Friday, April 20, 2018

Nocturne Alchemy: Studio Limited Perfumes

Nocturne Alchemy's perfume collections are broken up into various parts: Studio Limiteds (which are special house blends that may or may not be able to be remade once out of stock), Limited Collection (which is usually a seasonal collection that stays up for a couple months, along with any Resurgence scents from years past), Collaborations (these are with various artists or writers, think fandom creations with actual input from the creators and with all the correct licensing) and finally the Permanent Collection (hundreds of scents broken down into themes that will always be there ripe for the picking).

Today I am featuring three newer Studio Limited perfumes. 

Pyramid Santalum- Notes: Four aged sandalwood perfumes, blended together in different quantities to create an aromatic sandalwood symphony. When worn the sandalwood notes will vary in scent dependent on the wearer. Santalum, Santalum White, Santalum Sweet and Mysore Santalum. $27

From the vial emanates the most divine incense derived from precious woods. It is an ancient yet intimately familiar aroma. It is the sweet aromatic woods that form hope chests and treasure boxes carved by hand. A light airy resinous vibration can be detected. It sounds strange but there is an almost minty coolness when sniffed right out of the bottle. Wet on the skin, Pyramid Santalum possesses the texture of sun-warmed velvety sands. Suede ropes of incense smoke tie up the senses, sweet sacred woods  and musk float above the skin. Sun bursts of amber and rare resins peek through the golden haze of sandalwood, then sink down into the scent. It is like being surrounded by the womb of a venerable and primordial tree. It is an ancient and mysterious sandalwood that manages to be polished yet cozy on my skin. If I had to buy any of the Santalums in a 10ml bottle, it would be this one. And I just may do that.

Bloodstone Dark- Notes: Dragon's Blood resin aged in oak with black amber, black musk and black bloodstone resin, black cardamom and a drop of black vetiver smoke and oud. $27

The vial holds the sweetness of cardamom and the dark woodsy resin of Dragon's Blood. The name is obviously fitting. Once the dark amber liquid, thick with quality oils, is caressed into the flesh the midnight dragon takes flight. The Dragon's Blood exhibits tints of cool musky florals alongside shades of warm viscous resins. There is a slow undulating movement to the scent, as if it shifts and morphs in tiny increments that are barely perceptible.  Its lines are smudged and murky like the skeletons of trees shrouded in mist, entwining and embracing in a ritual of dance. The perfume looms dark with musk and incense, feels warm with a furred pelt of cardamom and sweet tonka. 
This is the most complex and smoothly plush Dragon's Blood I have ever worn.

Crystalline Dark- Notes: Beautiful aged Crystalline blended into dark notes of black amber, black musk and black vanilla, blended and aged two years in an oak barrel. $27

Simply dark vanilla woods fresh from the bottle. The strangest thing happens to me when I wear this scent. I have worn in several times now to make sure I am smelling what I smell... and that is vanilla sugared Dragon's Blood. There is a touch of smoky smooth incense laced in there, but ultimately this transforms into a gorgeous vanilla Dragon's Blood. Dragon's Blood ice cream? Cream and Dragon's Blood? All I know is that I adore Dragon's Blood and this will be one I drain sooner rather than later.

Today is a special day! Nocturne Alchemy is releasing their Spring Limited Collection! I plan on checking it out of course. What about you? Will you check it out? Do you have a favorite NAVA Studio Limited? I want to try Ember Vanilla soon. 


  1. Thank you for introducing me to this brand. I just placed an order and can't wait to receive it - the Pyramid you recommended and also Hessonite.

    1. How exciting!! Please let me know what you think when you get them. I had a friend gift me a sample of Hessonite and it is a stunning rich patchouli! I loved it. I will say that NAVAs do smell much better after they have rested a few days from travel. And they also tend to get deeper and more resonant with age. I really, really love the Pyramid Santalum. Hessonite I hope to order one day too.