Monday, April 30, 2018

Ebb & Flow: April 2018

The highs and lows of the month.

Sonoma Scent Studio Yin & Ylang

Perfume Oil:
Nocturne Alchemy Eternal Ankh Anniversary, this one is a lovely pink hued vanilla amber that has a candied sweetness to it. At first I wasn't so sure about it. I even almost gave it away, but I put it on a few more times... then a few more times... and before I knew it I was reaching for it all the time and now it is half empty! 

Bath & Body Works Patchouli

Vintage Chic Scents Pink Twinkling Lights

Lip Balm:
Firebird Evergreen

Skin Care:
Cosmic Cleanse ScentSations Unscented Miracle Budder

Make Up:
Too Faced Bronzer in Chocolate Soleil, makes my skin look glowy.

Bath Treat:
Blooddrop Froth

Firebird Cabin

Ashley Weber crystal necklace. I wear it at least two to three times a week.

Dexter, because everyone has told me to.

The Kingdom series by Cynthia Voigt. I am on the second book and I just love how delicately the tales weave together after generations pass. 

Bear McCreary on Spotify

Veggies fresh from the garden (radishes, cucumbers and now pole beans), sauteed Vidalia onions and Tajin seasoning on everything but especially watermelon. 

Kings Road Apothecary teas

Final goodbyes to some of the kiddos at school as the school year ends.

Conversely, I am ready for Thursday, May 24th, the last day of school. The end of the school year is bittersweet. But this lady is tired

Strangely enough, the Lenovo ThinkPad. When I moved up into one of the lead teacher positions, the school bought a laptop for me to use and it was a ThinkPad. And after using it for 8 months, I have fallen in love with it. It is sturdy, fast and has all sorts of bells and whistles. I like the speaker strips on the sides for my music playing, I like the way the key boards feels. I just plain like it. I think I will pick one up for Savanna for school next year since she will be in 6th grade. 

Libertine Bath Haus lotion. I ordered three lotions and three scrubs from their inaugural opening. The labels were wonky and way too big, the jars didn't have seals and the lotion was a touch waxy for my texture tastes. I love the scents I got and the scrubs were very nice. I may try them again, but for me, the first opening is the first impression and things probably should not have gone out if they weren't ready.

The first two weeks of April were rough. Emotionally. Physically. Mentally. I was drained on all levels. And I am sure I was not a peach to be around. But resetting on the Whole30 has helped and refocusing has helped and garden basking has helped.

Hanging out in my garden during the golden glow of sunset, playing Pokemon with Savanna and watching Scarlette fall in love with a book for her very first time. My heart melts. 

How was your April? Are the flowers blooming? Is your heart absorbing beautiful things? Any new vendors? What makes your eyes twinkle right now??


  1. Love the photo of the fat bird! Glad to hear you're seeing the other side of a difficult month. Connecting with nature and eating fresh, healthy food really does help, and I'm very guilty of doing exactly the opposite when I'm stressed out.

    I am still enjoying reading over other downtime activities and recently gave The Dark is Rising sequence by Susan Cooper another chance. I'd started the second volume out of order years ago but wasn't in the mood for fantasy and put it down. Working on the fifth and final book now and will be sad when it ends. Her writing is lovely.

    In a fit of decluttering I recently unearthed a stash of wax melts that I'd stored too well and had some fun rediscovering some old favorites.

    1. Isn't he the cutest thing ever? My daughter, Savanna, and I were crouched down and watching him at a preserve and I took the photo and a couple walks behind us and the guy asks "what do they see?" and the lady said "it's just a catbird." I got totally excited because I had no idea what type of bird it was and then I was totally bummed because how can she say "just"?! Look at his cute face and puffed out belly?!?

      Thank you Kate. You hit the nail on the head. When I take care of myself I do feel much better emotionally and mentally. But why is it so hard to take care of myself? I wish ice cream was never invented. Just lying. I love ice cream.

      I am loving reading too. I was off for a few weeks but getting back into the Kingdom series has me spending my time reading. Fantasy you say???? I am there. I will write this one down. I love your book recs. Have you read the Name the Wind series?? I just picked up book one but not sure when to start it.

      Waxy treasures?!?! Fun!! I have been melting more than buying so my drawers are slowly emptying. I did buy a couple bags from Bohemienne Life recently but other than that, just laying low on the wax. I still love melting though!

    2. Well, I finished the 5th book last night and it was mostly an unsatisfying ending, but I'd still recommend the series overall for the writing and the captivating Celtic/Arthurian themes. If you do pick it up, keep in mind the first book is very different from the other 4 and more like a typical British holiday mystery romp.

      Name the Wind sounds great! I will add it to my list.

  2. Hi Julie,

    I love your photo also!

    I wear Yin & Ylang also (I love all of SSS fragrances). I was extremely fortunate enough to purchase a full bottle of Bee's Bliss. I adore this fragrance. Did you have a chance to try this fragrance? I was so saddened when Laurie closed her business, but I completely understand that she needed a change in her life.

    I love your fragrance reviews. I take it that we share a love of tobacco and honey fragrances. I also love incense fragrances as well. Today I'm wearing Boudoir, by Vivienne Westwood, today with a nod to my blooming Vibernum. I only wish I could find a fragrance that was a true Vibernum fragrance.

    1. Thank you Cathy!! I LOVE Yin & Ylang. I only have a travel spray of it so I am nursing it. I had a few bottles form Laurie on reserve but with trying to budget better and everything I ended up letting them go so she could sell them. I am 100% sure I will come to regret that but maybe if I ever get desperate I can locate some on eBay. I still have quite a few bottles. I was heartbroken too but I am happy for her to be with her parents and do more of what she loves in other areas of her life.

      Thank you so much! I don't get much chatter on the perfume reviews as I do on other posts so I am never sure if they are really interesting. But my heart belongs to perfume writing so I still plug away at it. We absolutely share a love of tobacco, honey, incense and all things delicious smelling! I don't think I have ever sniffed a vibernum based fragrance. I will have to sample Boudoir. <3

  3. Tajin seasoning! Sprinkly foodstuff of the gods (and goddesses.) We're sort of new converts, and my husband friggin' LOVES the stuff. Turns out it's pretty amazing on Dole Whip, that Disney pineapple soft serve that everybody but me loves, and as a margarita rimmer alongside something citrusy and tequila-y? Oh wow, it's good stuff. I think it would be so super great on something like watermelon.

    1. Seriously. It is! How did you get that on Dole Whip? Are you making it at home or do they have it at the park ready to sprinkle on? I need to investigate. I bought some watermelon slices this week for lunch dessert just to layer some on while at work. I am OBSESSED.

  4. Dexter, nooooooooo. My husband binged however many existing seasons last summer and in one of the episodes a character sang Make Me Lose Control by Eric Carmen and Shel sang it so much AND taught himself to play it on guitar and played it OUT! I blame Dexter. Also, I caught an episode and found the self-narration over the scenes quite annoying, realizing of course that the characters' thoughts needed reconciling from the book to the screen, but just, ugh, annoying. Sorry, for the rant on your blog. If you ever wanna chat up Dexter, speak to Shel, on second thought, don't bring it up bc he'll start playing the song @_@

    You Floridians and your sunshine-I'm super envious of your garden. But you just can't plant in our zone until Memorial Day unless you do the sun lamps and seed thing, which we don't bc we're noobs with no time for that. Seriously, I'm glad the plants and veg have brought you some joy and sunshine. I hope it brings the same to us because life is cruddy and stressful at the moment.

    The only twinkle existing for me is books, books, books!

    1. Hahahaaaa!! I can't imagine the trauma that caused. I finished season 1 and though I liked it, I am honestly fine not watching the rest. The acting is atrocious and I think if I have to suffer through any more of his sister's whining (well yeah, maybe she had some things to whine about) I might throw a rock through my TV and that is just not productive. Who knows. In a fit of summer boredom I may pick it back up again.

      I saw some green things and bags of soil popping out on your IG so that made me tremendously happy! At least you don't suffer through mosquitoes big enough to carry you away and palmetto bugs (fancy word for roaches) who apparently live in ear canals just for the fun of wreaking havoc.

      My heart goes out to you and yours and even though I don't know what your dark cloud looks like I am praying it dissipates very very soon.

      Books are always a great prescription. I am on a heavy dose of books myself. I am cracking open Needful Things since apparently it takes place in Maine! Woot!