Saturday, January 2, 2016

The Sweet Treats Wax Bakery + Giveaway!

The Sweet Treats Wax Bakery is a brand spanking new wax company, started by a lady named Lori. She creates some house blends in addition to using the familiar fragrance oils that have become staples. Her chunks are molded with mitered edges on the bottom and crumbles used throughout, giving it a more marbled effect. Her scent shots are 2 ounce ovals in sturdy plastic, ala Dessa's and LPL and Gliteratti. She sent me enough to giveaway a dozen scent shots and 2 chunks. Let's check out the chunks.

Good Morning Mr. Patterford- Is a blending of Patterford's Bakery (house blend of vanilla cookies and sweet pastries) with an overpour of Pumpkin Pecan Waffles. I don't know who this Mr. Patterford is, but I like him, he has great taste and he must be a right chunky lil baker. Because this fragrance makes me gain 10 pounds just smelling it. Rich layers of holiday baking topped with that beloved PPW and covered in vanilla cream.  It threw strong in my kitchen and living room area. A great big room scent.

Beach Slippers- Seaside Cove (house blend of salty ocean air and a splash of sweetness) with Cactus and Sea Salt overpour. A beautifully rendered fresh scent that is smooth and breezy. No jarring detergent notes or harsh aromas. 

Bed & Breakfast- A house blend of pumpkin waffles, maple syrup and fresh brewed coffee. The coffee beats back the other scents but the maple pancakes can be detected in the back of the inhale. The coffee is creamy and strong. 

Wild Card- A house blend of juicy wildberry with tea and cake. The wildberry doesn't stand out as wildberry mousse but the tea and cake may be masking that vibe. It is a unique and lovely blend that melds very well together, like jam and scones. 

Scent shots, filled full and ready to melt. I enjoy having the pour date on there. These are definitely cured and ready to go.

Pink Sugar- I forget how yummy this scent is all by itself. I get on a blending binge with Pink Sugar and forget to enjoy it on its own merits. 

Birthday Cake- Vanilla laden cupcakes with almost a tinge of banana. Delish. It did melt a little light however.

Patterford's Bakery- Sugar cookie on steroids. Great blend.

Pumpkin Sugar Donuts- I don't know where I was when this type was released everywhere but I am glad I have it now. Cinnamon sprinkled donuts and depth from the pumpkin. My kind of bakery. 

Vanilla Bean Noel- The staple. Vanilla at its best. 

Snow Caps- A house blend of peppermint, spearmint and lemon. The lemon is not obvious but it adds a clarity to the mints. I really, really enjoy this scent.

Tybee Island Laundry- A house blend of fruit and clean clothes. In love. It smells tropical and fresh, like a beach house  surrounded by citrus trees, plumeria and mango trees. The name. Adam and I love Tybee Island. It has the cutest little bed and breakfast. <3

Cotton Fresh Coconut- A house blend of cotton sheets and coconut milk. Another hit. These fresh scents of hers are beautiful, tempered by fruits, sweetness and coconut. Genius. It threw medium-strong with a creamy coconut coming to the forefront. 

Rosewood & Oak- You know this is my kind of scent. Another house blend, featuring red roses and dark oak wood. Perfectly elegant and smells just like rosewood should smell. The throw was strong and filled my bedroom with a gorgeous aroma. I would be happy to buy this in large quantities.

Seaside Cove- House blend of salty ocean air and sweetness. It almost reminds me of clean cotton candy. Lovely.

Southern Hospitality- A house blend mixing orange and almond cake with a splash of peach tea. The almond and peach dominate with the cake and orange whispering their part. 

Twilight Woods- A dupe of Bath & Body Works' popular fragrance. I adore this woodsy sweet musk, but most all I have melted have been on the light side, this one included. 

*None of the following were melting due to give away!*

Pumpkin Pecan Waffles- An excellent dupe of the cult favorite. Dense, butterbrickle drizzled bakery goodness.

Pumpkin Apple- Sweet Macintosh apples and a little extra dimension added by the pumpkin, but not identifiable as such. A very nice apple scent.

Sugar Cookie- The classic crunchy vanilla sugar cookie. 

Tea & Cakes- Sweet black tea and almond studded scones. Properly British and right nice.

Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies- The staple of waxies everywhere. Sweet blackberry preserves nestled in a thumb print shortbread cookie. Oh so yummy.

Cappuccino Espresso- Coffee with hazelnut cream. Vibrant and strong.

Seaside Cove- A second scent shot of the one mentioned above. This one to be given away.

Blonde Moment- Bubbly raspberries and strawberries with a hint of grape juice. Like the best cocktail mixer ever. 

Cotton Candy- Fluffy strawberries pun into threads of sugar. 

Apple Berry Tea- A house blend of apples, berries and tea. A lovely mixture indeed. Smells just like apple tea my friend Ashley sent me from Turkey.

Scrubbing Day- A house blend of crisp and fresh that would make Pippi proud. It reminds me of white florals and honeysuckle. 

Black Raspberry Vanilla- Yum. The classic scent of bright and juicy berries. Energetic and effervescent.

Scents shots run $2.00, while chunks are $4.25 and pie slices are $6.75. The ounces are not listed that I can see, this would be a nice thing to know before hand but the scent shots are on par with typical vendor wax cost. The chunks did average around 3.1 ounces each, so those are a little higher. I am not sure how much the pie slices weigh. 

Overall, TSTWB has great throw on bakery items, medium to light throw on some of the vanillas and florals. There is another wax vendor with a very similar name: Sweet Treats Wax Shop. They are different vendors. TSTWB does have a Facebook page. I look forward to trying more of her scents, as she does have over 80 fragrances to try from on her website. 

The last two groupings of scents (the scents shown in the photo above) plus the two chunks shown will be given away! I am also stuffing the box full of other various vendors. Please do note that some of the scents are several months cured. If that bothers you, please just be aware. She does recommend 8-12 weeks cure time per her FAQ page. In order to enter please comment below with what your waxy goals are this year. The winner will be randomly drawn Friday, January 8th. My waxy goals include: continue melting, try two to three new vendors and branch out on the scents. I have been very much ordering in my comfort zone as of late.


  1. The fresh scents seem so interesting. The last time I purchased a blended laundry scent was from front porch a year a ago, I dumped it after 5 minutes. Loved all of your Christmas pictures, have a happy and healthy new year!!! Ellisa

  2. Happy New Year! An interesting new vendor �� My goals this year are to continue in my quest to melt as much wax as is humanly possible, and to purchase more warmers - I need to be a little more adventurous in this!

    Have a fabulous weekend ��

  3. My waxy goals are:
    1. Get one more warmer
    2. Blend scents, I tend to melt one scent at a time.
    3. Try new scents I tend to stick with sweet bakery scents !
    Btw this is theramblingsofdiane on Instagram

  4. My goal is to melt through the store brands I accumulated before discovering the Indie vendor wax world. I have so much and I always reach for my indie wax first. Also need to be wary of getting caught up in the hype of openings.

  5. This sounds like a really great new vendor to try! OK, my wax goals for 2016 are: 1)to continue seeking out new brands/vendors and sharing my thoughts with other waxies, 2)buy a few new melters (mine are looking a tad beaten down after prolonged use, 3)continue to investigate wax in all price categories, from funky to fancy. As a few of you know, it's foolish to snub the tangled aisles of Walmart!!

  6. My wax goals for the beginning of the year, at least, is to not purchase more wax until I've made a small dent in my current stash. Except Super Tarts clams because they won't come around again for a year.

  7. My wax goal for the year is to melt through a lot of my older wax. I've been more into candles lately because they are easier to deal with (just blow the flame out and you're done whereas tarts require freezing the wax to pop it out and it's messier) so I need to focus more on using my tarts. Thanks for doing yet another awesome giveaway!

  8. These wax tarts look and sound wonderful! Thanks for the opportunity to try them! My main wax goal is to support some new favorite vendors I've discovered. I'm going to melt through my current stash for a couple months and then place some orders in spring and summer.

  9. Oh! I love your haul!!! My goal is to organize my stash and not to buy as much before I melt.

  10. Whoa, those look so cute and sound so yummy. I've never even heard of this vendor.

    My wax goals for this year are to get back into it and enjoy it more. I'd like to place more orders this year, even if they're tiny, and just have fun with it again. I'd kinda gotten overwhelmed and frustrated this past year or so.

    Fun giveaway! Thanks!


  11. Those chunks are gorgeous! The scents sound amazing too!

    My wax goals are to branch out from my circle of comfort and try more new-to-me vendors. I also want to melt more consistently. I'm very much stop and go with melting.

  12. Oooh, I love hearing about new vendors and have tried several new scents because of your awesome reviews. My goals are to come up with a better system of organization for my wax. I also need to melt through some of the goodies in my stash before I add a whole lot more to it. I'd like to start keeping a little journal of some sort too, to help me remember favorite scents better for future repurchases. Thanks so much for hosting another awesome giveaway! :)

  13. This is awesome! My wax goals are to get organized (!) and try out new scents.

    - Judith

  14. /not joining the giveaway! But I just wanted to join in with my waxy goals. Definitely to melt at a more consistent rate (hopefully daily) and to buy from new-to-me vendors.

  15. My goals are
    1. To stop "saving" my favorites and to use them and enjoy them
    2. Stick to a budget
    3. Step out of my scent comfort zone (mystery boxes are helping me with this)

  16. My wax goals are to actually get some from the vendors I've been dying to try! Glitterati, CFTKR, LSC all elude me as I'm not fast enough. I also need to get out of my bakery zone as I tend to stick to the same scents. Awesome giveaway to start the new year!

  17. My waxy goals are to stop hoarding and start melting more. I need to use up my stash before I can branch out and try new brands.

  18. My goal this year is to melt more! I have a back stock of wax that needs some love. Maybe also try a new vendor or two.

  19. My goal this year is to melt more, and maybe even blend a couple of scents to come up with my own fragrances at home. So often I melt just one tart, where I could get a great scent by melting half of two tarts, or 1/3 each of 3 tarts, that sort of thing.

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  21. My goal is to burn through all the melts and branch out from Yankee candle

  22. First off i just found your blog via IG and I love it! Thanks for the awesome reviews, I can't wait to try some of these different vendors. My wax goals this year are to stop hoarding my favorites and just enjoy them. To buy more warmers and start venturing out from my comfort zone.

  23. My waxy goals this year is narrow down my top 5 vendors and learn to budget! I love trying new vendors but I seem to go overboard. Oh and to organize my wax stash better. I have my wax all over the place!