Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Sniff My Tarts: June Opening Custom Order

Even though this past year or so I have been cutting back on my wax tart orders (boy has that turned around this past month, but more about that later) I still always make a point to place a Sniff My Tarts custom order when that semi-annual event transpires. Funny story. I knew June 22nd was the slated opening that Amy and Donna Haslam announced in their Facebook group. For some reason I thought it was at 7am rather than pm so when I woke up that morning I popped right on and placed my order. Turns out it was supposed to be 7pm but I guess I caught the website open during a testing phase or something. Amy messaged me laughing saying that I wasn't the only one who placed an order during that brief moment, apparently a few of us were up and at 'em. The up side was that my small order came pretty quickly.

This time around the smallest blending shape was a mini decorated loaf so I opted to get the limit on those. 

Blue Sugar/Fireside/Marshmallow Fireside/Campfire Marshmallows ($7.50) is one of my favorite blends in the bunch. I have really come around to loving Blue Sugar blends, especially when they are highlighted with subtle smoky woods and loads of gooey toasted marshmallows. 

Celtic Moonspice/Cinnamon Sugar/Old Fashioned Christmas/Twigs 'n Berries was my shot at a cozy spiced Christmas scent. I like the sweet cinnamon pairing with the evergreens but I think the punchy fruity scents from Twig 'n Berries wasn't my best call. I will still happily melt it though. I really love how cute these mini loaves turned out. The trees on this one are too cute.

I did spring for one bakery bag of chunks ($11.20) in a blend of Apple Cinnamon/Celtic Moonspice/Country Christmas/Pink Noel and I love how it turned out. The apples have a cider richness with extra caramel sweetness that must be coming from the Pink Noel. The cinnamon spice is not fiery but cozy and warm. A winner for sure.

More adorable loaves in:

Peppermint Swizzle Sticks/Marshmallow Noel & Candy/Pink Sugar which couldn't come at a better time since I just melted through my SMT Pink Peppermint stash. Peppermint Swizzle Sticks is icy fine and just perfect for minty melting.

Peppermint/Blue Sugar/Creamy Coconut/Marshmallow Noel & Candy ended up being a great blend for my liking as well. I love for the coconut cream softens the Blue Sugar. Add peppermint and it sends it over the top into stratosphere love for me. 

The final mini loaf was a random blending of Cotton Candy Frosting/Elderberry/Elderflower & Spritz Poptail/Fizzy Pop. I don't know what made me blend all these together but I am happy I did. It is like if there was a jasmine and strawberry craft soda out there with a tuft of cotton candy garnish and I want to drink it. But I get to melt it instead. 

I also grabbed two single macaron scents ($3.50) in Candy Cane and Butter Mints. Candy Cane is a lighter mint with stronger fruity tones than a traditional peppermint. The Butter Mints is also a softer mint as far as chill factor. The creamy airy aorma of after dinner mints is present. Both are nice minty blending options for those who like a more mellow chill. I can see myself mixing the Butter Mints with spearmint and evergreens.

Free samples came in my order! Whoo hoo!! 

Blue Sugar/ Marshmallow Fireside/Caramel Tobacco seemed tailor made just for me. I love it. The caramel tobacco and blue sugar go really well together and the addition of my favorite Bath & Body Works scents makes it all the better. Whom ever created this. I bow down to your blending prowess.

Watermelon/Peach Nectar/Coconut Cream Pie is a nice last ditch summer scent to have on hand. The watermelon and peach actually meld beautifully and the coconut sends it from a midwestern summer sprinkler romp to a tropical frozen concoction by the beach. 

Two cute scones in Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow are creamy and yummy and poised for accidental snacking. The pumpkin is not spiced and more bakery than pie but oh so delish. 

I am very happy with my Sniff My Tarts order as usual. I do wish I was more prepared as far as blending. I actually threw all these together while ordering extemporaneously. Most turned out fabulous since I did stick with my favorite notes. 

So back to wax confessional time. I was a good girl for a very long time. Stress has made me a bad girl once again. But heck. I need that aromatherapy. I ordered twice from Bohemienne Life (orders to be featured soon!) and once from Vintage Chic Scents and once from Rosegirls. Here I am hitting up all my old stomping grounds. I missed my annual fall Dessa order but I made up for it at VCS and RG. 

Have you placed your fall wax order yet? Where are you getting yours from? What fall scents are you most looking forward to melting?


  1. Those two peppermint blend mini-loaves looks so festively fun! I can't believe you blended everything on the spot. I remember getting so stressed trying to blend things even well ahead of time. LOL

    I was wondering if you had or would be ordering your fall goodies from Dessa. But hey, a Rosegirls order?? Can't wait to see that one! I've only sort of half browsed their offerings the past couple of preorder events. Sweet Fixations is still my go to for my fall must haves. I have my order placed but she ran out of one oil and my order is delayed a bit. I'm also keeping my eye on Walmart, and seeing more falls scents show up. Yay!

    I'm not quite sure where my fall tastes lie this year. Last year I'd swung away from the heavier pumpkin scents I used to love so much, and tended to go more for apple ciders and apple-pumpkin blends. My nose hasn't made up it's mind yet this year. :)


    1. I think they are cute too! I wasn't sure what to expect but they are adorable. I was definitely just shooting from the hip. But I remember planning for DAYS and writing up about a million blends and then shaking in anticipation while trying to place the order LOL! Those were the good old days.

      I wanted to place a Dessa order since she came out with a few new scents that I was curious about but I ended up missing the ordering window. My sister, Lindsey, placed a small Rosegirls order last month and actually enabled me to do this one. :-) Sounds like you are getting a little bit of fall anticipation build up yourself while waiting on your SF order. I hope the oil comes in sooner rather than later.

      I am curious what scent ends up being your fall theme for the year. After this basket is empty, FALL IS ON!!! I cannot wait.

  2. Great blends!! :)
    I've been trying to be good, not order much, keep melting through my stash.
    I did place a small RG preorder.
    I'm interested to see what Bohemienne Life's preorder list will look like.
    I stil have plenty of TBG from past years to melt this season.
    I've already been melting Autumnal scents when these Summer days get too oppressive for me. lol I'm really digging the more woodsy, cozy stuff. I really don't wanna smell spicy cinnamon, only warm yummy cinnamon. Oh, and VCS's White Witch- rain bonfire leaves is a great take on Fall fragrance.
    I've been wearing the heck out of some more Autumnal perfumes as well, especially Solstice Scents' Foxcroft Intense and Gunnerson's Pumpkin Patch.

    1. Thank you! I certainly played it safe this time. But life has been hectic. I like your current wax goal. After placing a few orders in a row I am looking to be back on the melting only train again for a while. I still have a few orders to blog about but I NEED to just focus on melting. Especially since my favorite time of year to melt is coming up. <3
      Interested to see what you chose for the RG pre-order. There were so many great scents to choose from.

      I normally only crave TBG for her mints and lavenders while usually come out in spring time. Thank you for the VCS White Witch rec!! I will definitely look out for it. <3
      I LOVE Foxcroft!!!! I will wear mine tomorrow. <3