Friday, July 2, 2021

Ebb & Flow: June 2021

 The highs and lows of the month.

Ha! Creepy and weird, right? It was a scene from the haunted museum I went to in Cassadaga that I mentioned last month. The wall of babies. Yikes. Yet, almost artful. 


Solstice Scents Flintlock (lots of compliments on it- I described it as a sexy cowboy).

Perfume Oil:

Arcana Wildcraft Aged Patchouli, day and night.


A small squeeze of Blood Moon Botanica Moon Dew with one drop of Forest and Fjord serum


Painbox Soapworks The Wooden God


Painbox Soapworks The Man in the Moon

Body Oil:

Aftelier Spiced Patchouli

Lip Balm:



Bath & Body Works Twisted Peppermint and Vanilla Birch

Wax Tart:

Candles From The Keeping Room Celtic Moonspice


Sea Witch Botanicals White Lodge






KDrama and anime: A Love So Beautiful, Violet Evergarden (so beautifully done!!! I cried during several episodes- Netflix), My Hero Academia (first half of season 5), Attack on Titan, Monthly Girls Nozaki, and currently into season 2 of Fruits Basket. I watch these with Scarlette. It has been something for us to bond over. I also watched The Virgin Suicides and Cruella.


Pink Floyd, Jimmy Buffett, Led Zeppelin


Dune by Frank Herbert, also finished a ton of others books recently but hardly any were on the reading challenge prompt. 


I placed a small order at Choosing Keeping in the UK for some nice pencils and fine liners and erasers. Looking forward to that arriving. I even went for the gift wrap even though it is only for myself. 


No dread. Just need to get outside more and finally enjoy the summer now that work is done.


My used furniture from a local consignment shop. I picked up a sofa and two reading chairs. On my next paycheck I will grab a rug and some pillows and I think we will be set! The new (used) couch is even already Toddles approved.


I am getting down to the last dregs of my very favorite natural deodorant from Wild Roots Body Care. I have been watching for a restock but there have not been many updates from the owner. I am hoping things are fine on her end. Should I email and ask or just figure she is on a hiatus?


Being sick for a couple weeks at the start of the month. Low iron. Tiredness. Moodiness. Some blues.


Spending time with Adam's family in Ohio. Getting some new (used) furniture for the living room finally. Snagging some good books. Chickens. Flowers. Sunshine. Rain. And lots and lots of boba.

How was your June? Any fun plans for July?