Thursday, April 12, 2018

Blooddrop Perfumes: White Tobacco and Green Musk & Iced Tea

Blooddrop continues to pique my interest. I seriously love the Victorian/Art Deco aesthetic and the scents continue to be enigmas to me. The unexpected complexity of the simplest notes and the bath and powder room treats have me mesmerized. I actually placed an order for a bath truffle, the mousse de bain and froth bubble milk bath soaks. I will feature those next week more than likely. I am very much anticipating the pleasant bathing rituals to come.
 The first perfume oil here is one I purchased when I hosted a giveaway recently and the winner chose a Blooddrop scent (I tucked this one in the order for myself) and the second one was a gift from a swap I did with my perfume friend, Lizzie. 

White Tobacco- Notes: White musk and tobacco from the Black, White and Amber Collection. $18 Still available for purchase.

From the bottle, the aroma of both the white musk and tobacco lifts up. The tobacco is boozy with pale whiskey and the musk has a lanolin sheep's wool tint to it. Pressed into the flesh, the emollient lanolin and skin musk fragrance opens up to a mild tobacco leaf with faint nuances of cherry and vanilla. Overall, my nose picks up an almond lotion suggestion, like being in the soothing embrace of mother's arms. Soft skin. Jergen's lotion. The lulling rhythm of a beating heart.

Green Musk & Iced Tea- Notes: Green musk and iced tea from the Summer Simplicity Duos.

The amber bottle holds the nostalgic aroma of sweet and tart green tea, infused with citrus fruits and sweetened with sugar. Once applied to the skin a classic Southern sweet tea experience unfolds. It is candied and tannic, yet wildly smooth and dreamy. A beautiful blend of velvety white, crystalline green and lush black teas. The sugared musk floats like the cool condensation above the chilled glass of iced tea on a sweltering summer afternoon. 

Do you have any recommendations for Blooddrop scents from her Permanent Collection that I should give a whirl? Did you buy any Whinnies? 

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