Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Darling Clandestine: Supernova Sway

It has been a little bit since I talked about my very first Darling Clandestine experience. I found another lovely fragrance from Evonne called Supernova Sway. I believe this one was gifted to me by a perfume friend in a swap. 

Supernova Sway- Notes: If "black metallic" had a fragrance, it would be this. I have been working on Supernova Sway for an age, under cover of night. Dark and bright, and dark and bright again, deep musks streaked with mint, black resins with subtle flashes of orchid and buttery honeysuckle. 

Spelunking in the belly of the Earth, a deep and winding cave in Costa Rica. Veins of manganese and iron crawl up and down the cool rock walls, pumping their metallic scent into the air. Ore infused waters drip from the tips of stalactites. The air truly smells of ozonic blackness. They say the molecular composition of space indicates that it smells of raspberries, but I think it smells like this cave. Eerily a waft of tropical honeysuckle slinks by like an apparition. Is it from the jungle outside or is it the perfume from the spirit of a lost soul who once wandered in the cave only to never see the sun again? Fated forever to smell like the taunting golden orb and the mocking pitch dark of the earthen tomb. This story turns, however, once the perfume oil is dabbed onto the skin. It turns into the inky dankness of the black leather jacket your wild ex used to wear and how his scarred hands smelled of the metal he welded and bent and formed at the machine shop. Here he comes up the walkway bearing a single fuchsia orchid. Then you open your eyes from the rippling reflection of the past and find yourself back in the cave and the mysterious wonders it holds.  

Supernova Sway is quite a morpher I bet. I can see this varying wildly from person to person based on skin chemistry and scent associations. I mostly get a black leather and metal  with an edge of ozonic florals. It is very cool.

Inked is still a scent that is unique to my collection. The review can be read here. Inked is currently being offered on pre-order. If you are looking for some unique scents to add to your collection, check out Darling Clandestine.

Do you have any Darling Clandestine scents you adore?

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