Sunday, January 31, 2016

Ebb & Flow: January

The highs and lows of the month.

Bobbi Brown lip balm tin

Skin care:
Lush Tea Tree spray

LCM Fragrance No. 30 

FuturePrimitive 3-in-1 Whipped Soap in Indian Temple Attar

Butterbears for days.

Downton Abbey. On the 4th season and thoroughly addicted. I must sit in front of the TV like a kid and sob every episode.

Magnus Chase and having fun. It balances the soap opera heaviness of Downton. 

Hummus. The variety pack from Whole Foods tops the lot.

San Pellagrino because bubbles.

Universal Studios Diagon Alley for Savanna's 9th birthday <3

Jury duty. Not because I am not grateful to do my civic duty but because what if I choose wrong?

This crisp weather in Florida. I was hoping winter would come eventually.

My new IKEA plates! Finally replaced our wedding set due to broken pieces and stains and scratches from over 10 years of use. The IKEA ones might be cheap but they are so pleasing to the eye. 

Lush's Gorgeous moisturizer. Second time trying it and second time breaking out. I count myself lucky I don't need an $88 face cream.

My emotions last week. It was a tough week. Ends up we have to pay for the new bumper because dude didn't have insurance and we have a $500 deductible. It sucks but not the end of the world. Then some little thorns, like foxes nibbling in my vineyard type of things. I really should not even be complaining. So I will stop right here.

Experiencing winter in North Carolina with my family. 

What are some of your highs? Lows? Anything you loved or hated this month? Please share!


  1. No fox party for Savanna?

    Jury duty...hopefully you get a really scandalous murder trial that's eventually featured on Snapped. Do you watch ID channel at all? (It's all true crime shows.) There is a commercial where a wife gets a jury duty summons and she's sooooo happy, dancing all around, waving it in her husband's face like she's won the lottery. He says "Hopefully you'll be sequestered," and she gasps and giggles like it's the greatest idea in the world. LOL Yes, crime show addicts relate.


    1. Oh, nevermind. It was Scarlette who wanted the fox party. My bad.


    2. No problem! Yes, Scarlette is my fox girl. I am hoping it will be a very clear cut situation, though I doubt if those really exist. Too funny about the commercial!!! I felt a surge of excitement at first when Adam handed it to me, but then I got really scared when I realized the weight of it. Have you had jury duty? What was it like?

    3. I haven't. Kurth and Ty have both been summoned but didn't make the cut. Casey received a notice that his name was in the pool for an upcoming month but he never got an actual summons. Nothing exciting ever happens around this boonies area anyway. *sigh* lol


  2. My high for the month was going into NYC to see the musical Beautiful for my mother's birthday and having a family style lunch at an Italian restaurant, Tony's di Napoli. As we were walking out of the theater back to the subway it started snowing, it was the first snow of the season. The day made me nostalgic for 2012 when I was commuting to Times Sq for a temp job at Ann Taylor, and being surrounded by vibrant women. The agency I went through called this week and said they are looking fur people there again, for a couple months. Although I am in a permanent role, and love my short commute and living in a quiet, beautiful part of NJ, I am considering taking it. I am having trouble getting the nerve but I am being transitioned to a new role this year that isn't feeling like a good match so far. This weekend I drive 5 hours to a training in Rochester NY so I'm hoping on the way home I will know more to make a decision I can live with.

    1. How cool Jean!! That sounds like my kind of high, so magical and full of beautiful moments. How was the musical? Go with your gut. Shake things up a bit. I will be thinking of you. Please let me know what you decide. I know where you are at right now has not always been the best experience.

  3. Great fungus/lichen shot I meant to add!

    I think my lows have been falling into old patterns that I wanted to leave behind for 2016 but there was a shift this weekend, maybe going through change is forcing me to be more in the moment.

    1. Thank you! I am a fungus nerd. I might not know all their names but I can certainly appreciate them.

      I hear you. I was doing good until my moon's blood came upon me. (Yeah I know creepy and gross but hey, I said it). I seriously cannot cope well when I am doubled over in pain and cranky and generally miserable. And the thought of eating a carrot stick on top of that shatters me. But today is a new day and even if I ate a cookie for breakfast that doesn't mean I cannot do better. I am excited to hear that positive change is snapping some things back into place that you were striving towards. Keep up the momentum! <3

  4. My highs include all of my outings here in Korea! It's hard to pinpoint anything specific but if I had to it would be some of my Lush experiences here. We are now on a first name basis with a few of the employees at the Lush store in Itaewon and have reached a point where the samples we get are always full sized products. LOL

    A low is just some emotional issues I'm going through. I don't want to bog down your blog with them though. :)

    I'm on the fence about the Missha nail polishes I picked up. They have a weird, thick consistency and a choking weird minty scent. The brushes are too big for my fingernails, too! On the other hand, the polish is self smoothing and I have some great wear on it!

    I hope things look a little brighter for you this month! Gorgeous picture, as always! :)

    1. Whoa!!! First name basis and free full sized product?! Yes ma'am, that would make my high list too! How awesome Liz! If you ever want to chat about emotions please do. I battle mine all the time so I am right there with you.

      The Misshas sound weird. At least it levels out though. Does the smell linger or only when wet?

      Thank you dear. Every month certainly has its ups and downs. I hope your February is good too!

    2. Ohhh, man, that minty smell LINGERS. Even with two layers of topcoat I couldn't escape the scent. It was so strong I could smell it with my hands down at a table or under a blanket. No, thank you!

  5. Julie - four words: Whole. Foods. Olive. Hummus.

    1. MMMMMM! Olive Hummus. Check! I plan on trying to get over to Whole Foods again before a whole years passes by. When I do I will certainly grab olive hummus. Thank you Liz!