Monday, December 20, 2021

Bookish Jay and the Reading Mermaid 5th Annual Reading Challenge 2022


Hoping this post finds you well! My friend Jay and I have been chatting recently and settled on our new reading prompt list for 2022. I have been discovering a lot of solace in books as of late. Hopefully this list will get you inspired to pick up some books in the new year. Please join us for one, a few or even try for all!

1. Join the Resistance- whether subverting Nazis in WWII-era France, opposing a current oppressive state or ideology, or fighting the patriarchy in a dystopian future, be a rebel with a cause.

2. The lost art of handwriting- choose a book with the title written as script.

3. Daughters- explore the complex sibling relationships so often a theme in literature.

4. Atomic Elements- book with an element from the periodic table in the title (carbon, oxygen, gold, silver, neon...)

5. Mist, haze, or fog-like cover.

6. Reuse, recycle, regift- a thrifted book.

7. Back to the future- bridge time and distance with a dual timeline narrative.

8. Neurodiversity- seek to gain a better understanding of mental health and the diverse abilities of those who process the world differently, in fiction or non-fiction.

9. Protagonist over 50.

10. Summon your familiar- read from an animal character's perspective or from its close human companion.

11. Book maze-get lost in a twisty plot that keeps you on edge.

12. Heartsqueezer.

13. Inner child- pick up a children's or youth book.

14. Memoir or Biography- dive into someone else's journey.

15. Opening sentence hook that reels you in.

16. Green. Because it is an amazing color.

17. Read your bliss- any topic or genre that makes you happy. 

18. We might not get out of here alive- Survival fiction or non, fantasy or reality.

19. Book of secrets- whether the international intrigue of a spy novel abounds, or dark family secrets are waiting to be unlocked; there's destined to be subterfuge afoot.

20. Gothic horror- I'm not saying it's haunted, but there's something going on in with house...

21. Missing link- a book that you want to read to finish up or continue a series.
22. Hearth & Home- nesting, homesteading, tending.

23. Memento Mori- death, grief, mourning.

24. Booktok, Booktube, or Bookstagram-discover what real readers recommend, and find out if that book is worthy of all the hype.

25. #Ownvoices- books about characters from underrepresented/marginalized groups in which the author shares the same identity. 

26. The moon as muse- inspired by the moon; depicting moonlight, the night sky, or heavenly bodies on the cover. 

27. Never have I ever...-read a book about ___. Fill-in the blank with a new topic or genre.

28. Honoring ancestors- reading deeper about native lands or personal lineage.

29. Dark Academia- An academic aesthetic that can be found in many genres, including contemporary fic, historical, mystery, fantasy, or horror. Book Riot categorizes DA as this: "The definition of it can be broad, but it requires some kind of an academic setting and a dark undertone or overtone to its story."

30. Forged in friendship. A story about companionship.

I cannot wait to dive in. I will post a final update to this year's prompt in the next few days and tinkering with a 2021 wrap up. 

How is your year closing out? Was this year a good one for your reading habit? So far I am at 47 books out of 50 on GoodReads. Trying to finish out strong!


  1. I read a good little handful of books in the first half of the year. Various Ramones' autobiographies, Rickie Lee Jones's autobiography and a few books in regard to alcoholism. I'm almost through the Washington Irving short stories book.
    My reading really dropped off this last part of the year, but I'm reading way more now than since having my children. I haven't read much for pleasure during this past 8 or so years! Also, my health has been a little rough and focusing on a book is the last thing I wanna do when I'm beyond ill and fatigued.
    Your and Jay's yearly reading challenge has definitely been a help to me getting back to reading! <3 Even though I haven't participated much, just seeing posts from you both have kept me on the reading track. <3
    I hope your 2021 reading year finishes out strongly, as you desire and the new year is full of wonderful new reading opportunities!

    1. I am so happy you were able to read some gems. Having children definitely put a damper on my reading time. Toddlers are a handful all on their own. Now that my girls are grown (pretty much) it has been easier to slip back into the groove. Although I am in a small way beginning to understand the inability to focus and read for enjoyment while suffering some health issues. I have been feeling way off this past week: nausea, headaches, tired, almost passing out. Turns out it is high blood pressure. Can't get into my doctor until later this week but it has certainly put me off my reading game. I feel too unsettled and ill to focus. So anime binging it is until I can get it under control.

      I hope we can read to our heart's fill in 2022. Thank you so much for being here!! Lots of love to you and yours!!

    2. Oh no, Julie!! I hope you're doing much better now and are sorting through your more recent health woes. I'm so sorry! :( All my love to you. You're right though, that watching/binging on shows, etc. are extremely helpful and comforting when you're just done. I do that as often as I can. ;) <3

    3. I am slowly feeling more like myself. The nausea, faintness and blurred vision is getting better. The headaches still come and go. I think it was my severe anemia that got a little out of hand. I finally got VERY into Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell so that kept me company and my mind off things. I think I might try and watch the show. Hope you are doing well and 2022 treats you well! <3

    4. Oh my-- Hope you get your health sorted out and the rest of the year will be great vibrancy for you! It's not fun doing all the real life stuff while trying to manage a body going haywire.
      My December health issues that popped up look like they're popping up again, so I suppose I need to do some doctor work to get it sorted out.. not stuff I can just ignore and it'll go away. Sigh!
      Yes, let's strive for lots of goodness and good times in 2022 here.