Monday, September 20, 2021

Hi, There

I sometimes wonder if other teachers feel as out of control and chaotic during the month of September as I do. In Montessori, there is the equilibrium called "normalization" where the kiddos are into their work intention, routines are established and expectations are set and being met by all community members. I think after a virtual hiatus for my incoming 4th graders and a merging of classrooms for my 5th and 6th, this period will take longer to enter into this school year. But hey. That is what grace and courtesy are all about. 

I go to bed at 9pm most nights. 

I deleted the Facebook app on my phone several weeks ago. 

I am trying to limit IG time. 

I have not bought much wax, what I do is from Carol at Candles From the Keeping Room. 

Candles are hauled from Bath & Body Works for the most part, with a Witch City Wicks and For Strange Women mini-order.

Perfumes are still around. I placed A Blood Moon Botanica perfume order today. Excited to see Britton back in the perfume maker saddle. 

I still get the Sihaya & Company boxes. The candle above and the ritual items below are some of my favorites from the summer box. 

My oldest is adjusting well to high school.

My youngest is making some new friends in middle school and is working hard. 

I have the Halloween decorations up. 

I planted the fall garden: radishes, rutabagas, turnips, pole beans, carrots, burdock.

I am trying to read four books at one time but keep starting and stopping them. 

Getting to see Bob Ross' grave with my dear friend Giffe' was a treat. 

It is fascinating to see my DNA results shift around. I am about 50% English with Irish and Scottish playing hopscotch (was 25% Irish and 12% Scottish and now it is reversed), more Welsh is pulling through (from 6 to 13%) and now the German is gone.

I have several bathes of fire cider curing in my cabinet and one in the ground. 

I am back on the ceramic mug kick. Lord help me. 

I am in a strange place of enjoying where I am at right now, but also itching to push through some of these cobwebs that keep nagging around my life and irritating me. I am ready to get some type of workout routine back on, push away the refined sugars, and stick to a budget. Always the same old song, but that is how these things go. 

How are you doing? Wishing you many yummy mugs of warmth and blankets of softness this cozy candle season.