Monday, April 23, 2018

Firebird Bath and Body

Firebird Bath and Body had been recommended to me once or twice in the past. I even filled up a cart with Brooke's tantalizing bath salts a time or two, but the most recent Etsy sale had me clicking "submit" to my order lickety-split. Guys, I am seriously loving these random Etsy sales.

Firebird also has a stand alone website where you can shop, here. Firebird Bath and Body has a well curated line of scents that appeal to the lovers of nature. The branding is bold and modern yet elegant. These would make beautiful gifts. 

Initially I was only going to grab the bath salts but then all the evergreen and cedar and smoke offerings clouded my intent and seduced me into dropping them into my cart. 

Cabin- Notes: Cedarwood, fir needle, mossy earth and campfire smoke. 4 ounce jar for $9
I enjoy the texture of this lotion. It sinks into the skin well, doesn't get greasy and it light enough for summer slathering. It smells amazing. The campfire smoke has a tender sweetness to it and the cedar and fir and moss all contribute to build a candied woodsmoke dream. I enjoy my evening ablutions with this bucolic beauty. 

Evergreen- Notes: Fir needle and fresh mint. $4
This is a great lip balm. It is moisturizing and hydrating on the delicate lip skin. The evergreen notes are very subtle but can be faintly detected. The mint is mild and pleasant. This is now a nightstand staple for bedtime lip care. I will happily buy it again in the future.

The Cabin bath salts contain Mediterranean sea salt, Dead sea salt, dendritic salt, smoked sea salt, tapioca starch, cedar leaf tips, juniper berries and fragrance. A 20 ounce jar is $22. 

I dumped about a quarter cup in the bath under warm running water and it smelled amazing in the bathroom. A cloud of smoky evergreens and rustic woods rose from the steaming waters. The juniper berries bobbed merrily in the ripples and the cedar tips lent their aromatic appeal. 

Viking- Notes: Saltwater, green birch, snow. 20 ounces for $22

Viking is composed of Mediterranean sea salt, Dead sea salt, sodium chloride, tapioca starch, birch bark, Icelandic moss and fragrance.  I get a minty blast with salt encrusted sea foam, juniper and fresh ozonic air. It makes a stunning spa-like bath. It goes well with the soap below.

You know me and my bar soap. It is a thing of beauty. 

Cedar and Mint- Notes: Cedarwood, fresh mint, damp earth. 4 ounces for $6

This is an all natural glycerin based soap that uses apricot seeds to exfoliate in the blue portion of the soap. It lathers beautifully and smells of fresh minty cedar, more cedar than mint. Quite a clean and invigorating aroma. Not sweet at all. It is a beautiful compliment to one of my favorite Arcana scents, Filthy Viking.

There are about a bajillion different bath salts I want to soak in from Firebird: Campfire, Cardamom Burnt Sugar, Woodsmoke & Vanilla, Lavender Wood and Blood Cedar just to name a few. Everything I bought would be a repurchase. I am thrilled to pieces with my first Firebird experience. 

Have you tried Firebird? Any favorites?


  1. Ahhh! Why do you temp me so, Julie? Kidding. But I am pretty sure I am going to place an order to try these bath salts.

    1. LOL! I have to say. I am a bath junkie. It is my down time and I will spend a good 30 minutes in the bath or more when I get a chance. I was so impressed with these salts. I will definitely be checking more of the scents out. Which ones are up your alley?

  2. Wow!! Definitely need to check this vendor out, thank you! The scent offerings and products sound so up my alley. :D