Friday, July 2, 2021

Ebb & Flow: June 2021

 The highs and lows of the month.

Ha! Creepy and weird, right? It was a scene from the haunted museum I went to in Cassadaga that I mentioned last month. The wall of babies. Yikes. Yet, almost artful. 


Solstice Scents Flintlock (lots of compliments on it- I described it as a sexy cowboy).

Perfume Oil:

Arcana Wildcraft Aged Patchouli, day and night.


A small squeeze of Blood Moon Botanica Moon Dew with one drop of Forest and Fjord serum


Painbox Soapworks The Wooden God


Painbox Soapworks The Man in the Moon

Body Oil:

Aftelier Spiced Patchouli

Lip Balm:



Bath & Body Works Twisted Peppermint and Vanilla Birch

Wax Tart:

Candles From The Keeping Room Celtic Moonspice


Sea Witch Botanicals White Lodge






KDrama and anime: A Love So Beautiful, Violet Evergarden (so beautifully done!!! I cried during several episodes- Netflix), My Hero Academia (first half of season 5), Attack on Titan, Monthly Girls Nozaki, and currently into season 2 of Fruits Basket. I watch these with Scarlette. It has been something for us to bond over. I also watched The Virgin Suicides and Cruella.


Pink Floyd, Jimmy Buffett, Led Zeppelin


Dune by Frank Herbert, also finished a ton of others books recently but hardly any were on the reading challenge prompt. 


I placed a small order at Choosing Keeping in the UK for some nice pencils and fine liners and erasers. Looking forward to that arriving. I even went for the gift wrap even though it is only for myself. 


No dread. Just need to get outside more and finally enjoy the summer now that work is done.


My used furniture from a local consignment shop. I picked up a sofa and two reading chairs. On my next paycheck I will grab a rug and some pillows and I think we will be set! The new (used) couch is even already Toddles approved.


I am getting down to the last dregs of my very favorite natural deodorant from Wild Roots Body Care. I have been watching for a restock but there have not been many updates from the owner. I am hoping things are fine on her end. Should I email and ask or just figure she is on a hiatus?


Being sick for a couple weeks at the start of the month. Low iron. Tiredness. Moodiness. Some blues.


Spending time with Adam's family in Ohio. Getting some new (used) furniture for the living room finally. Snagging some good books. Chickens. Flowers. Sunshine. Rain. And lots and lots of boba.

How was your June? Any fun plans for July?

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Candles From the Keeping Room: Late Spring 2021

I forgot the month of Carol's last release at Candles From The Keeping Room but I want to say it was May? I stocked up well since I have been keeping my wax spending rather tame this year. And since Kyme at Bohemienne Life has retired from wax making, Carol is pretty much my go-to home fragrance supplier for wax tarts. Each bag is $6.75 for about 5-6 ounces of wax. This paraffin blend throws really well and stores for a very long time. I used to be slightly concerned about paraffin but further research into it has me no longer concerned at all. 

Caramel Apple Pie- This is a robust bakery scent. The crust is salty and buttery and thick. The apples are mildly sweet and softly spiced. This is the first time I have tried this one. I worry it might be a touch too bready and salty but things change once melted and it might surprise me. 

Cinnamon Cider- This is one have had before and enjoy. It is a nice fruity apple with mellow spice and lots of sweetness. It is almost like there are other fruits like citrus within as well. It certainly is not just a run of the mill apple cinnamon.

Apple Bear Claw- This was a fast favorite of mine. A sugary apple filled vanilla pastry with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top. It is sweet but not too sweet. It throws strong and makes the home feel cozy. 

German Cinnamon Strudel- This one is newer I believe. This is my first time buying it. This is first and foremost a crumbly vanilla cake with ribbons of cinnamon filling weaving through it and sugar snowed on top. It is another rich bakery for sure. 

Caramel Sticky Buns- I don't think I have tried this one yet either. It has a toasted sugar and sticky toffee gooeyness to it. It is a lovely honey bun aroma.

Powdered Donuts- I was surprised by how much I loved this the last time I picked it up. It is hyper sweet with that powdered sugar and possesses just a touch of vanilla within the cakey donut. It has a wonderfully strong throw too. It tends to smell more balanced while melting rather than from just the cold sniff.

Grannies Vanilla Bean- This is a first for me, getting this scent. You know it had me at "vanilla bean." This is not a bakery scent at all. But it does have some candied caramel and butterscotch hints to it. The vanilla is creamy and candied as well. It will make for a very nice melt. 

Pumpkin Vanilla Cream- I had to try this one too, even though it is not anywhere near fall right now. You know I always keep my eyes peeled for good fall and autumn scents to bring home. They are my weakness. This scent reminds me a little of Pumpkin Crunch, or those pumpkin roll ups that are filled with vanilla cream cheese frosting. It is cake-like and dense with pumpkin but also creamy vanilla.

Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow- This scent I will melt all year long. It is lighter and fluffier than the Pumpkin Vanilla Cream scent. It almost has a coconut cream lean to it. I love it. 

Very Vanilla- A forever love. This is an epic vanilla that throws strong and combines the clarity of vanilla extract with the coolness of whipped cream. 

Warm Vanilla Sugar- I like this Bath & Body Works classic. I recently picked it up in a three wick candle during the last sale. It will be nice to burn the candle and have these tarts going at the same time. I love this musky vanilla beauty.

Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds- I really like this one on cold sniff. That marshmallow musk with airy sandalwood and creamy magnolia is truly special. I don't think I have had the Bath & Body Works version but it must be nice. I hope this one throws well. 

Marshmallow Musk- This was a sample in the order previous to this one. I loved it. The sweet white musk and pillowy marshmallow that almost leans like vanilla candy floss is ethereal and wonderful. It doesn't throw mega strong, but it still creates a wonderful atmosphere. 

Campfire Marshmallow- I love my marshmallow scents, especially with added smoky notes. I got both this one and Marshmallow Fireside. This one is more like burnt sugar, the crispy, crunchy top of a torched creme brûlée, with a hint of wood and soft woodsmoke. It is candied and lovely!

Marshmallow Fireside- This one is more smoky and sticky and with that marshmallow musk that I love. Both are gorgeous scents and I am happy to have them. Both throw well too!

Vanilla Bean Noel- Strangely I don't think I have ever had Carol's Vanilla Bean Noel. I am thrilled to have this. It smells strong and rich, just like I would want my vanilla scents to be. 

Lush Vanillary- This was a favorite from my samples last time. I adore this scent. I used to wear it in a solid perfume format. I love how the vanilla houses tonka with a boozy backnote. Mmmmmm.

Vanilla Frosting- Another new to me scent. A great buttercream vanilla frosting. This does have some bakery notes in it on cold, so not a straight up frosting at the moment. Hoping this one throws well, but I don't see why it wouldn't. So much potential!

Nights of Autumn- This is one I always love to have on hand. It is a stunning scent. Dried apples, cedar, woods, a touch of earth and the perfume of dried fall leaves. It does have a wonderful floral musk to it that really elevates it.

Woodland Berries- This is a vibrant and bright scent! Juicy berries and a touch of woods. It kind of brings to mind a more complex and fruity version of Sugared Strawberry Spruce. It would actually be a perfect summertime fragrance.

Autumn Woods- This lovely scent blends leaves, pine and berries. It has a similar profile as Nights of Autumn, but less of the perfumed floral musk. They are both wonderful scents.

Fireside Type- This is a lovely scent. It is a soft and airy woodsmoke fragrance. Warm and burnished. It isn't sweet or acrid in any way. 

Country Gift Shop- I adore this one. It is Kirklands in a bag. Super strong throwing apples, fruits and cinnamon. Classic potpourri.

Warm Welcome- I always forget that this one has cherry-almond in it. But it is a spiced fruit aroma too, but with a cherry lean.

Christmas Past- Yes, I even picked up a couple Christmas scents. Christmas Past is a rich evergreen and cinnamon that is sure to bring some happiness during the holidays.

Balsam and Citrus- This is a holiday staple in my home. A strong throw, vibrant oranges and grapefruits, and the ubiquitous sugared evergreen scent of spruce and balsam. It really is perfection.

Fresh Picked Strawberry- If I am able to snag a bag of Fresh Picked Strawberry I am always happy to. I love this ripe and juicy strawberry. It throws strong and smells like a dream.

Serendipity Marshmallow Delight- This is an oldie but goody that I think Jacqui from the Scholarly Nail introduced me to. I don't really remember. It was several years ago. I do love it though. It takes the creamy vanilla sweetness of cherry and coconut serendipity to a whole 'nother level. 

Free Samples!
I gifted many away already but these were some of my favorites of the bunch.

Summer Boardwalking is taffy and popcorn. Just like the Bath & Body Works dupe. Nicely done!

Pink Fresh and Clean is divine. It has cheerful apple freshness with flowers and sweet musk. I love it.

Tropical White Musk is a gauzy fragrance redolent of mango and tropical drinks. It is lush and lovely.

Watermelon is one that is like a creamy watermelon taffy. Chewy and sticky.

Boardwalk Strawberry is very pretty. There is a squishy marshmallow musk that lifts the strawberry perfectly.

White Apple Oakwood is one I have not tried before and I quite like it. The apple is mild but pleasant. It reminds me of Winter Candy Apple but made for fall.

Berry Chamomile is smooth and almost has a vanilla creaminess to it. Like if you brewed a warm cup of chamomile tea and added a dash of cream. 

Blood Orange is incredibly intense and concentrated. A melange of tangerines, mandarin, clementine and of course, blood oranges. Citrus magnified.

Pink Sands is a classic fresh yet sweet scent that reminds me of lollipops on the beach. Or applying fruity lip gloss on a boardwalk.

Nectarine Blossom and Honey is light and lacy. A gentle blend of apricot and nectar.

Gingered Peach smells just like its namesake. Syrupy peaches and candied ginger.

Pear Brown Sugar Pound Cake is a nicely dense cake with slight caramel tones and a flowery pear accent.

Blackberry Cobbler Ala Mode is heavy on the melty vanilla ice cream and doughy cobbler with just a hint of dark blackberries. It really is marvelous.

Pumpkin Pecan Praline Pound Cake is super rich. I *almost* get a zucchini bread aspect to it. 

Gooseberry Birthday Cake is a fruity delight. Almost like lemons and grapes with a vanilla icing on top.

Spiced Honey and Tonka is molded into this fabulous honeycomb hexagon. This scent is powdery and gorgeous. The honey is velvety and warm. The tonka is like purring vanilla.  

Autumn Magic pulses with sugared brittle leaves.

Brazilian Strawberry Bums blends the joy of Fresh Picked Strawberry with the lushness of Brazilian Bum Bum wonderfully.

Sugar Cookie Dough is a dense bready cookie dough. 

Mr. Bear at the Fair smells like sugar cookies to me, or maybe funnel cakes.

King Cake is probably one of my favorites in this bunch. The cinnamon glaze is exceptional and the cake is just like a honey bun. Delicious.

Pumpkin Pecan Spice Cake is similar to the Pumpkin Pecan Praline Pound Cake but maybe a touch more spice. Both are very hearty blends.

Apple Jack and Peel is an intensely strong spiced apple with a focus on aged wooden cinnamon notes and very little sugar. I love it. Very rustic.

Celtic Moonspice is a long-time treasure. A perfect sugar and spice.

Apple Harvest Festival is a softer and sweeter version of Leaves I think. Sugared apples and gentle nectar.

Rustic Lodge is another wonderful fall apple scent. No spice, warm apples and maybe a touch of vanilla caramel within the juiciness.

Pilgrims Pie brims with woods and cinnamon and chewy dense toffee caramel. There is a bite to this one. 

I think Carol is opening up again in a couple weekends. She said it would be a huge restock with a ton of scents. I am already excited about it!

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Summer List 2021


My friend Giffe' and I visited Cassadaga, which is touted as the psychic capital of the world, and though we did not go and get our fortunes told we did have a rather nice time. This photo was taken on the fairy trail and I rather got a childish kick out of someone being so very generous with their herbs. 

Normally by now I have created a summer time bucket list of things I wanted to do or places to go with the girls. I am woefully behind. I just wrapped up my most current ESOL course, I am at work doing pre-planning all this week, and I caught a summer cold that lasted two weeks. So my summer is starting very slow. But here are some things I would like to do over the next month and a half:

- Kelly/Rock Springs swimming and tubing

- Bioluminescent kayaking in Titusville

- Hike a new state park or trail

- Finish two quilts

- Boba at three new places

- Weekend at the beach

- Biking as a family

- Read as much as possible

- Visit a used book store in Cleveland

- Make lots of iced herbal tea

- Swim two to three times a week

Any summer plans for you? We are headed to Cleveland to visit Adam's side of the family for a week. Other than that we will be hanging around central Florida, with the exception of a beach weekend which I hope I can make happen. I plan on lots of reading, gardening, hiking, sewing. I am proud that I did get one quilt done for Eloise. And I am almost done piecing the top to my sister Lindsey's quilt. 

Monday, May 31, 2021

Ebb and Flow: May 2021

 The highs and lows of the month.


Wylde Ivy Green Lady

Perfume Oil:

Verdant Faerie Fancy French Lavender (I use this as an evening deodorant sometimes too!)

Face Mist:

House of Yore/Forest & Fjord Spruce hydrosol


Wildroots Body Care (herbal and sensitive, I alternate them).


Paintbox Soapworks Crickhollow Cottage


Black Magic 50 Shades of Chaga


Bath & Body Works Comfort (patchouli and vanilla)


Candles From The Keeping Room Apple Clove Butter


bacon wrapped asparagus


Vivi Boba Specialty tea with strawberry popping boba


Lots of anime with Scarlette: Maid, Sama! and Violet Evergarden currently.


Witches of Eastwick by John Updike and a book about tarot by Leanna Greenway.


John Prine and John Denver on vinyl


Summer is here! No more teaching, but I do still have some classes for ESOL left to finish. Hoping to get those out of the way quickly. Scarlette invited all her 6th grade friends over for a pool party this coming weekend so I am looking forward to seeing my students one more time. 


Mosquitoes, droughts, not taking advantage of summer freedoms.


Nocturne Alchemy Height of Love perfume and Sandalwood Bourbon perfume


CBe Ceramics mushroom paint brush. It arrived broken in half. I didn't feel like shipping it back so I just taped it for now. 


Colds/sore throat coming back for every period again. I went through this cycle a year or so ago but with ear infections. Hoping this won't be long-term. Ready for menopause already. 


Visiting Cassadega with my friend Giffe, giving the sixth graders a big send off to middle school, watching my youngest be admired by a really sweet boy, seeing my oldest get excited about high school, seeing my flowers bloom, reading in the hammock swing.

How was your May? Did is bring any blooms? Happy things? New experiences? Hope?

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Sihaya & Company: Spring Dream Box

This was sent for free in exchange for photography. All opinions are my own.

This stunning springtime Dream Box from Sihaya & Company is named Musa Venit Carmine- The Goddess Inspires Our Song. It is packed with dulcet florals that provide a gentle awakening of the senses ($65).

Dryad Tea is a familiar and loved maker in the box. Black Cats and Pointy Hats is one of my favorite fall teas. This time the offering is Ambrosia Skies, a green tea with grapefruit, pomegranate, and blueberry. My girls will love this iced with honey. $7

Leccare Lollipops are another delicious addition that I have seen before in past boxes and always enjoy. White Peach Rose, Marigold Lemon, and Marshmallow Hibiscus are lovely fruity floral pairings that tickle the taste buds. This shop offers custom labels for special occasions too. $4

Deconstructing Eden perfume in Musa Venit Carmine- Notes: Gently warming earth, pale green grasses, peonies, apple blossoms, green strawberries, green pomegranates, daffodils, cool air, and soft sunlight. $9.75 for 5ml

Right out of the spray nozzle, damp soil pairs with citrusy tart fruits. It smells like walking through a cottage garden where riotous rainbows of petals and fruits reach out to be sniffed and plucked. The ground is a mosaic of sunlight and shadow. Crystalline streams trickle through willows, where chilled stones gather necklaces of moss and lichen alongside their meandering path. This is a lovely scent and I am so happy it came in a spray format. I will love smelling this on my hair and clothing.

At first I thought this was a Sihaya & Company lip color (those are so nice!!), but upon closer inspection I see that it is from Crow & Pebble which I love too. This pink lip color is scented in Earl Grey tea. $7

Paintbox Soapworks had two amazing products in this box. The Flutterbutter face cleanser is incredible. I have been using it for a couple weeks now and it gently removes makeup, dirt and grime. I don't wear much makeup right now but do still put on eyeshadow and such. Also my husband gives me grief that when I am outside gardening, somehow my face always ends up dirty. But this stuff takes care of it. The consistancy is thick but smooth and melts gently into the skin. It smells of lemony bright frankincense, like sniffing a summertime sunbeam. I will be buying this again. $6

Poesy is a complexion and linen mist that has rose, lavender, and rose geranium hydrosols. I love it as a face mist so much. It is cooling and reviving. $6

My love of Paintbox Soapworks was rekindled and I picked up a TON of scrubs to replenish my stock. I will blog them sooooon.

LuvMilk is an indie bath and body company I have tried several times and love every single time. I seriously need to get my junk together and place an order soon, maybe when I finally get my bathtub. In the meantime, this soap is already almost used up in my shower. I have been loving it!! Floralia melds sweet magnolia, peonies, acai flowers, fresh arugula, and basil. It smells like a rich garden. $6.50

One of my favorites! The seasonal Sihaya & Company candle in Ostara.

Ostara- Notes: Fig, blackcurrant, berry, and rhubarb with hints of white jasmine and curling green ferns. 

This is a cheerful and juicy tart fruit and floral that is springy and ripe. The blackcurrant is sour and sweet right along with the rhubarb. The jasmine and greenery are lush and dewy. This candle throws well and burns perfectly. I always enjoy Sihaya's candles. They are expertly crafted.

 It took me way too long to get this up but here it is. There is another wonderful Sihaya and Company Dream Box in the works for summer (moon themed I believe?) so keep an eye out!

Monday, May 3, 2021

Black Magic Alchemy: Soap and Elixir


I was running low on bar soap and remembered how much I loved the Black Magic soaps that a friend had sent me. So I popped over, grabbed two, and also some of this Wild Chaga Elixir. I started with the 8 ounce traveler size that runs $28. This mushroom based health tonic is supposed to support the brain and skin. I drank some every few days for about a month. My skin has been happy but not sure if it was solely this or my skincare, lack of makeup wearing, and this combined. It tastes sweet and almost like a rootbeer syrup. I will be trying it again, but in a bigger size next time.

I picked up this Merino wool wrapped Rootbeer Chaga mushroom soap. I loved the scent in the regular bar and thought I would give the wool wrapped one a try. It was $14 and is made with antibacterial fibers and should last 3 months. I have been using it a little while. I do feel like it mutes the scent a little and I find it strange to use so I think I will stick to the regular bars next time, but it was neat to try out.

I also grabbed 50 Shades of Chaga. I love this bar so much. The balck spruce, cedarwood and bezoin smells freaking amazing. This bar is $12 and worth every penny. 

Loving my small order and will be back for more once these run out. 

Do you drink any health tonics? Health teas? I bought and planted some skullcap which is doing well. Going to make a tea with that one soon.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Ebb & Flow: April 2021

 The highs and lows of the month.


Solstice Scents Lavender Vanilla EDP

Perfume Oil:

Nocturne Alchemy Moonstone

Body Oil:

Aftelier Spiced Patchouli

Skin Care:

Mixing Blood Moon Botanica Moon Dew with Forest & Fjord Deep Forest Serum and applying both night and morning. My skin has looked the best it ever has. 


Bath & Body Works Comfort (patchouli and vanilla) body wash


The Bathing Garden Sleepy


Bath and Body Works Comfort (patchouli and vanilla)


Candles From The Keeping Room Sweet Cinnamon Rolls


For Strange Women Japanese stick incense in Pure


Sumo oranges, pasta salads, carrots from the garden


Coffee, water, boba


Death Note anime, saw the Hunter X Hunter movie with the girls, and my flowers, bees, butterflies, and trees.


Meditations on the Tarot here and there in the mornings, The Penelopiad by Atwood (it is good!), and just finished up a well done werewolf thriller called Talulla Rising that was book two but I read it as a stand alone and it was great. Also, I am heavily into indie mags right now. I currently have Fiddler's Green in abundance (LOVE them!!!), Weird Walk out of the UK, Folklore for Resistance (Canadian I believe), and several others. Links embedded in the names if you are curious. I am thinking of doing a collection/shout out of the ones I have and enjoy.


The Cranberries


A chance to hang out with my friend Giffe' in a couple weekends, summer break full of art, reading, swimming, exploring trails, seeds to sprout, new adventures.


My sixth graders moving on. As challenging as this school year was, this was easily the NICEST and most fun classroom community I have had the honor of teaching in 12 years. Not one incident sent to the office. Not one bully. Constant laughter, smiles, hard work, and kindness. I will hold onto this year in my heart forever. I am happy I will still have my 4th and 5th graders to carry on the legacy as they move up into leadership positions next year.


Paintbox Soapworks Flutterbutter face cleaning cream is awesome. It cleans gently and smells of frankincense and lemons. A great experience.


The Hot Mango Undies bra I bought was not nearly as nice and comfortable and well fitting as the Whiskey Dog Wears bralette I purchased. The big 3-D printed adjusters were awkward, the straps are not attached (I am thinking of removing the adjusters and just sewing the straps down so I can wear it). But to be fair, she is not going to make them any longer and will focus on her underwear and tanks. I ordered some MTO (made to order) undies back in February and they should be arriving soon. I will report back. But so far Whiskey Dog Wares is my jam for sure. Though I am excited to try Hot Mango's period panties when they arrive.


Ending of the school year. Spending spree (was hoping to save more- ah- try, try again). Missing my sisters and baby niece. Eating junk. 


Baby chickens thriving, plants growing, flowers blooming, my sister's wedding, a surprise box of gifts from sisters, new tarot decks, planning surprises for my 6th graders, quality time with Adam and the girls, good boba. Good books. Good afternoon hammock time.

How has your April been? Blessed Beltane! May your summer arrive full of gorgeous weather, color and life.  

Monday, April 19, 2021

Spring Fever


I know things are awfully quiet around these parts. April tends to be a busy time in school. We are gearing up for state standardized testing, in the midst of large learning projects, and I am also taking some ESOL courses so I can better help English language learners. My free time is a sliver in the day and is spent sitting on my front door steps flower gazing, mincing about the yard plucking and pinching and pulling, or in bed reading a book. 

The monarchs in my yard are happy. I have watched at least seven or so morph from teeny cats to pupae to butterflies. A few didn't make it but the odds were generally in their favor. I have noticed that the fluttering things are waking up. 

Butterflies, dragonflies, cicadas and beetles. They are all waking up. Eating. Mating. Living.

My fingers crave the soil right now. I keep planting and digging, tending and scattering seed. I placed two fat orders at Baker's Creek and Renee's for more flowers and herbs and veggies. Right now I have potatoes, squash, black eyed peas, carrots, tomatoes and cucumbers sprouting. 

My wildflowers have taken off. I created a new wildflower patch by the back porch where the grass is patchy. I am hoping that they will thrive there. 

My other latest obsession is journaling. I have managed to collect a few handmade leather-bound journals and have enjoyed filling them up with watercolors, thoughts and recipes. I also write my card pulls and magical meandering in there as well.

Spring fever is bubbling up in my blood and I am excited about it. April is one of my favorite months in Florida. It is breezy, buzzing with life, and dappled with sun. 

Are you planting anything? Do you journal? What flowers do you enjoy seeing out and about? I have a thing for zinnias, cosmos and phlox lately.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Ebb & Flow: March 2021

 The highs and lows of the month. 

Solstice Scents Manor EDP (almost out! Yikes!)

Perfume Oil:
Arcana Wildcraft Aged Patchouli and Nocturne Alchemy Holiday Crystalline Spice Cake (not together though)

Body Oil:
Wildroots Lavender and Rosemary

Wildroots Activated Charcoal (still all time favorite natural deodorant)

Black Magic 50 Shades of Chaga

Future Primitive Sparklebox 

Blood Moon Botanica Calming Milky Oats

Bath & Body Works Comfort (Patchouli and Vanilla)

Candles From the Keeping Room Celtic Moonspice

Wood, Willow and Whatknots Cosmic Minstral

Nail Polish:
Rescue Beauty Lounge Small, Dim, Summer Stars

Sumo oranges and chicken pot pies

Republic of Tea Lavender and Blueberry Iced Tea (unsweet)

My Hero Academia, Gardener's World, and too many IG stories

Bob Marley and Jimmy Buffett

Just finished Darwin's Ghosts and in the middle of Celtic Magic and about to start The Rattled Bones

My sister Heather's wedding! Looking forward to watching her finally marry her love after two change of dates due to COVID. Also awaiting more butterflies (SO MANY PUPAE!!!), summer break (ONE MORE MONTH), and endless sunshine on my skin. 

Seeing my 6th graders move on, job limbo, my oldest going off to high school. 

Golden Lotus Incense warmer

My last Society6 phone case order, both phone cases had white strips of no printing. Looked poopy. But the customer service was great and they refunded the money. 

Stressing about the state standardized testing dates moving around so close to my sister's wedding. Work uncertainties and missing my friends and sisters. Not sleeping well.

Got my one and done vaccine. Had a friend move into my neighborhood. Got lots of monarch butterfly babies. Harvesting carrots. Walking the neighborhood in evenings with husband to catch up on our days. 

How was your March? Are you growing anything? Seeing signs of life? 

Monday, March 22, 2021

Spirit & Venom: Hand Sanitizer


Spirit & Venom is a maker I have enjoyed following for a while now. Formerly, Twisted Wonderland Perfumery, I had purchased some wax and a candle in the past and liked the products that Rae created. In 2020 Rae rebranded into Spirit & Venom. I saw some cute stickers of potion bottles so I popped into the web-store and ended up grabbing some hand sanitizer to tag along. I picked up the 2 ounce bottle sizes for $5.50 each. There is a limit of four 2 oz sizes or two 4 oz sizes per order.

Necronomicon- Notes: Weathered book pages, leather, pipe tobacco, and a waft of blackberry bordeaux. 

I enjoy the packaging. The swivel nozzle allows for locking so that product doesn't accidentally pump out. The gel itself is is nice consistency, a touch more on the thin side but still a gel. It is colorless and spreads quickly, dries fast and doesn't leave a sticky or slick residue. It absorbs nicely but doesn't dry my hands out. This particular scent is unique among hand sanitizers. The blackberry wine pulls through first but the crinkly papers and leather book bindings aren't far behind. It makes for a pleasant scent to have on the hands, present but not distracting.

Winter Witch- Notes: White tea, ghostly lilac, winter cranberry, ethereal vanilla, juicy pomegranate, pink peppercorn and a squeeze of pink grapefruit.

This smells like a grown up version of the Fruit Stripe chewing gum sticks. I think it is the combination of fruits (grapefruit, cranberry, and a berry-like pomegranate). The tea and muted lilac create the "grown up" part of the likeness. It is a nice scent to have on clean hands. Cheerful and refreshing.

Cotton Candy Cocoon- Notes: Pink spun sugar cocoons coated with sweet goo.

I did notice a pink hue with this gel but it is very light. Another great hand sanitizer scent, cotton candy is an easy one to wear on the hands. It does have some mild fruity tones and even a touch of lemony zip lurking about within the fluffy clouds of sugar. 

Ghost- Notes: A mixture of light and dark vanilla notes.

This perfume sample was a freebie and I am actually extremely happy it was sent because I ended up liking it. Ghost is a boozy dark vanilla with some gentle tobacco and vanilla extract tones. Sometimes I just crave a simple vanilla. I went ahead and picked up a 1 ounce bottle of this scent in the extrait form since I enjoyed it so much here. 

I also added two more hand sanitizers to my cart in the larger 4 ounce size and one more sticker. We have been going through hand sanitizer in this house for sure and probably will continue to. Between Fortune Cookie Soap, Moonalisa, and now Spirit & Venom I am happy to have found some small businesses to share the love with. 

Do you have any favorite hand sanitizer makers? Favorite scents from Spirit & Venom? Listened to any good records lately? 

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Candles From The Keeping Room: Spring Haul

I was thrilled to order some wax from Candles From The Keeping Room when Carol opened in February. I ordered some old favorites and threw in a couple new ones too. The wax runs $6.75 per bag and holds a generous amount (usually around 5-6 ounces). 

Twisted Peppermint is one that I have either not picked up before or if I have it has been a long time. I used to melt a lot of minty wax in my bedroom but now I enjoy it throughout the whole house now too. Twisted Peppermint is a wonderfully chilly mint with some touches of vanilla musk in there. 

Spun Sugar and Vanilla Bean is a new one to me. It is a lovely scent. There are fruity notes in here but they are soft and gentle. It comes across as cotton candy for sure. This is a light and airy candy floss with a vanilla musk undertone. Quite nice. 

Marshmallow Fireside is one of my favorites from Carol. Her version is hearty and strong and brimming with that sweet marshmallowy goodness. The fireside portion is serene and softly smoky. A real dream.

Spicy Apples and Peaches is one of those oldie but goodie scents that has been around for ages and stands the test of time. I had not had it in ages and was craving it. Man. I forgot how good this scent is. The apples have a flavor of a homemade pie but the peaches lend a cobbler richness too. It is extra sweet and fruity and bursting with flavor. Cannot wait to melt this. 

Fresh Picked Raspberry is a new one to me as well. You probably know I am a huge fangirl of Fresh Picked Strawberry so this was a no brainer. And it is great. The raspberry is clear and juicy, almost candy like in its sweetness. There is also a softness and mild greenness to it as well. 

Santa Claws is a blend of vanilla bean noel, bear claw, and a hint of Mrs. Claus magic. This is another first and a delicious purchase. It is a yummy vanilla bakery with a touch of creamy cinnamon. Reminds me of fresh baked vanilla glazed cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning.

Apple Cinnamon Icing is one I recently fell in love with and scooped up another bag of it to have on hand. It smells like a decadent apple cinnamon danish with a layer of melty vanilla icing on top. It is strong throwing and comfort inducing.

Celtic Moonspice is one of my original favorites in wax scent. The name pulled me in all those years ago and then the scent notes firmed it up. It is basically a warm and bright spice blend full of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. It throws well and makes it feel like home.

Alpine Cheer is a repurchase. It is a crisp evergreen and cranberry with notes of spice, cedar, and patchouli. It reminds me of a sophisticated cranberry balsam. It is not overly concentrated holiday because the cedar and vanilla sugar round it out and make it more year round.

Country Gift Shop is another repurchase. I love how strong and warm this scent is. Cinnamon, apples, dried fruits, and pure bliss. Nostalgia.

Free Samples!

Carol is extremely generous with her free samples and they always lead me to a new favorite.

Yummy Mummy is a gorgeous soft fruity and creamy scent. Divine.

Sweet Minty Spells of Love is a peppermint and Love Spell blend ripe with peaches and florals.

Apple Mango Salad is fresh and sweet with apples and mangos. Tropical. 

Let's Play has a velvety green aroma. Almost like bamboo or cucumber. 

Vanilla Frosting is rich and hearty. Almost with a cereal or bread quality.

Brown Sugar Pound Cake is rich with bakery goodness. Almost a maple decadence.

Boardwalk Taffy Type is yummy. Cotton candy musk. I want to bathe in it.

Citrus Shower Avobath has intense lemongrass and lemony sugar brightness.

Pink Strawberry Chiffon is a berry delight. Juicy, peachy and candied.

Juicy Fruit smells similar to the gum. You can even detect the thin paper wrapper.

Yellow Cake is a wonderful classic blender scent. A simple buttery vanilla cake.

Lush Vanillary is the one I am most excited about. I love this scent. Boozy vanilla, fuzzy tonka and sweet musk.

Sweet Spicy Zucchini Fluff is an intensely strong zucchini bread scent that many will love.

Mango Nectar and Hibiscus is a bright and vibrant tropical with peachy cranberry leanings.

Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds is my second favorite. Musky sweet and creamy. 

Coconut Shea is a lovely calming scent. Powdery and smooth.

Pink Champagne is a tart and fruity floral.

Merlot Wine is a wonderful dark berry scent.

I am so happy with my wax order. I hope to grab some Boardwalk Marshmallow Cloud and Lush Vanillary next time. Have you picked up any wax lately? Are you aiming for a CFTKR order soon?