Monday, April 30, 2018

Ebb & Flow: April 2018

The highs and lows of the month.

Sonoma Scent Studio Yin & Ylang

Perfume Oil:
Nocturne Alchemy Eternal Ankh Anniversary, this one is a lovely pink hued vanilla amber that has a candied sweetness to it. At first I wasn't so sure about it. I even almost gave it away, but I put it on a few more times... then a few more times... and before I knew it I was reaching for it all the time and now it is half empty! 

Bath & Body Works Patchouli

Vintage Chic Scents Pink Twinkling Lights

Lip Balm:
Firebird Evergreen

Skin Care:
Cosmic Cleanse ScentSations Unscented Miracle Budder

Make Up:
Too Faced Bronzer in Chocolate Soleil, makes my skin look glowy.

Bath Treat:
Blooddrop Froth

Firebird Cabin

Ashley Weber crystal necklace. I wear it at least two to three times a week.

Dexter, because everyone has told me to.

The Kingdom series by Cynthia Voigt. I am on the second book and I just love how delicately the tales weave together after generations pass. 

Bear McCreary on Spotify

Veggies fresh from the garden (radishes, cucumbers and now pole beans), sauteed Vidalia onions and Tajin seasoning on everything but especially watermelon. 

Kings Road Apothecary teas

Final goodbyes to some of the kiddos at school as the school year ends.

Conversely, I am ready for Thursday, May 24th, the last day of school. The end of the school year is bittersweet. But this lady is tired

Strangely enough, the Lenovo ThinkPad. When I moved up into one of the lead teacher positions, the school bought a laptop for me to use and it was a ThinkPad. And after using it for 8 months, I have fallen in love with it. It is sturdy, fast and has all sorts of bells and whistles. I like the speaker strips on the sides for my music playing, I like the way the key boards feels. I just plain like it. I think I will pick one up for Savanna for school next year since she will be in 6th grade. 

Libertine Bath Haus lotion. I ordered three lotions and three scrubs from their inaugural opening. The labels were wonky and way too big, the jars didn't have seals and the lotion was a touch waxy for my texture tastes. I love the scents I got and the scrubs were very nice. I may try them again, but for me, the first opening is the first impression and things probably should not have gone out if they weren't ready.

The first two weeks of April were rough. Emotionally. Physically. Mentally. I was drained on all levels. And I am sure I was not a peach to be around. But resetting on the Whole30 has helped and refocusing has helped and garden basking has helped.

Hanging out in my garden during the golden glow of sunset, playing Pokemon with Savanna and watching Scarlette fall in love with a book for her very first time. My heart melts. 

How was your April? Are the flowers blooming? Is your heart absorbing beautiful things? Any new vendors? What makes your eyes twinkle right now??

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Nui Cobalt Designs Promo Code

Good Morning! Hope your spring is looking bright and colorful. I wanted to remind you that my readers can get free shipping with orders $50 or over at Nui Cobalt Designs until May 12th! This is a great time to go Mother's Day shopping. 

Use code: Mermaid or click here for it to be automatically offered. 

Today we are going grocery shopping. I am going to try and get some waxy posts up (WAX?!?! YES!) and we have a date night tonight. Tomorrow I am taking a mom day and going to the beach with two girlfriends. What are you up to this weekend?

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Melting Basket 121

I pretty much enjoyed every single mint from the last basket and would happily melt them all again in the future. 

Book Scents- The Gathering
Willow Wax Craft- Moon Child
FuturePrimitive- Custard Cream
Candles From The Keeping Room- Vanilla Lace
Moonalisa- Bohemian Velvet
Lasting Scent Candles- Toasted Embers
Lasting Scent Candles- White Tea & Thyme
Bohemienne Life- Raven's Myst
Bohemienne Life- Havana
The Bathing Garden- Frolic
The Bathing Garden- Sea of Tears
The Bathing Garden- Alice in Lavenderland
Handmade in Florida- Coconut Curry
Handmade in Florida- Pretty Patch
Handmade in Florida- Lavender Ice
Handmade in Florida- Ritual Lavender

If you are curious about how any of these perform, let me know which ones in the comments.

The garden is producing. Cucumbers hang from the vines, baby watermelons the size of small oranges look like striped green beads on a necklace, corn silk is emerging and the snails and beetles and caterpillars feast. I am feasting too, on the Whole30 again. I reset on April 15th and I am feeling pretty good. I do have the occasional sugar craving but heading them off with a cups of tea helps. 

My wildflower garden is bursting with tiny cheerful blossoms. The snails and caterpillars like it in there too. But I don't mind. Maybe the girls and I will get to see some newly hatched butterflies and moths soon. 

We have been testing the past couple weeks and will continue to at school. It can be mind numbing but I have spent some of the time thinking about what I want to do with the girls this summer, making financial goals, health goals and summer goals. A little reflection has been nice.

After mapping out the summer I have realized it won't be as carefree and lazy as summers past. 

But that will just make the time I get to spend unwinding that much sweeter. 

How is your spring coming along? What scents are you craving? I am in the mood for lavender, violets and sweet things right now. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Darling Clandestine: Supernova Sway

It has been a little bit since I talked about my very first Darling Clandestine experience. I found another lovely fragrance from Evonne called Supernova Sway. I believe this one was gifted to me by a perfume friend in a swap. 

Supernova Sway- Notes: If "black metallic" had a fragrance, it would be this. I have been working on Supernova Sway for an age, under cover of night. Dark and bright, and dark and bright again, deep musks streaked with mint, black resins with subtle flashes of orchid and buttery honeysuckle. 

Spelunking in the belly of the Earth, a deep and winding cave in Costa Rica. Veins of manganese and iron crawl up and down the cool rock walls, pumping their metallic scent into the air. Ore infused waters drip from the tips of stalactites. The air truly smells of ozonic blackness. They say the molecular composition of space indicates that it smells of raspberries, but I think it smells like this cave. Eerily a waft of tropical honeysuckle slinks by like an apparition. Is it from the jungle outside or is it the perfume from the spirit of a lost soul who once wandered in the cave only to never see the sun again? Fated forever to smell like the taunting golden orb and the mocking pitch dark of the earthen tomb. This story turns, however, once the perfume oil is dabbed onto the skin. It turns into the inky dankness of the black leather jacket your wild ex used to wear and how his scarred hands smelled of the metal he welded and bent and formed at the machine shop. Here he comes up the walkway bearing a single fuchsia orchid. Then you open your eyes from the rippling reflection of the past and find yourself back in the cave and the mysterious wonders it holds.  

Supernova Sway is quite a morpher I bet. I can see this varying wildly from person to person based on skin chemistry and scent associations. I mostly get a black leather and metal  with an edge of ozonic florals. It is very cool.

Inked is still a scent that is unique to my collection. The review can be read here. Inked is currently being offered on pre-order. If you are looking for some unique scents to add to your collection, check out Darling Clandestine.

Do you have any Darling Clandestine scents you adore?

Monday, April 23, 2018

Firebird Bath and Body

Firebird Bath and Body had been recommended to me once or twice in the past. I even filled up a cart with Brooke's tantalizing bath salts a time or two, but the most recent Etsy sale had me clicking "submit" to my order lickety-split. Guys, I am seriously loving these random Etsy sales.

Firebird also has a stand alone website where you can shop, here. Firebird Bath and Body has a well curated line of scents that appeal to the lovers of nature. The branding is bold and modern yet elegant. These would make beautiful gifts. 

Initially I was only going to grab the bath salts but then all the evergreen and cedar and smoke offerings clouded my intent and seduced me into dropping them into my cart. 

Cabin- Notes: Cedarwood, fir needle, mossy earth and campfire smoke. 4 ounce jar for $9
I enjoy the texture of this lotion. It sinks into the skin well, doesn't get greasy and it light enough for summer slathering. It smells amazing. The campfire smoke has a tender sweetness to it and the cedar and fir and moss all contribute to build a candied woodsmoke dream. I enjoy my evening ablutions with this bucolic beauty. 

Evergreen- Notes: Fir needle and fresh mint. $4
This is a great lip balm. It is moisturizing and hydrating on the delicate lip skin. The evergreen notes are very subtle but can be faintly detected. The mint is mild and pleasant. This is now a nightstand staple for bedtime lip care. I will happily buy it again in the future.

The Cabin bath salts contain Mediterranean sea salt, Dead sea salt, dendritic salt, smoked sea salt, tapioca starch, cedar leaf tips, juniper berries and fragrance. A 20 ounce jar is $22. 

I dumped about a quarter cup in the bath under warm running water and it smelled amazing in the bathroom. A cloud of smoky evergreens and rustic woods rose from the steaming waters. The juniper berries bobbed merrily in the ripples and the cedar tips lent their aromatic appeal. 

Viking- Notes: Saltwater, green birch, snow. 20 ounces for $22

Viking is composed of Mediterranean sea salt, Dead sea salt, sodium chloride, tapioca starch, birch bark, Icelandic moss and fragrance.  I get a minty blast with salt encrusted sea foam, juniper and fresh ozonic air. It makes a stunning spa-like bath. It goes well with the soap below.

You know me and my bar soap. It is a thing of beauty. 

Cedar and Mint- Notes: Cedarwood, fresh mint, damp earth. 4 ounces for $6

This is an all natural glycerin based soap that uses apricot seeds to exfoliate in the blue portion of the soap. It lathers beautifully and smells of fresh minty cedar, more cedar than mint. Quite a clean and invigorating aroma. Not sweet at all. It is a beautiful compliment to one of my favorite Arcana scents, Filthy Viking.

There are about a bajillion different bath salts I want to soak in from Firebird: Campfire, Cardamom Burnt Sugar, Woodsmoke & Vanilla, Lavender Wood and Blood Cedar just to name a few. Everything I bought would be a repurchase. I am thrilled to pieces with my first Firebird experience. 

Have you tried Firebird? Any favorites?

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Scumugs Custom Planters: Don't Die

I loved my Scumugs "RIP" planter so much (you can see it here) that I knew I wanted to pick up another cheeky one for my plantling to dwell in, but in a different style. Back in December, I believe, Melissa opened up for customs of her planters and I quickly put in for a "Don't Die" version. You were able to request colors and such but I left it up to Melissa to glaze it in whatever she liked and ended up with this gorgeous oxidized copper blue color. This is a nice tall planter at about 5 inches tall. 

earlier this year I was randomly browsing Scumugs and saw this "oops" planter on sale. The apostrophe in "Don't" was accidentally left out so she glazed it onto the bowl rather than engraving it, but that does not bother me one whit because... look at those electric blue drips!!!

They look like some kind of iridescent magic. 

Scumugs is still open for custom planters of "Don't Die" and "RIP" for $40, here. I think it is cool that one of the ones she shows in the pics is mine up above. <3 You can pick your colors or leave it up to Melissa to make magic. Either way you will have a kick butt planter. 

I have been having a hard time keeping some ferns alive. Any tips? My Rabbit's Foot is doing great but I killed one of my fluffy ones that was living in the house. I think I might have over watered it. What house plant do you love that I should look for?

Friday, April 20, 2018

Nocturne Alchemy: Studio Limited Perfumes

Nocturne Alchemy's perfume collections are broken up into various parts: Studio Limiteds (which are special house blends that may or may not be able to be remade once out of stock), Limited Collection (which is usually a seasonal collection that stays up for a couple months, along with any Resurgence scents from years past), Collaborations (these are with various artists or writers, think fandom creations with actual input from the creators and with all the correct licensing) and finally the Permanent Collection (hundreds of scents broken down into themes that will always be there ripe for the picking).

Today I am featuring three newer Studio Limited perfumes. 

Pyramid Santalum- Notes: Four aged sandalwood perfumes, blended together in different quantities to create an aromatic sandalwood symphony. When worn the sandalwood notes will vary in scent dependent on the wearer. Santalum, Santalum White, Santalum Sweet and Mysore Santalum. $27

From the vial emanates the most divine incense derived from precious woods. It is an ancient yet intimately familiar aroma. It is the sweet aromatic woods that form hope chests and treasure boxes carved by hand. A light airy resinous vibration can be detected. It sounds strange but there is an almost minty coolness when sniffed right out of the bottle. Wet on the skin, Pyramid Santalum possesses the texture of sun-warmed velvety sands. Suede ropes of incense smoke tie up the senses, sweet sacred woods  and musk float above the skin. Sun bursts of amber and rare resins peek through the golden haze of sandalwood, then sink down into the scent. It is like being surrounded by the womb of a venerable and primordial tree. It is an ancient and mysterious sandalwood that manages to be polished yet cozy on my skin. If I had to buy any of the Santalums in a 10ml bottle, it would be this one. And I just may do that.

Bloodstone Dark- Notes: Dragon's Blood resin aged in oak with black amber, black musk and black bloodstone resin, black cardamom and a drop of black vetiver smoke and oud. $27

The vial holds the sweetness of cardamom and the dark woodsy resin of Dragon's Blood. The name is obviously fitting. Once the dark amber liquid, thick with quality oils, is caressed into the flesh the midnight dragon takes flight. The Dragon's Blood exhibits tints of cool musky florals alongside shades of warm viscous resins. There is a slow undulating movement to the scent, as if it shifts and morphs in tiny increments that are barely perceptible.  Its lines are smudged and murky like the skeletons of trees shrouded in mist, entwining and embracing in a ritual of dance. The perfume looms dark with musk and incense, feels warm with a furred pelt of cardamom and sweet tonka. 
This is the most complex and smoothly plush Dragon's Blood I have ever worn.

Crystalline Dark- Notes: Beautiful aged Crystalline blended into dark notes of black amber, black musk and black vanilla, blended and aged two years in an oak barrel. $27

Simply dark vanilla woods fresh from the bottle. The strangest thing happens to me when I wear this scent. I have worn in several times now to make sure I am smelling what I smell... and that is vanilla sugared Dragon's Blood. There is a touch of smoky smooth incense laced in there, but ultimately this transforms into a gorgeous vanilla Dragon's Blood. Dragon's Blood ice cream? Cream and Dragon's Blood? All I know is that I adore Dragon's Blood and this will be one I drain sooner rather than later.

Today is a special day! Nocturne Alchemy is releasing their Spring Limited Collection! I plan on checking it out of course. What about you? Will you check it out? Do you have a favorite NAVA Studio Limited? I want to try Ember Vanilla soon. 

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Upcoming Blog Birthday....

Hello there, friends! So this here blog is turning four next month. In the past I would have had the celebrations all planned out and would have been tucking away items here and there for a giveaway. This year is the Year of the Teacher and it has certainly been felt. I love my job, no doubt. But I have not been a full time classroom teacher in ten years so I have a few saddle sores. Time, she has run me over.

All this to say... What would you like to see for a giveaway? I know my blog has featured everything from perfumes, soaps, wax and jewelry to books, pottery, nerdy gear and candles. What would you be most interested in winning? Actual items? Gift certificates? The best candle I have ever experienced? A piece from my favorite jewelry maker? A box of wax? A few of my current favorite things? 

I would love for you to leave your thoughts with me. Thank you!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Blooddrop: Spring Collection Bath and Body

Opening up a box that looks like this is pretty much just like Christmas. The beautifully feminine florals and hues are well coordinated and striking in their display. I need to remember Blooddrop for my next bout of gifting. A box like this would make a lovely birthday gift. 

As I previously mentioned a few days ago, I partook of Blooddrop's spring collection restock. Astrid, the owner and perfumer behind the brand, teased a new bath product. And as I am always on the hunt for new bathing goodies to add to my nighttime ritual, I made sure to attend this restock. This particular restock also featured Astrid's wildly popular Whinnies line of perfumes which merge marshmallows and ponies... how cute is that?! I didn't pick up any Whinnies but I am sure I will come to regret that. I did pick up plenty, however, so let's check out what was in this beautifully packaged box.

Mousse de Bain  in Marshmallow with Smoky Copal and Vanilla Caramel $12.50 for 8 ounces

This is a creamy whipped soap that can be used as a shaving cream as well. It is delightfully light yet custard like in its texture. When I scoop some out with my fingers it is stiff and keeps its peaks like a well beaten meringue but is the creamy texture of gelato when being worked into a billowy lather. The scent of caramel and wooden cork-like copal resin lifts up from the scent. It really is perfect for shaving. I love the way it left my legs silky smooth.

 Astrid is currently stocked with marshmallow varieties in this product. 

Ahhhhhh... here she is. The new bath concoction I simply could not pass up. This potioin is called "Froth" and it is a bubbling milk bath soak, 6.5 ounces is $18.50 and comes in three scents with a common marshmallow thread.

Marshmallow, honey, smoky vanilla, ginger, oakmoss and sandalwood is the first one that caught my eye. I dumped about a tablespoon into hot running water and it immediately bubbled and frothed and birthed a mound of lacy bubbles that I happily sank down into, armed with a good book and a few candles. The scent of creamy honey sweetened woods wafted up from the steaming pool of water and the milky warmth caressed the skin. After reading about a chapter or so the bubbles dissipated and the steaming milky waters were left. I truly love a milk bath. This reminded me of the delicious Haunt milk bath I was gifted years and years ago, but even better with the bubbling and frothing added.

I also fell in love with the marshamallow, blackberry jam, crushed violets and thyme Froth. I used this in a bath too (guys, this stuff is really, really good) and the blackberries smelled so lovely against the powdery sweet violets. It was a dreamy bathing ritual to be sure.

A generous perk of purchasing $50 or more from Blooddrop is the inclusion of a Merci perfume. I received Merci No. 140. The notes of the Merci fragrances are unknown, which is fun! I am going to interpret what I smell, which may very well be different what you would smell. In fact, case in point, I asked my husband what he sniffed and my daughter too and we all three had vastly different answers. 

In the bottle, my nose picks up a brown sugar and tobacco vibe with a hint of earthy vetiver lurking about. Adam smells chocolate and coffee. Savanna smells creamy campfire smoke. On the skin I get a sweetly smoky tobacco and grassy vetiver still. I love it. There are tones of vanilla and the husk of coconut, a murkiness and woods. The drydown reveals a decantly chewy vanilla pipe tobacco aroma. This is soooo sexy and warm and perfect for my tastes. I will wear this one with utter abandon for sure. 

A little while back I did pick up this bath truffle ($5) in Soft with notes of violet, vanilla, heliotrope, birch and rice flower. These are melty, fizzying, bubbling bath treats that weigh about one ounce. The scent is primarily a sweet candied violet that is feminine and serene.

It felt amazing in the bath tub. It is definitely a quality bath melt, but I wouldn't say it was terribly fizzy or bubbly but it did froth a bit. It left the skin silky smooth and moisturized. I didn't have to use any lotion before bed, which I usually do. There was a slight purple oil on the rim of the tub but it was very easy to rub it away with my hand as the water ran out and did not stain. What I liked best was that after I got out of the tub and put on my jammies, Adam snuggled up to me and told me how good I smelled. So Astrid, if you ever want to make a perfume from this scent I would happily scoop it up. <3

Astrid kindly included this bar soap in my order. 

Eggnog & Spiced Rum is $6.50 and weighs about 5 ounces. These are glycerin based bars and heavy with emollient oils and proteins. This bar smells of sweet and creamy and gently spiced eggnog with a glug of rum for holiday cheer. It lathers beautifully, a bounty of bubbles with very little coaxing. It feels like firm putty on the skin, sleek and bouncy. It rinses clean and is a joy to bathe with. I will certainly be back for another bar in the future. 

I am as happy as a June bug in the tall summer grass with this Blooddrop order. 

Have you discovered any new bath potions lately? 

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

CBe Ceramics

I have been following Cate Be on IG for a while now. She creates sincere pieces of art with her rustic pottery that has charm and love pressed into each shape and line. I kept wanting to pick up a mug here and there but when she released her cute fat bellied planters I found myself tucking one into my cart and hauling fanny. She operates out of Etsy, here, but also has a website, here, where you can sign up for a newsletter (I highly recommend). In fact, her newsletter is where I discovered that she was planning on opening up for customs on April 1st. I am so very happy that I made it in time and she accepted my request to do a custom mushrooms in the night planter. I just know it will be amazing. 

This blue glazed and sandy textured planter is about 4 inches tall and sits on three adorable legs. It has a red glazed heart and the words "love grows here" etched into the back. There is a small drain hole in the bottom. The planter arrived packaged with love and care. Cate included a tea bag, a bundle of beautifully dried lavender tied with a strip of teal cotton fabric and two breathtaking rough citrine crystals in the box. It made for a lovely unboxing. 

Savanna and I hunted around Walmart in the garden center for just the perfect wee plantling to put in here to live. We stumbled upon this "Sweat Plant" which we quickly changed the name to Hobbit Fern. It is fluffy and green and now quite content. I am looking forward to my next CBe addition. Cate makes some excellent Studio Ghibli creations as well. 

If you commissioned a custom planter what would you have on it? I think I might ask for a No Face or Totoro planter in October when she opens up for customs again. 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Sixteen92: Penny Dreadful and Dancing in the Snow

Sixteen92 hosted their annual Resurrection in the beginning of the year and I picked up a few scents and items. I also recently joined Sixteen92 The Circle that is a subscription club that will enable its members to enjoy samples of all the new releases as well as a discount on items purchased. I believe there may even be member exclusives. But back to the Resurrection 2018... I ordered these two scents and Baker Street in a travel sized EDP as well as some hair serums and detanglers for the girls and myself. Resurrections take place once a year in January and Claire brings back oldies but goodies that have been retired. 

Penny Dreadful- Notes: Ambergris accord, labdanum, oakmoss, immortelle, Bulgarian rose absolute, black orchid and wormwood. 

Golden and opulent, this smells like a haunting chypre fresh from the glass vial. Deliciously dark and resonant labdanum taunts with its sonorous amber hue while golden oakmoss drips its earthy tang into the scent. Pressed into the wrists the perfume of amber roses drifts up, swollen with stygian intentions. These are dark roses, round with spice and musky with oakmoss and lichen clinging to their thorns. As the Victorian story progresses the roses fade to ghosts and the labdanum delves into deeper and richer territory. Ambergris, salty and suede-like lurks in the shadows while something just this side of sweet casts itself into the plot as well. It is a cloud of resinous beauty that is utterly enchanting. 

If this ever makes a come back again I will happily buy it in any and all product forms. 

Dancing in the Snow- Notes: Ice crystals and snow angels, delicate mint, white lace, silver birch, winter ozone and pale vanilla musk. 

A pale wisp of white woods and that signature fuzzy and ivory toned cashmere musk that many Sixteen92 scents have as a base. I love that base because it whispers of woods and resin but is diaphanous and elegant. Melting into the skin like so many snow flakes carved from an ice sculpture, a brief minty chill is greeted by the florescence of a carpet of sweet alyssum, lacy and dulcet. Winter air, frozen soil and the papery white peel of birch bark all meld into each other. This perfectly captures that backyard scene of Edward slashing away at a block of ice while the scents of previously sculpted hedges fly off his shears; Kim dancing in her crisp white dress and the scent of her vanilla musk twirling about the faux snow flakes. 

I love how easy this is to wear. It will make a beautiful summer scent that is light yet clean in a natural sense. It will make sweltering summers that much more pleasant to sweat in. 

I am very happy with both of these scents I picked up in the January sale. I got my Circle coupon code in time to pick up my first Friday the 13th bottle. I chose Lycanthrope. I think I need to read a werewolf series soon. Any recommendations?

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Bohemienne Life: Folktale Raptures

Bohemienne Life still lives. Kyme is definitely taking it slower but she still plans on creating odds and ends, popular soaps and wax as her schedule will allow it. She mentioned leaning more towards using essential oils and that excites me. In fact, the scent I am featuring today is an all essential oil creation that I simply adore. 

Months and months ago my sister Darby had Kyme make her a body powder with lavender, peppermint and patchouli. When I was over at her house I was sniffing it and got all starry eyed. Fast forward to about a month or so ago when Kyme mentioned slowing down and possibly closing shop, I knew I wanted to get an order in. By the time I was able to get on the site most of the wax I was wanting was sold out so I figured I would pick up some body care instead. It turned out to be fortuitous because I noticed that Folktale had just those three notes in it and was available in a few different products. 

Folktale- Notes: A blend of all essential oils... lavender, peppermint and a grounding bit of dark patchouli. 

I really do love this scent. Icy tendrils of peppermint marry beautifully with dusty wooden patchouli. The lavender is herbal yet serene. The push and pull of the cooling mint with the earthy patchouli and steely lavender make for a fragrance that touches upon the senses in a multitude of ways. 

I wasn't sure what to expect from the Bath Buttah but it is pretty darn amazing. I used it like a whipped soap in the tub. It lathers and bubbles up into a silky cream but it also has a bit of fizzing action to it. I have not tried anything like it before. It left my skin feeling clean and refreshed. 

I was remiss not to try the Sugah Buttah before this either. It is a pillowy sugar scrub that feels more fluffy and whipped than most I have tried. It certainly exfoliates well and it also has a creamy texture that lathers up.

You know me and my bar soaps. I am a bar soap kinda gal and my whole family is too. Kyme crafts a beautiful soap. And I just love her branding and touches, like the wax seal and printed vellum paper. 

Folktale makes a brilliant scent as a soap and creates a spa-like cleansing experience. 

It lathers well, possesses a rustic charm and smells deep and rich. 

I also have this scent in a clamshell and it melts wonderfully. If this was in a lotion and a pillow spray and body spray I would have bought all those too. And then surrounded myself in the peaceful haze that is Folktale. 

Kyme is restocking Bohemienne Life in her Big Cartel store which is linked above. It is slated to open today at 6pm CST. I will certainly be popping over to see what all will be released. What is your favorite Bohemienne Life scent?

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Verdant Faerie: Butterfly Perfume

This perfume was sent as a gift from my friend Doreen at the Verdant Faerie.

My friend Doreen at the Verdant Faerie is not only a kind hearted beautiful soul, but she is also a magical writer and a talented all natural perfumer. I have reviewed some of her fragrances in the past that can be read here. I highly recommend reading Doreen's blog which can be found here or linked on my blog roll on the right-hand side bar. 

Doreen recently went abroad and brought back some copal resin, which she generously shared with me along with this new perfume of hers called Butterly. Butterly is an aromatherapy blend that lifts the spirits and soothes the senses. It works to alleviate jet lag, assist during long distance car rides and may even help with studying. 

Butterfly- Notes: Refreshing pink grapefruit, mint and rosemary to uplift, lavender, geranium and clary sage to balance and calm, and patchouli for grounding. 8ml oil based $23 rollerball

As Butterfly alights onto the skin a cool sweet peppermint ushers in feelings of serenity. The minty sweetness is an ephemeral top note, though the impression of coolness lingers and the peppermint transforms into garden mint. Soon a vivacious grapefruit pith shimmers like scales on a butterfly's wing and imbues its delicate citrusy tartness to the aroma. It is a felicitous compliment to the minty green springs of rosemary. Halcyon thoughts of spring renewal and tranquility settle over me as I inhale. And inhale deep. With each new breath, the fragrance grows a touch more green. The verdant greenness of the geranium, the pine green hues in the lavender, the dusty moss shaded sage. The herbaceous notes are seamless and perfectly blended into a mellow base of patchouli. These all harmonize effortlessly like the flora and fauna in the fields. The light and shadow play upon each other, the magic and nature go hand in hand. This is truly a scent for quietness and repose of the mind, body and heart.

This aromatherapy is portable magic, indeed. 

Do you have any all natural favorites? In what situation could you use a perfume like this?

Friday, April 13, 2018

Melting Basket 120: All About the Mints

Wax tarts from the big old basket of berries that I would happily buy and melt again include: CFTKR Fresh Picked Strawberry (every day all day), Strawberry Cotton Candy, Strawberry Salt Water Taffy, Creamy Peppermint Serendipity, Serendipity Marshmallow Delight and 2543, Rosegirls Rosegirls' Garden/Raspberry Sauce/Vanilla Bean Noel and The Bathing Garden Painting the Roses Red.

Vintage Chic Scents- Central Park Snowglobe
Vintage Chic Scents- Pink Twinkling Lights
Candles From The Keeping Room- Peppermint & Cypress
Candy Panda- Wonderful Christmastime
Beezy- Pink Peppermint
Rosegirls- Winter Mermaid (Coconut, Shaving Cream and Peppermint)
Sniff My Tarts- Peppermint Swizzle Sticks and Lord of Misrule
Sniff My Tarts- Candy Cane/Marshmallow/Lord of Misrule
Sniff My Tarts- Peppermint/Barbershop/Ocean
Sniff My Tarts- Marshmallow Fireside/Peppermint/Christmas Pine

I have been craving peppermint like no body's business. If you are interested in hearing about any of these blends or scents just let me know in the comments and I will happily review them for you. 

So I am by no means equipped to take wildlife photography with my teeny zoom lens but I just had to share with you my very first wild owl experiences. Jay and I have chatted about our mutual love of owls in the past and when she mentioned seeing one in real life in the wild not too long ago, my heart ached. I have heard them many times when out hiking and even hooting from the woods in our backyard. But alas, these eyes have never seen them in their wild habitats. 

Adam, the girls and I went for our usual hike in the Circle B Preserve (you know... the place that made national news when a gator the size of Godzilla was caught on film) and I mentioned to Savanna how cool it would be to see an owl. As we were leaving we saw a group of people crowded around the path and a few of those big honking professional cameras set up on tripods. Sure enough it was an owl. My heart melted

It was a mama Florida Barred owl (I think). Isn't she the cutest?!

Want to see something even CUTER?!?!?!

This is her baby that was tucked into a tree about a 100 yards away from her. He reminds me of the grey dwarves in Ronja. Would you just look at his cheeky old mystical man face?!?!

And guess what? As we were leaving there was a bunch of red tape cordoning off this area of trees at the entrance and exit of the park so I got nosey and walked over to check it out with Savanna...

...and there was a baby Great Horned Owl in the tree! Look at his fluffy butt!

I know these owls weren't sent here for my own personal heart lifting, but it certainly did just that. 

I saw black bears last summer and owls two weekends ago. I would say it doesn't get much better than that, but I know I am hoping to see some whales in Maine in June. Cross your fingers for me please. 

Do you have any wildlife dreams? What would you love to see out in the wild?