Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Silver Run Ceramics: Curio Mug

Michelle at Silver Run Ceramics is a seriously talented artist. She not only shows her passion and creativity through her art but also in the way she runs her business. When I had initially purchased this mug it had a minute hairline crack in the rim. Normally I don't mind imperfections but I was afraid it would compromise the mug and eventually lead to breakage. I shipped the mug back to her and she readily made me a replacement.  

I truly appreciated it. This curiosity mug features a handful of bluebird specimens, cicadas, teeth and eggs, nests and snakes and fish among other natural fascinations.

The detail is impressive. The colors are vibrant.

I happily drink from this piece as often as possible.

If you haven't followed Michelle on Instagram you are missing out. Watching her creative process is inspiring. 

I have been behaving reasonably well as far mug purchases. I have one custom from CBe Ceramics on its way eventually but that is it. I believe my collection is in its final stages. When I get my display completed I will feature it all. 

Do you collect anything? How do you know it is complete? 


  1. I used to accumulate a lot of things related to Lord of the Rings, Titanic, whatever I was really into at the time, but my biggest serious collection of anything is Cherished Teddies figurines. I was seriously into that, researching values and stalking eBay. I phased out of that when I ran out of room to display them. LOL! I had many that just stayed in their boxes and sat unseen on closet shelves. A couple years ago I packed ALL of them up when I started my decluttering phase, but I haven't gotten rid of them yet. Something keeps me hanging on. I've thought about just getting a few out, changing them seasonally, but I need to get some totes or something to better organize and store them if I'm going to handle them that much.


    1. I would love to see your Lord of the Rings goodies. Your Cherished Teddies are so cute. I love how you have them displayed too. I think display space is my biggest means of capping collections: nail polish, perfume, wax, mugs. Once room is tight I pretty much have to stop then start culling. I like your idea of keeping the ones you love most and then rotating them out seasonally.

  2. Wow, this is beautiful. It looks like there is a backstory in her artwork.

    I am at the same point as you, I do more looking than buying. I bought a first time mug from Callahan that I hope arrives by the weekend. ♡ We'll see what Shiyana decides to do, my favorite of her work was in 2017. It sounds like her world is more stable now, hopefully she can find a way to enjoy it longterm.

    1. It does doesn't it?? She is so talented. Have you watched her do her layering and paper stencil thing? It is amazing.

      Ooooo!!! What Callahan mug did you get? I would love to see it. I am beyond thrilled that Shiyana is coming back to pottery. I was hoping she would since it seemed like more of a viable living for her while also being an artistic outlet. Paper arts is hard to make a living wage from when starting out I imagine. I hope I can get a dippy moon form her. I wonder if her style will change much?

    2. I hope not, I think she likes to experiment with different themes but knows people are there for her moons and faces. I felt last year at times there was less consistency with glaze than in the past, and maybe more pieces should have been seconds. But super thrilled to have her back too, especially having let a few pieces go.

      Here is my new Callahan mug. <3

    3. I am excited to see that she is showcasing some of her mugs for a release soon and I see moons, stars and faces so that is good. I also saw her fans are hoping she'll merge the xeno flash art she is making with pottery. I love Alien(s) and all but I doubt that I will spring for any mugs with it. I saw you were passing on some of her work. Do you have any of her pieces left? I LOVE your new Callahan mug! That night desert theme looks beautiful. Inspo for a potential new life ahead. <3

    4. Indeed, I also get the desert vibes. I have 4 mugs by Shiyana, 2 with shapes (one is moon/stars like yours from Sam Ryde, the other is Sailor Moon) and two are undecorated. I had 4 more that I sold. 4 is a better number anyway perhaps. Lol