Thursday, August 1, 2019

Indie Pickup: Obscurus Freakshow Wax Tart

This wax tart was sent free for reviewing purposes by Femme Fatale. All opinions my own.

The August Indie Pickup wax for August is Freakshow by Obscurus and the month's theme is "carnival."

Freakshow- Notes: Ginger ale, cotton candy, sugar coated strawberries, golden pineapple and pink berry syrup. $10

Freakshow bubbles up with an effervescent, nose-tickling hand crafted ginger ale served with bobbing triangles of fresh pineapple and sliced hearts of strawberry. The fruits serve as a sweet accent, a complimentary garnish, to the ginger ale. I melted two cubes in the kitchen and it threw medium-strong in a large, open area for half the day. I enjoyed melting this scent on a a hot, humid, Florida summer day. It was just the refreshing perk I needed while painting my house.

This wax will be available for purchase between August 3rd and 6th only at Indie Pickup.

With the help of my girls (Scarlette is one talented paint roller) I have painted Scarlette's bedroom, Savanna's bedroom and their bathroom. I have the sunroom and our master bedroom left to paint. I wasn't planning on painting the rest of the house but there were lots of holes that needed spackling and there isn't any of that color left in the shed so it looks like a whole-house repaint is in the books. Luckily I don't mind painting and it gives me the activity I need.

Do you like painting or is it a dreaded chore? How do you feel about fizzy scents? I love them.


  1. Sometimes I like fizzy scents. Sometimes I'm amazed they can get 'fizz' in a scent. I mean, really? And sometimes I find it just distracts from the true scent.

    Is that $10 for a regular clamshell??

    I used to love painting but sadly have come to hate it. And it's too bad because there are rooms in this house that really need to be painted.


    1. I like a nice fizzy as long as it isn't crazy overpowering. But you are totally right. How do they DO that?!

      Yeah. The price is a tad steep for a clamshell but it comes from Australia so that is cool.

      Adam has always hated it. He doesn't mind rolling but he HATES cutting in. I like it all. What do you hate about it? You can always pay your boys or ask them to do it as a Mother's Day or birthday gift. <3

  2. Ugh, more power to you with the painting, it is an activity I loathe and have done so freaking much of this summer! Turns out all that charming chair rail molding and wainscotting is an epic pain in the arse to paint. I still have to do a ton of patching and sanding and then painting in our bathroom, and I need to just get to it already, but I'm procrastinating hard. I need to take some inspiration from you!

    1. You have been through SO MUCH and really need to rest and enjoy your space. Try not to put pressure on yourself. Painting is so time consuming and labor intensive. I have one room left to paint too but it is going to sit a while. I have enjoyed reading your progress on your place. I hate that it was so dang stressful though. Hoping that the decorating and kicking back will bring you some sighs of relief.