Monday, April 16, 2018

Sixteen92: Penny Dreadful and Dancing in the Snow

Sixteen92 hosted their annual Resurrection in the beginning of the year and I picked up a few scents and items. I also recently joined Sixteen92 The Circle that is a subscription club that will enable its members to enjoy samples of all the new releases as well as a discount on items purchased. I believe there may even be member exclusives. But back to the Resurrection 2018... I ordered these two scents and Baker Street in a travel sized EDP as well as some hair serums and detanglers for the girls and myself. Resurrections take place once a year in January and Claire brings back oldies but goodies that have been retired. 

Penny Dreadful- Notes: Ambergris accord, labdanum, oakmoss, immortelle, Bulgarian rose absolute, black orchid and wormwood. 

Golden and opulent, this smells like a haunting chypre fresh from the glass vial. Deliciously dark and resonant labdanum taunts with its sonorous amber hue while golden oakmoss drips its earthy tang into the scent. Pressed into the wrists the perfume of amber roses drifts up, swollen with stygian intentions. These are dark roses, round with spice and musky with oakmoss and lichen clinging to their thorns. As the Victorian story progresses the roses fade to ghosts and the labdanum delves into deeper and richer territory. Ambergris, salty and suede-like lurks in the shadows while something just this side of sweet casts itself into the plot as well. It is a cloud of resinous beauty that is utterly enchanting. 

If this ever makes a come back again I will happily buy it in any and all product forms. 

Dancing in the Snow- Notes: Ice crystals and snow angels, delicate mint, white lace, silver birch, winter ozone and pale vanilla musk. 

A pale wisp of white woods and that signature fuzzy and ivory toned cashmere musk that many Sixteen92 scents have as a base. I love that base because it whispers of woods and resin but is diaphanous and elegant. Melting into the skin like so many snow flakes carved from an ice sculpture, a brief minty chill is greeted by the florescence of a carpet of sweet alyssum, lacy and dulcet. Winter air, frozen soil and the papery white peel of birch bark all meld into each other. This perfectly captures that backyard scene of Edward slashing away at a block of ice while the scents of previously sculpted hedges fly off his shears; Kim dancing in her crisp white dress and the scent of her vanilla musk twirling about the faux snow flakes. 

I love how easy this is to wear. It will make a beautiful summer scent that is light yet clean in a natural sense. It will make sweltering summers that much more pleasant to sweat in. 

I am very happy with both of these scents I picked up in the January sale. I got my Circle coupon code in time to pick up my first Friday the 13th bottle. I chose Lycanthrope. I think I need to read a werewolf series soon. Any recommendations?


  1. Penny Dreadful! I think you mentioned in another post that you were actually watching it (and not just wearing it)? And maybe a bit undecided about it? My husband watched it for maybe the first season and a half and then just kind of let it tail off, I don't think the interest was there. Also, what a freakshow, man. But Eva Green is THE hotness. My lord, that woman is a goddess. She has a very dramatic sense of style in real life, I love to see what gothic-style gowns she wears to red carpets.

    1. I did! And I stuck through it until the end. It did get kind of tedious at times but apparently I passed a point where I felt fully invested. I ended up being glad I watched but I saw the ending coming a mile away and I was ultimately bummed her and Elizabeth and Ethan didn't get the love they needed in each other for very long. Freak show for sure. Definitely wayyyyyy darker than I normally go. Eva Green is gorgeous. Her voice sounded a little forced on the gravely level and it became grating but I do think she is pretty fierce.