Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Nocturne Alchemy: Eternal Luxor Summer and Eternal Egypt Vanille

Eternal Luxor Summer- Notes: Glorious white amber, Egyptian lemon sugar resin, Nile reed, Egyptian white tea leaf, black coconut, coconut cream, white fig and a drop each of blue and black peppercorn. 

In the bottle, Eternal Luxor Summer smells of lemony coconut treats underscored by vanilla musk. I have not sniffed the original Eternal Luxor perfume that this one is a flanker for but it is on my long list to try. Applied to the wrists, a delicate arc of curled lemon peel nuzzles against the skin. Sugary amber chips imbued with subtle coconut and vanilla paste comprise the foundation of the perfume. The fig adds the milky coconut tones. Eternal Luxor Summer's mellow coconut hue does lend a summery beach feel to the scent. 

Eternal Egypt Vanille- Notes: Crystal absolute, vanilla musk, Bastet's ice cream accord, Bourbon Vanille absolute, Crystalline, vanilla beans and white amber absolute. 

I love this shimmery pearlized blue bottle. The perfume inside is pretty amazing too. A feast of vanilla to delight the nose. Fluffy peaks of vanilla meringue, airy and crisp, dot the skin with fragrant bliss. There is a sweet candied tobacco and almond current running beneath the vanilla from the Bourbon Vanille absolute that is toothsome in the heart of the scent. It creates a shift from crisp meringue to chewy vanilla with a hint of caramel. It wears easily and for a long duration. It is one of my favorites from my summer order. 

These two scents were part of Nocturne Alchemy's Summer Release. They are no longer on the website but may return next year since this was their debut release. They also can be found from time to time in the NA Marketplace on Facebook. I have two more scents from my summer order to feature soon. I tried to keep my order small. There will be a Bastet Bazaar opening up this weekend with various limited edition perfumes, body care, home fragrance and ephemera. I love seeing what is on offer in the Bazaar. I usually end up picking up a crystal sun catcher. I gave one to each daughter. 

Do you like vanilla scented things? 

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Ready for Fall

Back-to-school has officially commenced around here and it has brought some smiles and some tears. Between navigating the delicate nature of adolescent loneliness and my own classroom challenges, my heart feels extra tender and my mind exhausted. 

I know fall is just around the corner and I am more than ready for it. I am ready for the tiny pleasures of pumpkin spice, humidity free breezes and apple pie baking. I crave mosquito-less bonfires and farmers' markets. I want to make squash soup and take evening walks around the neighborhood. I want these things because I am needing some comforts I think.

It's strange to me. There was once a point in my life where I was newly married, hugely pregnant, working full time as a middle school teacher at a Title One school while also putting myself through a rigorous Master's program where I even gave birth 3 months before I graduated and while doing my research. Sure I had moments of stress and doubt but I banged on. Got through. I am not sure if it is my older age or what, but the idea of going back to school for Montessori certification, taking ESOL courses, Gifted endorsements and teaching full time while trying to settle into a new community and home really has thrown me. I am finding it difficult to reconcile. To breathe. I am finding myself tired just thinking about it.

As a teacher I know learning is forever. It is a road that weaves and bends but never quite reaches the end. But this old gal just wants a downhill trot for a little bit longer. 

And a pumpkin spice coffee every now and again.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Silver Run Ceramics: Curio Mug

Michelle at Silver Run Ceramics is a seriously talented artist. She not only shows her passion and creativity through her art but also in the way she runs her business. When I had initially purchased this mug it had a minute hairline crack in the rim. Normally I don't mind imperfections but I was afraid it would compromise the mug and eventually lead to breakage. I shipped the mug back to her and she readily made me a replacement.  

I truly appreciated it. This curiosity mug features a handful of bluebird specimens, cicadas, teeth and eggs, nests and snakes and fish among other natural fascinations.

The detail is impressive. The colors are vibrant.

I happily drink from this piece as often as possible.

If you haven't followed Michelle on Instagram you are missing out. Watching her creative process is inspiring. 

I have been behaving reasonably well as far mug purchases. I have one custom from CBe Ceramics on its way eventually but that is it. I believe my collection is in its final stages. When I get my display completed I will feature it all. 

Do you collect anything? How do you know it is complete? 

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Sawdust & Embers: Gray Willow

 This candle was sent free from Sawdust & Embers. All opinions are my own.

It has been a little while since I had a nice crackly woodwick. Lately I have been burning candles left and right and this one spoke back. I love my woodwicks and Sawdust & Ember is a great place to get artisan woodwick candles. 

I have found that I do love their tin candles the best. They burn evenly and throw amazingly. This one is the smaller travel version.

Gray Willow- Notes: Green tea, willow and moss.
Gray Willow throws medium-strong in a large area and paints the room with feathered gray and green brushstrokes. Billowing oakmoss is softened by ferns and weeping willow boughs that bend and trail their fingers through the dense river fog. This scent is beautiful and graceful, making for a serene and relaxing home atmosphere.

Sawdust & Embers is currently under some maintenance but the owner assured me it would be open very soon. 

Yesterday was my first day back at work. It was nice to see all the teachers smiling and hugging, greeting one another with genuine enthusiasm at the start of the year. I still have some jitters over getting started but I know once I get to know my kiddos it will all fall into place. 

Do you have a teacher you will never forget? What about them stuck in your heart?

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Welcome To My Home!

Good morning! Welcome to my new home! Things are definitely settling down but there remains some work and organizing to do as you will see. But first, this is the small patch by the front door where I am building a butterfly garden. The previous owner left these cute medallions on the wall with a butterfly, dragonfly and honey bee. You can see them in the upper right corner. 

I am planning on adding more pentas and mulching with pine needles soon. I also think I want to add some herbs here and there too since it is by the front door so I can pop out and snip some for dinner. 

Walking in the front door leads to the living room. I am beyond thrilled to have my very first fireplace. Even if I have to turn on the A/C to use it, it will happen. I am tinkering with the idea of painting the bookshelves a dark gray but not sure it will stick. Eventually there will be a new couch and chair and coffee table but not anytime in the near future. I am most thrilled to have extra space on my bookshelves for more books. 

To the right is the kitchen and girls' rooms, guest room and guest bathroom. To the left is the master bedroom and bathroom.

I kept my old bookshelf but not sure what I will put on it yet. The photos aren't staying there, I have just yet to find their spots.

In the living room by the couch is a super cool mountain shelf from Achy Joint Creations that my friend Deb's husband Kurth made. I bought it to hold plants and rocks and things. We have four skylights in the house so plants are going everywhere.

The kitchen is heaven. The previous owners put a ton of work into this home that was built in 1981: new flooring, new windows, new roof, new molding, new kitchen pretty much. There isn't a lot of updating for me to do but small stuff. I am going to add a piece of lumber to the back of the floating shelves so that the mugs will be tiered like steps and better able to be viewed. 

The kitchen flows into the dining room. Adam and I went to Renniger's in Mt. Dora and picked up this table. I found some chairs on clearance at Marshalls. The previous owners left the IKEA mirror above the built-in buffet. 

There is also a sunroom. It was painted yellow but I repainted it to Behr paints Flora. It is a light minty green. I also used that color in the guest bathroom and I plan on using it in the guest bedroom too. 

I plan on putting a butcher block on top of the two IKEA shelves Scarlette and I assembled to use as a large desk for my sewing machine and our laptop. As you can see I have a ton of work in this room. It is where my crafting and odds and ends items live for now.

But I am finding places for things to go here and there. 

I have to say the big back yard is everything I dreamed and more. Toddles even likes going out on the patio now. The view from the kitchen table is pretty nice. 

The pool is pretty handy after a day of digging up old landscaping and putting in new plantlings. Scarlette and I tend to be in it the most. I guess we got the lion's share of mermaid in our blood.

The sunny area of the backyard will be where my raised beds are going to go once I get those underway. I have a huge itch to garden. So I think once my paychecks start rolling in that is what I will spend my resources first. There is the cutest little nursery close by called Green Acres and I adore it. I foresee many trips back and forth. 

As I continue to flesh out the living quarters and garden I will update here and there.

Thanks for joining me on a brief house tour! It was nice having you over. <3

Friday, August 2, 2019

Obscurus Wax Tart of the Month: August 2019

This wax was sent gratis from Femme Fatale Cosmetics. All opinions are my own.

The wax tart scent of the month for Obscurus is Medeina. It is on sale from August 1st through the 5th at Femme Fatale Cosmetics

Medeina- Notes: Grapefruit, cucumber, sweet pea, vanilla, melon and leafy greens. 
Medeina is a divine being heralding from Lithuanian mythology who protects forests and the creatures who dwell within, sometimes with fierceness if needed. This fragrance beautifully paints those forest scenes with abundant emerald leaves and heavy boughs to cradle birds and squirrels. The green sap filled leaves are cool with watery cucumber and honeydew while garlands of delicate pink sweet peas give a breath of sweetness. The grassiness of the scent lends it just enough bite to give it interest. Another beautifully executed wax tart from Obscurus. I am impressed with the throw of these soy tarts and the wonderful scent blending.

I feel like this is a good scent to end summer on before I start sneaking fall scents into my melting basket.

Are you still hanging onto summer or is it time for all the apples and pumpkins and leaves?

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Indie Pickup: Obscurus Freakshow Wax Tart

This wax tart was sent free for reviewing purposes by Femme Fatale. All opinions my own.

The August Indie Pickup wax for August is Freakshow by Obscurus and the month's theme is "carnival."

Freakshow- Notes: Ginger ale, cotton candy, sugar coated strawberries, golden pineapple and pink berry syrup. $10

Freakshow bubbles up with an effervescent, nose-tickling hand crafted ginger ale served with bobbing triangles of fresh pineapple and sliced hearts of strawberry. The fruits serve as a sweet accent, a complimentary garnish, to the ginger ale. I melted two cubes in the kitchen and it threw medium-strong in a large, open area for half the day. I enjoyed melting this scent on a a hot, humid, Florida summer day. It was just the refreshing perk I needed while painting my house.

This wax will be available for purchase between August 3rd and 6th only at Indie Pickup.

With the help of my girls (Scarlette is one talented paint roller) I have painted Scarlette's bedroom, Savanna's bedroom and their bathroom. I have the sunroom and our master bedroom left to paint. I wasn't planning on painting the rest of the house but there were lots of holes that needed spackling and there isn't any of that color left in the shed so it looks like a whole-house repaint is in the books. Luckily I don't mind painting and it gives me the activity I need.

Do you like painting or is it a dreaded chore? How do you feel about fizzy scents? I love them.