Friday, October 19, 2018

Fall Fun Friday: Five Sisters Crafternoon

The Five Sisters Crafternoon took place last weekend and it was, as usual, a much needed bonding time. Last year Heather couldn't make it as she had just moved out to Houston, Texas. This year she flew in but unfortunately my sister Lindsey was sick with a stomach bug. It was once again the Four Sisters Crafternoon this year. 

I hosted it this year and decided to make pumpkin dioramas since Lindsey wanted to give that a whirl this year (which I still saved her the goodies to make it so she will get to it). My sister Dawn's is front left, mine is next (I didn't finish as I decided to go a different direction and have much to do), Heather's is the third with the trees in front (she wants me to find a black cat to put in front of the fence) and Darby's is the one to the far right. 

I picked up plastic carving pumpkins, moss, floral branches, mini pinecones and pumpkins, small birds and colorful leaves and assembled as desired. I did try my hand at carving mine and liked the effect.

Photo of craft and food courtesy of Darby Goodwald. <3

I made one of my favorite meals, roasted acorn squash stuffed with cider braised pork, the recipe can be found here

It was a wonderful evening full of laughs and some serious conversations. 

Please check out my friends' Jay and Sandra to see what fall DYI or recipe that they shared:


The October word of the day for today is Dracula. I read Bram Stoker's Dracula several years ago and was glad I waiting to read it until I was an adult. I think I grasped more of the nuances of terror from it rather than if I was younger. I enjoyed the tale and it helped me to appreciate more the films and adaptations that found inspiration from Dracula. One of my favorite books that follows Dracula into modern times is The Historian which I think I read last year or the year before. 

My husband and I enjoyed watching Van Helsing and of course without Dracula we probably wouldn't have the Twilight series which I did very much enjoy when they were released. 

The most fascinating of all though was learning more about the actual Vlad Dracula who was perhaps one of the most dark figures in history. 

Are you are fan of Dracula? Are there any Dracula inspired books I need to read? Movies I need to watch?

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Melting Basket 129

Wax from the last basket I would buy and melt again: Vintage Chic Scents Should I Stay?, CFTKR Butternut Pumpkin, Dessa October, TDC Practical Magic, LSC Pumpkin French Toast and Pumpkin Spice Beignets. 

Candles From The Keeping Room- Woodland Festival
Candles From The Keeping Room- Mulled Wine
Candles From The Keeping Room- Blue Cedar Lavender
Candles From The Keeping Room- Pumpkin Peppercorn Type
Candles From The Keeping Room- Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow
Dessa's Homespun- Harvest Moon
Dessa's Homespun- Haunted Hollow
The Bathing Garden- Belladonna Tincture
Vintage Chic Scents- Cookie Baking At Mom's
Vintage Chic Scents- Spiced Pumpkin and Gingersnap Jackie O

If you are curious about any of these feel free to let me know which ones you want reviews of. 

Hocus Pocus

I do enjoy watching the movie Hocus Pocus but I have only really seen it a handful of times. I made the girls watch it with me once but they weren't really into it. Maybe I tried too early. I will see if I can get them to watch it with me this year perhaps. I know it has a huge cult following. My sister Lindsey loves it. I think the next time I watch it I will try and catch it at the Polk Theater. 

This is the Polk Theater. It is a historic theater downtown that hosts dinner and shows, concerts, performances and indie films along with cult classics. I love this place. It is hard to see but the sky is filled with twinkling stars and sometimes there is the cutest little old man who plays the organ as people come in to watch a show. 

Even though I enjoy Hocus Pocus, I guess Harry Potter is my true brand of hocus-pocus. My heart still goes pitter pat over the Wizarding World and the books and the movies and any type of reference to the series. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever "grow" out of it but I still feel that way about the Jurassic Park franchise and I started reading that book when I was a young pup.

What kind of hocus-pocus gives you the tingles? 
Some of my favorite magical moments:
- spying a new birb
- coffee with whipped cream and spice in a handmade mug
- cracking open an anticipated book
- sliding along cool super soft sheets when I first get into bed
- patting Toddles' full belly
- unexpected hugs from the girls
- boba tea and cackles with friends
- finding underwear that my butt doesn't gobble up
- picking up feathers, stones, tiny pinecones and neat looking seed pods
- frozen Butterbeer at Universal
- 4am on Christmas morning
- Adam carrying my coffee and water for me to the Jeep as I head out to work
- Scarlette still asking me to read her a bedtime story

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Mermaid Treasure: Stone Sparrow Design

Marina at Stone Sparrow Design is quite the talented lady. She crafts some artistic pieces and many of them are so intricate and so moving that they actually look as if they should be framed and displayed. She specializes in skeletal work and the use of long thin stone shapes. Detail is her forte. 

This gravestone rubbing ring is one of her more simple pieces but is no less impactful for it. Marina has these as made-to-order from time to time and as I had been eyeing these for a few years now I decided to go ahead and take the plunge. I am happy I did as it wears like a spooky dream.


I have always been fascinated by skeletons. I remember loving my AP Anatomy and Physiology class in high school. The bones all moving and fitting together like an elaborate puzzle. The bone plates in a baby's skull being so plaint and flexible until they enter toddlerhood. Bones making blood cells like little factories. Bones found in the cow pasture baking in the Florida sun, scattered like so many cosmic dice. Bones are cool. 

How do you feel about skeletons? Spooky or fascinating?

Monday, October 15, 2018

Witches: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Today's October Prompt is:


Something magical happened last Friday, Adam and I surprised the girls with a trip to Universal Studios. His cousin from Ohio was down with their new baby girl and we all met up at the theme park to spend the day together. It was nice taking the day off and having the girls miss school. What was even nicer was that we bought seasonal passes that day too so now we have 15 months of Universal in our future.

This warbling witch featured in background of The Burrow as Molly Weasley's favorite singer. Molly reminisces about how her and Arthur danced to Celestina Warbeck when they were eighteen. 

Oh, come and stir my cauldron,
And if you do it right,
I'll boil you up some hot strong love
To keep you warm at night.

I actually did tea up when I watched her sing that song. But that should not be surprising at all. I cry like a baby every time I ride Gringotts or Hogwarts.

My own little witches cast lots of spells with their wands that day. And you can spy Adam's cousin's new baby Maisie just behind. She is so cute.

Any witch worth her salt shops for her potion making supplies at Mr. Mullpepper's Apothecary in Diagon Alley.

Diagon Alley also offers a menagerie for to shop for a familiar.

This sassy fiend was in the market for a new cauldron from Pottage's.

We had a witchy fun day and look forward to riding the Hogwart's Express into Hogsmeade next time we go. I am trying to save my sickles, knuts and galleons so I can get some Felix Felicis and a trinket or two next time.

Have you had any witchy fun lately?

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Hay Rides, Corn Mazes and Ghosts

Sorry about being behind on the October word prompts. Things got a little busy the past few days. 

Hay Rides

The last hay ride I can remember was a couple years ago at the Green Meadows Petting Farm in Kissimmee. Actually no, I take that back. We went on a hay ride just last year at the Hunsader Farms Pumpkin Festival. It was was a nice day for it and the girls enjoyed it. We have not gone on one this year and so far no plans to, but that may change.

Corn Maze

About four years ago at Fox Squirrel Corn Maze we wandered through the tall stalks. But oh lordy it felt like we were walking through the tall crackling and licking flames of Satan's labyrinth. The corn was dried and dead, it was easily 100 degrees outside and the flaming ball above scorched our faces with tongues of fire. It was so unbearable about halfway through, with the salt of sweat stinging my eyes and the girls moaning of their thirst that we burst through the stalks pell-mell in order to get the heck outta Dodge. No plans on going back. 


I do have a happy trio of ghosties with yellow-orange glowing eyes in the house. They might just be one of my favorite decorations. 

I did tell you guys about the laughing children Adam encountered in Savannah, Georgia right? That would be the only ghost encounter I ever was associated with other than the Holy Ghost. 

My favorite ghosts were probably in Harry Potter. The Death Day Party was an interesting scene in the books and I did feel really bad for Nearly Headless Nick. 

My sisters and I had our Five Sisters Crafternoon last night. Unfortunately, Lindsey had the stomach bug and could not come so we were one sister down. This is two years in a row where it was a Four Sister Crafternoon, so hopefully next year we can all make it. I am not quite done with my craft but I will show y'all soon. 

How is your fall going? Any fun plans or festivals or outings? 

Friday, October 12, 2018

Fall Fun Fridays and Three Ravens Co.

Three Ravens Co. came to my attention a month or so ago in the Poisoner's Guild group on Facebook. Now, before you lock me away for plotting evil doings let me tell you that the Poisoner's Guild is a brand of scentcrafters that builds a themed box each month full of fragrant goodies. You will learn more about them soon. Very soon. Back to Three Ravens. The Poisoner's Guild asked what other perfume houses they should include in their box and the Three Ravens was mentioned. I fell down the rabbit hole of searching up each of the perfume houses mentioned so of course I looked into Three Ravens. I was so enamored of the styling, scents and stories that I picked up several samples ($4.50) and one full sized bottle ($16.50). 

Old Toby- Notes: The sweet and powdery scent of fresh pipe tobaccos, not unlike a walk through a tobacco shop. 
Old Toby is certainly a sweet pipe tobacco aroma. Dark sticky shreds of vanilla tobacco and toasted sienna ribbons of cherry tobacco beckon from various colored tins around the tobacconist's shop. This scent is pretty linear and stays a nice blending of vanilla and cherry tobaccos while being mellow and sweet. I feel like I am hanging with Bilbo and Gandalf and their long pipes full of pipe weed.

Grue Church Fire- Notes: A moody, smoky scent inspired by the Grue Church fire in Norway of 1822 that took the lives of over 100 people. Olibanum and pine tar blended with burnt wood and smoke.
Pine and frankincense resin meld with the pleasant far off waft of woodsmoke. The pine possesses an almost sweet spruce nuance but it is still very much a dark and resinous perfume. The pitch in the pine gives it a touch of earthiness. I was not sure how this one would play out on my skin but it just might be one of my favorites in the bunch.

Pyre- Notes: The distinct scent of a bonfire. Wood smoke and firewood with a touch of leather.
The rustle and snap of fire gnawing on oak logs, red hot embers flush the cheeks and palms pink. The creosote soaked aroma easily glides into the tarry warmth of leather and straddles the two effortlessly. The line between fire and leather is surprisingly thin. Pyre lingers pleasantly on the skin, warming and primal.

Covenstead- Notes: A blend of clove, vanilla and woodsmoke.
Bonfire smoke curls its fingers around long locks of hair, pulling insistently on the senses as a reminder of last night's revelries. The smoke snakes out authentically at first dab then the cloves weave in. Perhaps from a clove cigarette that crackled just outside of the fire's glow? The smoke wafts downwind, allowing the clove to bloom in its own wooden sweetness. At the tail end there lingers just a touch of anise within the clove and vanilla woods. Covenstead is for the smoke lovers and spice lovers and I can be both.

Cerimonium- Notes: Cedarwood, frankincense, myrrh.
Medicinal and pungent myrrh offers up a bracing and beautiful opening. Gently the myrrh settles and gains some wooden depth with the addition of cedarwood and frankincense. Ceremonium smells of the bellies of creaky trinket boxes hidden in the shadows of antique stores.

Will-O-The-Wisp- Notes: A perfect fall blend of white pumpkin, orange pumpkin, squash, cinnamon and clove.
Fiery cinnamon and dusty bulbous gourds tumble about on the skin upon first whiff. The cinnamon spice tempers and sugar crusted pumpkins roll in to bring the scent from the patch to the kitchen table. Sweet cinnamon sugar and a base of pumpkin vanilla really makes for a classic fall experience. Delicious, simple and well done. I love the name too.

Myrkwood- Notes: Fresh turned earth, coniferous trees of pine, cedar and spruce with oud.
Pine, sharp and green, camphorous and bright, quivers with its spindly needles up from the loam. Damp humus and organic matter scatter like brown confetti under the thin pine tree's trunk. There is no sweet in the dark and eerie Myrkwood but there is plenty of bracing pine that clears the senses and yet befuddles the mind. This one burrows down into a dank and dusky cedarwood. I love how raw and true to its nature this one is. Myrkwood is not a place to take lightly.

Bellatrix- Notes: Leather and tobacco flower.
Rawhide leather right out of the gate. Firm, new and intense. This is the scent of the leather tent at the festival where hundreds of belts hang ready for your name to be engraved on the back, wallets and purses with foot long fringes and keychains and braided leather bracelets dyed all colors. Leather. Freshly tanned. 

Three Ravens crafts some lovely scents. I enjoy the unique packaging and the literary inspiration. I have recently purchased two bakery bags of wax tarts and look forward to trying their home fragrance line as well. I spy candles. Just waiting on those to come back into stock. The liquid hand soap is catching my eye too. 

Have you tried any new perfume houses or candle makers as of late? Which of these would you like to wear or perfume your home with?

Fall Festival

I have not been to a fall festival since last year when we took the girls to the Hunsader Farms Pumpkin Festival and I got the phone call once we set foot in the parking lot that my dad had fallen from a great height and almost lost his life. I don't think I really want to go back as the horrible news tainted the trip. We do have a corn maze and small festival here in town but I have not taken the girls yet. We have so much going on this time of year. I will say that today is a fall festival of sorts... we are surprising the girls with a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Skipping school and all. What a great teacher example I am! LOL!

So cheers with a frozen Butterbeer clink! 

Do you have any fall festivals in your area? Do you like the frozen Butterbeer or the regular Butterbeer?

The Fall Fun Friday prompt was if I could plan any type of fall travel experience or get together what would it be? If I could make anything happen it would be this: an October trip to the Blue Ridge mountains for my family. We would drive the parkway, leaf gaze and toast marshmallows over bonfires and sip hot cozy beverages. 

Please check my friends and their blogs to read about their fall musings:

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Wick & Fable Candle: Middle Earth

Today's October word prompt is:


This tiny 2 ounce candle from Wick and Fable, Middle Earth, is not as "fresh and clean" as I had anticipated due to the notes. I am in fact quite happy about that. There is a smooth roundness to the scent that almost reminds me of vanilla somehow. This is an interesting scent to be sure but it is on the medium-light side. I stick it on my nightstand for feel-good ambience more than anything else. I do love these small candles from Wick & Fable. They normally burn really well. I think they can only be had by buying their monthly box. I am on pins and needles waiting for that Harry Potter box to arrive from September.

I am going to finally burn my Autumn Day candle from Bath & Body Works this weekend. 

I have not been keeping up on the candle scene... are there any good scents from Bath & Body Works this fall? Any new candle vendors? I did see Andy Tauer came out with some candles. They are $60 I believe, so if I get one it would be a splurge to be sure.