Saturday, August 31, 2019

Ebb & Flow: August 2019

The highs and lows of the month.

I cannot believe I almost forgot to publish an Ebb and Flow. If that gives you any indication of the semi-frenetic past few days it is accurate. I just popped in from bringing in all the patio furniture and taking down all my wind chimes and bird feeders. I am sitting here sweating pools of saltwater into my sports bra and yoga pants but I wanted to get this out for my own peace of mind.

Solstice Scents Wolf Spirit.... I am always amazed anew when I spray this on just how damn good it is.

Perfume Oil:
Arcana Filthy Viking

Witch Baby Secret Order (sugared spruce scent)

Bohemienne Life Shadow and Stache soap called CocoWood I think. I just ripped the label off and lathered with abandon so please excuse my lack of precise knowledge. It rocks.

Astrid Lotus Serum

Lip Balm:
PlantLife Lavender lip balm

Sihaya and Company Peach and Ginger

Handmade in Florida Lavender Ice

Apples and Halloween candy

Starbucks Fall blend at home.

The Good Place on and off

Phantoms by Dean Koontz

Leonard Cohen records

Five Sisters Crafternoon next month.

The endless wait to see what Dorian decides to do.

Nocturne Alchemy's Bastet Musk, it is freaking beautiful. Just like Serge Lutens Clair de Musc.

La Abeja Herbs. Period. I placed an order for the Redwood Oil and the Pinon perfume. The Redwood Oil smelled of fast food grease soaked cardboard, going as far as to make me stink when I applied it. The Pinon perfume is about four times too expensive based on my pervious purchase from Kings Road Apothecary. La Abeja's perfume is $42 for a half ounce. It smells and feels almost to the exact match of King's Road Apothecary's Deep Woods oil. I actually prefer King's Road, and King's Road formula is just as great- natural, wild crafted and beautiful and also only $26 for 2 ounces which is about $7-8 a half ounce. Do that math. I am really almost pissed at that whole experience. Live and learn.

Trying to acclimate to my new job.

Getting to know my students and having a great co-teacher. Plants. Reading. Exploring.

How was your August? Are you ready for fall?


  1. Dorian needs to move back into the Atlantic and leave everyone alone! That pre-storm stress is so horrible, I'm so sorry. I hope you guys get through everything with no damage.

    I'm so sorry about the crappy experience with fast food grease smelling "perfume" - gross! I hope others see your review so that they don't waste their money, too. That always makes me bummed, when I'm disappointed in something i'm looking forward to!

    sending hugs re: work and all else <3

    1. Dorian really is taking his own sweet time. He just keeps inching westward and now isn't expected to be near me until Tuesday late or early Wednesday. Craziness.

      Yeah. I was really disappointed with La Abeja. Normally I won't do negative reviews but I had to warn others about her stuff.

      Hoping your school year is going well!! You look beautiful! xoxo