Friday, August 2, 2019

Obscurus Wax Tart of the Month: August 2019

This wax was sent gratis from Femme Fatale Cosmetics. All opinions are my own.

The wax tart scent of the month for Obscurus is Medeina. It is on sale from August 1st through the 5th at Femme Fatale Cosmetics

Medeina- Notes: Grapefruit, cucumber, sweet pea, vanilla, melon and leafy greens. 
Medeina is a divine being heralding from Lithuanian mythology who protects forests and the creatures who dwell within, sometimes with fierceness if needed. This fragrance beautifully paints those forest scenes with abundant emerald leaves and heavy boughs to cradle birds and squirrels. The green sap filled leaves are cool with watery cucumber and honeydew while garlands of delicate pink sweet peas give a breath of sweetness. The grassiness of the scent lends it just enough bite to give it interest. Another beautifully executed wax tart from Obscurus. I am impressed with the throw of these soy tarts and the wonderful scent blending.

I feel like this is a good scent to end summer on before I start sneaking fall scents into my melting basket.

Are you still hanging onto summer or is it time for all the apples and pumpkins and leaves?


  1. Although I'm itching for fall, I will hold off until Sep. 1 for those true fall scents. I might sneak in a light apple scent during August but The Fall Slut will not allow spiced apple or pumpkin scents yet. lol


    1. I am going to try to hold off until September 1st too. But I do like your sweet apples rolling in during August. I am going to declare August as apple month for me and melting. But no pumpkins. I promise. Those come in October.