Friday, December 31, 2021

Best of 2021


Though things still very much feel topsy-turvy, I do want to take the time to reflect on some positives from this past year. For me personally some good things that came out of 2021:
-Saw my baby niece enter the world.
- Got to see my sister get married.
-Visited Baton Rouge and discovered an awesome used bookstore there (Cottonwood Books, if you ever go).
-Witnessed our baby chicks grow and become layers.
-Cuckoo clock and wooden swing.
-Girls transitioned into high school and middle school pretty smoothly.
-Adam received some work accolades.
-I finally finished getting the living room set to order with some used furniture and a rug.
-Fox and bunny sightings in the yard.
-Finished a quilt.

Oldies But Goodies:
I still retain many old favorites and frequent their shops. Makers I purchased from this year that I will always adore:
- Future Primitive Soap company- several conditioning hair rinses, shampoo bars, bar soaps, and even one tub of luxury body cream
- Candles From the Keeping Room- I placed an order every time I could catch one. And now that I hear Carol is retiring soon I will continue to stock up.
- The Bathing Garden- several tubs of sugar scrub and the occasional wax tart.
-Blood Moon Botanica- I still love Britton's Moon Dew face serum and tinctures, but she has also been revisiting her perfumer's past by releasing larger collections rather than one-offs. I have loved them tremendously. 
-Moonalisa- I forgot how much I enjoy Moona's perfumes, soaps and candles. I picked up her EDP for the first time and loved that too. 

New Favorite:
- Acorn Moon Mercantile- I love the seasonal bundles, bells, skin care, tinctures and witchy offerings. 

I have added some new potters to my mug collection.
- Dees Ceramics
-T. Young Ceramics
-Mushroom Root
-My Paper Crane
-Mud Grove Pottery
-Kat Cave Studios
-Gina Grenier 
-Black Banjo Arts
-Oil and Birch (custom pre-order that is almost done)
-Lily Lund Ceramics

It has been a slower and more quiet year for wax and such. I honestly don't know what I am going to do when Carol does retire. I guess ration out my stash and convert to candles and incense only once it is used up.

Did you have any favorites this year? Any new makers you want to recommend or scents you are loving? Collect anything fun and exciting this year? Lots of pinecones for me.


  1. I'm a more recent Moon Dew user and it is indeed magic!! My 1oz. is just about gone and I look forward to replenishing. :D
    I've recently refallen in love with Villainous Wax. I've been a buyer and fan for quite awhile now, but I'm hoping to support more frequently here this year.

    1. Yes!!!! So glad you like it too! Tomorrow is the sale right? Hoping it holds on until Friday. I have gone through a few bottles and only have a 1 ounce right now to hold me over at the moment too. I like to mix it with my serum like Britton recommends.

      Villainous Wax huh? I don't think I have tried that brand yet. I may have to once Carol retires (though I try not to think about that!!!).

    2. I think Britton restocks on the 16th. :D
      Villainous Wax is great for unique, fun blends. Holli does lots of fandom themes. I like that she does a lot of outside of the box combinations. I'm getting real tired of the vendors who are so bakery dominant.

    3. Agreed. Hardly any more non-bakery choices among the vendors I know about. I am planning on stoking up on Carol's wax here in a bit. Willow Wax has some interesting scents and The Bathing Garden. But I still feel like there is a void of really cool ambers and woods and such.

    4. For sure! I understand bakery and the sweet stuff sells, but I can't with that unless I'm craving a scent for an hour or two. Anyway. :P
      Hope you've been doing well this Winter!! <3

  2. I love your new Mushroom Root and My Paper Cranes mugs. Now I need a cat mug. Did you order from Britton? I miss her body creams, I still have one from 2020 that has a little furry patch that I can't bring myself to toss, eek. I got an orange basil perfume, which is nice, it feels in the same vein as Arcana Huntress without clove.

    1. Thanks! The Mushroom Root is so whimsical. And I absolutely love the retro styling and bright colors and fairy tale subject matter of My Paper Crane. I used to be able to score a mug from her rather easily but the last three openings I have NOT been fast enough. I suppose that comes with popularity. Good for her. I will keep trying. LOL! I did order from Britton. I only picked up a Moon Dew and a Luminous (?) serum since I liked it last time. I already got a pretty good sampling of her perfumes for now. I do miss her creams. I actually had a cream that grew the fuzz within the week but I am gross so I just scooped it out and used it anyway. I survived! LOL!! Her Blood Orange roller perfume was nice too. I ended up using it as a deodorant. Mmmmm Huntress. Still one of my favorites thanks to you. How are you doing? Staying warm?