came out of left field. You know what? It totally works. The Rose Jam is strongest (of course) but the sweet vanilla from the donut and the pretty floral from the dragon create an unexpectedly cool blend. Props to whatever brave soul blended this. 

Warm Vanilla Sugar/Dragon's Blood/Plumeria- Somebody went on a Dragon's Blood blend kick! LOL! And I almost did too. I was seriously thinking of blending Dragon's Blood with Butterbrickle and Celtic Moonspice (and I dang well still might). This one smells strangely bakery. It has to be the Warm Vanilla Sugar. Plumeria and Dragon's Blood as whispers of floral but overall it is very vanilla. I like it too. Kudos Dragon's Blood blended, whom ever you may be. I tip my shieldmaiden head to you and your blending courage!

Did you order from the January opening? Did you get any custom loaves recently? Have you taken any blending risks? I am so happy Sniff My Tarts still has custom blending options. It keeps my waxy creativity blooming.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Warmed Wax: Candy Panda & Valhalla

Valhalla Pendragon's Passion threw medium in the kitchen/living area and gave off a dark fruits and patchouli fragrance. Of course I loved it. I knew I would on cold, so I went ahead and bought a clamshell of it. Repurchase...well, because I already did.

Valhalla Masala Chai threw a medium-light in my bedroom. I could smell it definitely but it had a lightness that was on the edge of frustrating. I wanted more of that gorgeous spiced chai in my nostrils. Before I puttered out I tossed in Nag Champa on top of it. I loved that combo too. Repurchase, since I already did, but I do wish it was a touch stronger.

Sorry for this craptacular shot. I forgot I was going to review this scent and by the time I remembered it had already melted and was late at night. And I failed by not even getting a shot of the second scent. Whoops. Blogger bust.

Candy Panda Late Night Booty Call- This blend of Pink Sugar and Midsummer's Night is insanely good. Sweet but clean and definitely sexy. It threw medium in the kitchen and I was hanging out in there just to smell this. Repurchase in a heart beat. 

Candy Panda Lily's Lavender- A lavender soda concoction that smells yummy. It was a medium-light in the larger kitchen/living area but still did the job. I do wish it was a touch stronger. The lavender is sweetened by the soda and the lemony fizzy hints made this incredibly yummy and unique. Repurchase. 

My Sniff My Tarts custom order arrived. I have been happily snapping pics and getting that post ready. I also ordered three loaves from the SMT Easter sale. I did place a Bathing Garden order as soon as Shannon opened the new collections earlier this month (it is insanely good and I dream about it at night). For the Valentine's Rosegirls opening I behaved and only bought three bags. A new warmer is on its way and my Lasting Scent Candles order is approaching. A Glitterati Mystery Box is headed my way. I think that is about it as far as wax goes. (That's it.... HA!) What orders are you waiting on? Plotting more? On a ban? Do tell!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Sonoma Scent Studio: Rose Musc

Have you read my review of Yin & Ylang not too long past? Well, I did end up buying the travel size spray of it and while shopping about on Sonoma Scent Studio I ended up picking up a 3ml spray of this rosy beauty: Rose Musc. I am quite happy I did. 

Rose Musc opens with a peppery zing of fresh rose that sweetens and fizzes like a blushing Zinfandel. As the peppered and bubbly top notes effervesce then fade, the sweet pink crystalline liquid thickens and takes on a peach jam shade.With maturity Rose Musc forms a bridge from fruit to amber effortlessly. As a labdanum fiend and a rose fanatic, merging the two makes my heart palpitate. The dry down is a dark ambered musk delight, an ebony furred being that is remarkably warm and snuggly. Every magical transition of Rose Musc is beautiful; from the effervescent to the edible to the darkly seductive and comforting, I am smiling all the while. The longevity is stellar, lasting a full day and then some. Another creation of Laurie's that I need in a bigger bottle. Though I will say with the high quality concentration and longevity, this 3ml spray will last quite a while for $11. Though I undoubtedly will get either the travel size ($17 for 5ml)) or 17ml bottle ($45).

If you haven't sampled Sonoma Scent Studio yet, you are missing out.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Aftelier: Face Elixirs

I placed a rather expansive sample order with Aftelier so I could get a much better feel for Mandy's work, although I already know it is incredible, every fragrance house has its distinctive color. Plus I have been eyeing her book Fragrant and the companion scents that accompany it.

Mandy specializes in all natural fragrances and fragrant life enhancements. I have and adore her Ancient Resins Hair and Body Oil, so sampling her Face Elixirs was high on my wish list. Currently they come in three scents, Honeysuckle, Rose and Jasmine, though in that past I have seen others like Ylang Ylang. 

These elixirs are composed of seven organic oils which all have various beneficial properties such as: toning, rejuvinating, protecting, nourishing, soothing and hydrating the skin. The oils Mandy utilizes includes: grapeseed, almond, rice bran, apricot kernel, squalane, camellia, and rose hip oils. 

I applied these to my clean, dried face after my nocturnal bathing ritual and before I went to bed for the night. The last couple of hours I spent awake nestled in my comforter, smelling the fragrant oil on my face were always sublime and had me drifting off to sleep with a smile and a deep inhale. 
The oil itself is not greasy at all. It only took a few drops on my fingertips, pressed into my face to get the coverage I desired. My face felt nourished. I woke with hydrated skin that was ready for my morning makeup ritual. 

The Honeysuckle features that creamy heady white floral tone that is a common thread in jasmine, gardenia and tuberose. In the honeysuckle there is an added lemony brightness.

Jasmine held hazy golden southern tropical glints within its aura. This smells the most exotic of the three. 

The Rose was deep and rich with a hint of grapefruit sweet acidity. I fell in love with this one hard and fast. 

For a full bottle I will have to flip a coin between Rose and Jasmine. But  full bottle will be bought, 15 ml is $65. Do you use face oil? Which of the three scents attracts you the most?

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Candles From The Keeping Room: February 2016 Part Two

As promised, here is part two of my recent order with Carol: the cuttables! If you have been reading for a while, you probably know that fruity bakery is not my normal choice of scent and that zucchini bread is really not my normal choice of scent... but here I am, about to showcase a lot of fruity bakery... and zucchini. I think I had the proverbial wild hair stuck somewhere. My mad sudden craving for wildberry zucchini bread made me question my sanity, and whether I was expecting (no, I am not). 

Cinnamon Bun scented in Cinnamon Roll cost $3.75 for 4.3 ounces. Of course cinnamon is the star here and it is a lovely one, sweet and slightly frosted with that signature Cinna-Bon glaze. The bakery is not heavy on cold but there is a denseness and depth that a sweet roll contributes to the spice.

Donut ($3.25 for 3.2 ounces) and Graham Cracker ($2 for 2.2 ounces) both scented in Jellied Filled Graham Pie. Jellied Filled Graham Pie is amazing. The red fruits jelly and sweet deep pie have a cherry edge that almost reminds me of cherry pipe tobacco. May sounds strange but it smells so incredible. Jammy cherry filled vanilla baked goodness. You know... it almost reminds me of the Hansel & Gretel blend too. 

Graham Cracker in Blackberry Jam Graham Pie (I like saying jam graham) has tones of Blackberry Jam Butter Cookie with extra vanilla- vanilla wafers. Delish! I forgot how much I missed the old BJBC gal. 

Graham Cracker and Donut scented in Fresh Picked Strawberry Graham Pie. Oh yes. Now the mysterious graham pie blended with Fresh Picked Amazingness-In-A-Berry comes across as Strawberry Shortcake. And I truly want to eat it. Look at how real the donut looks! Does wax have calories? 

The rest goes down in a blaze of chunky muffin glory. These run $3.75 for anywhere from 3.1 to 3.6 ounces per muffin. 

Serendipity Marshmallow Birthday Cheesecake- I have noticed these are hard to gauge on cold throw, because the overpour pretty much covers up the lovely individually scented chunks in the middle. Once I cut into them I can really smell all the components. What initially smelled a like a light vanilla emerged into a vanilla custard and cake serendipity delight. No strange cheesy tones to the cheesecake from what I could gather, but then again it was paired with serendipity marshmallow birthday cake. It threw medium-strong in the kitchen and living room area, making for a pleasant Friday night scent.

Fresh Picked Strawberry Serendipity Bear Claw- Since this is uncut I mainly get cinnamon spiced pastry and it is gooooood. Almost like Celtic Moonspice married to sugared donuts. I am sure the added FPS is only going to make this skyrocket to ecstasy.

Fresh Picked Strawberry Wildberry Mousse Bear Claw- Look at those chunky colors! I want to eat this muffin for breakfast with my coffee and cream. The wildberry mousse lends a darker berry shade to the FPS while the spiced bakery makes it homey. Like cinnamon toast with jam. But better.

Jelly Donut Marshmallow Birthday Cheesecake- I can pick up more of the cheesecake in this blend and it is pretty rich. A heavy cream vibe lies within it. This almost smells like a jellied bread pudding with cream. I like it!

Fresh Picked Strawberry Jelly Donuts Birthday Cheesecake- On cold I mainly get marshmallow donuts and they smell great together. I know when I cut it up the FPS will pour out like the red gold that it is. I would normally cut these all up for you guys but please forgive me for wanting to keep a few intact. Some I want to save and some will be for a giveaway and gifting.

Apple Caramel Bear Claw- An autumnal beauty for sure! Spice, apples and caramel make my mouth water. Then wrap it up in a puff pastry and I am singing its praises. Definitely one I am tucking away like a squirrel for a fall treat.

The zucchinis. Dun.... dun.... dunnnnnnnnnn.

Wildberry Mousse Jelly Donut Zucchini- This is a take-no-prisoners, whop-my-fanny, salty (yes in both meanings) she-devil that almost reminds me of popcorn puppy feet and Fritos. Zucchini like only zucchini bread can be. The berries and jelly donut will be a welcome pairing that will sweeten up the wild zucchini bread beast. I am actually excited to melt it!

Caramel Apple Zucchini- The sweet caramelized apples really make a great pairing with the zucchini bread. Looking forward to this one too. 

Caramel Pralines Zucchini- This one I fear. I only get straight zucchini bread but keep in mind it hasn't been cut up. I know caramel pralines lie within. The question is... can they tame her zuckey self? I may never know because this one is ear marked for a gift.

So thar she blows... my crazy Candles From The Keeping order from February. I am hoping to get bags in Chocolate Lavender, Citrus Pound Cake and Wildberry Coconut Fluff one day. How do you feel about fruity bakery? Zucchini? Are you jonesing for any particular scents lately?