Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Olfactif Artisan Perfume Subscription: February

My new beauties that I cannot wait to use as living props. I just had to show them to you. Now onward to the 'fumes!

My February box came a little late and leaky but a new shipper was being used and change usually comes with minor bumps and hiccups. I am still thrilled with what came inside the box. The theme was "Closer" and I wanted to get closer with all three of these lovelies indeed.

Puro Intense by NeJma- Notes include: Rum, lime, bitter orange, cinnamon, cocoa bean, coffee, cigar, mahogany, burnt caramel. 
The opening of a sparkling mojito freshly muddled with mint and lime quickly downed and an order of Cafe' Cubano with an addition of mocha and a side of those much lauded and much illegal Cuban cigars. It is a day in paradise in south Florida where all the Cuban delights ensnare the senses without needing a passport. Eventually the fine Cuban tobacco take over and the scent is all about the stogie. Dark, sweet and hints of plumeria and flan. Oh how I love a great flan. The ending of Puro Intense becomes sweetly powdered with a vintage cosmetics patina. A full 40 ml EDP is $78.

Musc by Mona di Orio- Notes inlcude: Neroli, rose, heliotrope, tonka bean absolute, precious musk.
I have been wanting to try a Mona di Orio creation for several years. She passed away at a young age in 2011 while I was in my height of fragrance obsession and I watched the perfume community mourn her through all the blogs that I read with voracious eyes. She was remembered as a beautiful soul and her creations live on. This musk is a comforting, beautiful skin scent. It begins with soft focus florals: rose, neroli, heliotrope. These flowers fade into bokeh in the background and push tonka bean into the front. The warm fuzzy nature of tonka shines in the fragrance as a plush pelt of a loved companion animal. Clean, warm fur to squeeze and love extra tight. The musk penetrates the whole fragrance with its humble yet present nature. A scent that knows no season or bounds. A full 100 ml bottle is $195.

10 Corso Como by 10 Corso Como- Notes include: Sandalwood, frankincense, musk, rose, geranium, vetiver, rare Malay oud wood oil. 
This Italian cosmopolitan fragrance features a rosy sandalwood as its milieu but it gives a scenic view to get there. Geranium and incense flash silvery and cool in the top notes with hints at lemon and mint. Rose and vetiver ease the chill of the steel in the heart and towards the base dark oud, creamy sandalwood and a vanilla bean laced musk round it out. All the while rose and sandalwood remain in the full sight. A full 100 ml EDP is $120.

I truly loved all three of these fragrances and would happily have a full bottle of each. If I had to choose only one it may be Musc if the funds were there, but more realistically I would buy Puro Intense. The price is right and the tobacco is gorgeous. One day I would love to actually go to 10 Corso Como and stroll about gazing at the art, eating at the garden cafe and of course, bringing a fragrant souvenir home. Which of these entice you to come closer? 

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