Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Blooddrop: Spring Collection Bath and Body

Opening up a box that looks like this is pretty much just like Christmas. The beautifully feminine florals and hues are well coordinated and striking in their display. I need to remember Blooddrop for my next bout of gifting. A box like this would make a lovely birthday gift. 

As I previously mentioned a few days ago, I partook of Blooddrop's spring collection restock. Astrid, the owner and perfumer behind the brand, teased a new bath product. And as I am always on the hunt for new bathing goodies to add to my nighttime ritual, I made sure to attend this restock. This particular restock also featured Astrid's wildly popular Whinnies line of perfumes which merge marshmallows and ponies... how cute is that?! I didn't pick up any Whinnies but I am sure I will come to regret that. I did pick up plenty, however, so let's check out what was in this beautifully packaged box.

Mousse de Bain  in Marshmallow with Smoky Copal and Vanilla Caramel $12.50 for 8 ounces

This is a creamy whipped soap that can be used as a shaving cream as well. It is delightfully light yet custard like in its texture. When I scoop some out with my fingers it is stiff and keeps its peaks like a well beaten meringue but is the creamy texture of gelato when being worked into a billowy lather. The scent of caramel and wooden cork-like copal resin lifts up from the scent. It really is perfect for shaving. I love the way it left my legs silky smooth.

 Astrid is currently stocked with marshmallow varieties in this product. 

Ahhhhhh... here she is. The new bath concoction I simply could not pass up. This potioin is called "Froth" and it is a bubbling milk bath soak, 6.5 ounces is $18.50 and comes in three scents with a common marshmallow thread.

Marshmallow, honey, smoky vanilla, ginger, oakmoss and sandalwood is the first one that caught my eye. I dumped about a tablespoon into hot running water and it immediately bubbled and frothed and birthed a mound of lacy bubbles that I happily sank down into, armed with a good book and a few candles. The scent of creamy honey sweetened woods wafted up from the steaming pool of water and the milky warmth caressed the skin. After reading about a chapter or so the bubbles dissipated and the steaming milky waters were left. I truly love a milk bath. This reminded me of the delicious Haunt milk bath I was gifted years and years ago, but even better with the bubbling and frothing added.

I also fell in love with the marshamallow, blackberry jam, crushed violets and thyme Froth. I used this in a bath too (guys, this stuff is really, really good) and the blackberries smelled so lovely against the powdery sweet violets. It was a dreamy bathing ritual to be sure.

A generous perk of purchasing $50 or more from Blooddrop is the inclusion of a Merci perfume. I received Merci No. 140. The notes of the Merci fragrances are unknown, which is fun! I am going to interpret what I smell, which may very well be different what you would smell. In fact, case in point, I asked my husband what he sniffed and my daughter too and we all three had vastly different answers. 

In the bottle, my nose picks up a brown sugar and tobacco vibe with a hint of earthy vetiver lurking about. Adam smells chocolate and coffee. Savanna smells creamy campfire smoke. On the skin I get a sweetly smoky tobacco and grassy vetiver still. I love it. There are tones of vanilla and the husk of coconut, a murkiness and woods. The drydown reveals a decantly chewy vanilla pipe tobacco aroma. This is soooo sexy and warm and perfect for my tastes. I will wear this one with utter abandon for sure. 

A little while back I did pick up this bath truffle ($5) in Soft with notes of violet, vanilla, heliotrope, birch and rice flower. These are melty, fizzying, bubbling bath treats that weigh about one ounce. The scent is primarily a sweet candied violet that is feminine and serene.

It felt amazing in the bath tub. It is definitely a quality bath melt, but I wouldn't say it was terribly fizzy or bubbly but it did froth a bit. It left the skin silky smooth and moisturized. I didn't have to use any lotion before bed, which I usually do. There was a slight purple oil on the rim of the tub but it was very easy to rub it away with my hand as the water ran out and did not stain. What I liked best was that after I got out of the tub and put on my jammies, Adam snuggled up to me and told me how good I smelled. So Astrid, if you ever want to make a perfume from this scent I would happily scoop it up. <3

Astrid kindly included this bar soap in my order. 

Eggnog & Spiced Rum is $6.50 and weighs about 5 ounces. These are glycerin based bars and heavy with emollient oils and proteins. This bar smells of sweet and creamy and gently spiced eggnog with a glug of rum for holiday cheer. It lathers beautifully, a bounty of bubbles with very little coaxing. It feels like firm putty on the skin, sleek and bouncy. It rinses clean and is a joy to bathe with. I will certainly be back for another bar in the future. 

I am as happy as a June bug in the tall summer grass with this Blooddrop order. 

Have you discovered any new bath potions lately? 


  1. Well, I went ahead and bought two of the bath soaks! The tuberose one sounds intriguing to me.

    1. I just picked up the tuberose one too. I didn't want to miss out on it. Milk baths are such a treat. Hope you have been doing well! I love your gorgeous photo on the SMT website!! xoxo

  2. Thank you for posting all this amazingness;I love milk baths so hardcore and like nobody makes them! I must look into this vendor! Thank you!
    I just used CC's ashes the other day in the tub, after an intense workout session. My first time.. I loved the texture and feel of the product and the scent was lovely. I had Namaste in Bed scent blend.. maybe not spelling it how Heidi does, but I'm not double checking my container right now. ;) :P

    1. I agree!!! I had that one from Haunt years and years ago and kept trying to find some but now I am in my happy place. I love the silky feeling of them.

      YES! The Unicorn Ashes are so nice. I kinda wished Heidi had put some in this pre-order but that is ok. The only thing I didn't care for in mine was the sparkles. I am getting to be a boring old lady and laying in bed looking like a gilded mummy is no longer my idea of a fun time. I did end up getting the new solid lotions in the lavender mint scent she came out with. Did you order anything this past opening?

    2. Gilded mummy?!?! Oh my God, Julie!!! No way at all!! lol lol
      I grabbed whipped soaps, a couple budders and solid lotions. I definitely got a mint lavender solid lotion for my father, he suffers from awful headaches and migraines- I just don't know if he'll give cbd a try.. I'm hopeful, I'd love something more natural to help him than the occasional pills he has to pop. :/