Friday, March 25, 2016

Scent Trunk: Rebranded

This product was provided by Scent Trunk gratis for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.

Scent Trunk has updated its branding to a more streamlined minimalist design. Inside still lies the black velvet pouch and a card for each scent (no longer any distracting people on it, but just the brand, scent and notes with a little background information) but now the scents come in uniform plastic atomizers with a sticker that shows the brand design/logo, the scent and Scent Trunk on the bottom so you remember where the sample came from. Each month is a random sampling based on your preferences. This box was sent without any prior scent preferences chosen.

White Zagora by The Different Company- Notes include: Neroli, bergamot, osmanthus, peach blossom, white musk, amber.
The citrus and floral melding pops together to create an orange tart candy  that only intensifies when peach blossom makes an entry, lending additional nectar to the confection. I am not catching the intended orange blossom accord that was mentioned in the placard but to experience it on its own merits, it is a citrus popping candy sensation with bright youthful flashes of neon orange, candied peachy flowers tucked inside like  cascarone confetti, sweet fun. A full bottle of this candied creation run $235.

Eau De La Couronne by Rance 1795- Notes include: Melon, blood orange, freesia, gardenia, apple, mahogany, iris.
A rounded fruity-floral sweetened with melons and citrus, offset by freesia's potent freshness. Gardenia is soft in this one. The bulb flowers really shine in this scent. It very much reminds me of the polished, sweet and fresh scents of the 90's, I get a Sunflower vibe from this that I cannot shake. Takes me right back to early high school. You too can go on a nostalgic trip for $100 a bottle.

Pavane No. 2 by Gwendolyn-Marie- Notes include: Aquatic notes, water lily, rose, stargazer lily. 
Seaside, sand dunes, soft cottony clouds scudding across the oceanic sky. The salty waves and white floral breeze drys down to a rosy musk with lily undertones. A beautifully easy to wear summer fragrance that is accessible at $45 a bottle. 

For once in my entire life, I am wanting the most affordable option. My husband teases me that I am a snob about everything. I totally am. But here I want the seashore in a bottle for only $45. It is easily the most beautiful and effortless to wear of the three for my skin. Someone quick! Write this down! Oh... wait. 

Scent Trunk is offering a free trial right now. Check them out, what have you got to lose? 


  1. Your photography is freakin' beautiful in this! <3 Pavane No. 2 sounds amazing.

    1. Thank you so much!! That means a lot to me! I got so excited when those flowering branches fell into my lap. Pavane No 2 is so carefree-beachy-wind-in-my-hair brilliant. Love it!