Monday, January 2, 2023

2023 Reading Challenge


Jay and I got together once again to create a reading challenge for 2023. I was thrilled with how last year's went for me. I got a ton of great reading done. It is all tucked away in my heart and mind, enriching my thoughts. We typically do close to 30 prompts, but with the coming year being extra busy for us we whittled it down to 25, that is two a month plus a bonus. Please follow along with us and use the hashtag so we can see what you are reading and recommending!

1. 2023 Word for the year- Inclusive. Choose a book with an author that has an IDD

(Intellectual and Developmental Disability) or topics or themes revolving around IDDs. 

2. Viva Magenta! or Rainbow Colors! Pick a bold cover with vibrant hues.

3. Read something by the best selling novelist of all time (only behind the Bible and Shakespear)- Agatha Christie. 

4. A blind pick: have a friend or partner pull a book for you, or close your eyes and choose. Some thrift book shops

even have blind paper bag buys. Those can be fun!

5. Seasonal: Read a book with a season in the title. 

6. Diving Deeper: Read about a topic you listen to podcasts about, watch documentaries on, or are learning about.

7. LOL!- Find a book that makes you literally laugh out loud, or at least crack some smiles- if not these,

then authored by a comedian.

8. Long-Ass Title: Find a book with at least seven words in the title. 

9. Absolutely Amazing Alliteration in the title.

10. Book set in Africa.

11. Weekend Escape: A book you can finish in a couple days.

12. Mood Reader: Read whatever feels good or fits your mood.

13. Miniature Delights: Read a book that is 5 x 7 or smaller. 

14. Book pairing: choose a book and a favorite chocolate, tea, or wine to enjoy right along with it.

15. Magpie: Choose a cover with stars, sparkles, glints, or shimmery attractive bits and bobs.

16. Book Shield: grab a book for when reading is your coping mechanism

17. 90s: set in, or written during

18. Enigmatic title: one that makes you do a double-take, in which you must find out more.

19. Eye-opening read

20. Speculative fiction: encompassing books that take place in our world but with an added

magical/supernatural/futuristic twist

21. Author you can't believe you haven't read yet

22. Library setting or Bibliophilia

23. Booked on a feeling: books that cause big feelings

24. Fantasy subgenre: for reference: High, Low, Epic, Historical, Urban, Magical Realism, Grimdark...

25. Reflections: cover or content

This year I would like to reading the last book in the Outlander series, I have it sitting on my shelf ready to go.

I would also like to add in The Outsider by Stephen King, some Emily Dickinson poetry, and a new series.

What are you hoping to get to?


  1. Outlander must have been quite the reading journey, my former boss loved it so. I have more of a love/hate feel for the Starz series, at times, filling me with joy and passion and others, absolute hatred for the circumstances these characters experience; hopefully it comes to a satisfying close for you.
    I am thankful for your inclusion of the Christie prompt, as you know, and I'm itching to read another one already. I'm currently into my weekend read (I started but will finish this weekend, it's a translation called Strega which is strange and unsettling so far... Other than that, I only have my bright cover picked out with a special version of Lessons in Chemistry on it's way to me from England! Any thoughts on your author for #21? I have too many to choose from, I think. Plenty of books to be excited about lately and kudos to another great year of prompts, my friend:)

    1. Outlander has been a journey for sure. I started it probably about a dozen years ago, maybe even more?? It can be quite difficult to read if violence is a challenge to encounter, but that does not hinder me. So happy to hear the Agatha Christie one was good to go! I had only read two of her books in previous years and grabbed a few more recently at a library book sale. I will have to look into Strega. Already interested based on the title alone. How exciting about the special edition book on your way!! I have heard great things about that book. For #21 I was thinking: Charlotte Bronte, James Joyce, Dostoyevsky, William Faulkner, Toni Morrison, and/or Flannery O'Connor. I think I have books by each of them on my shelf already waiting to go. I just need to dive in. What are your choices? Excited that I am able to read more than I anticipated while taking the class. I think carving out an hour before bed each night instead of doom scrolling is helping. <3