Monday, January 25, 2016

NEST: Elton John's Holiday Candle

This candle was on sale at Sephora online and with the recent extra 20% off offer they had on sale items I figured it would be a good time to try this out. I bought both scents available: Elton John's Holiday and Elton John's Fireside. Both are limited edition candles under the NEST brand. I believe these were originally $38 each but after the sale price plus the discount I got them for about $20 each. This candle is the same scent as last year's Holiday candle which I reviewed previously. I won't go into much detail other than it is the same amazing scent of candied cloved oranges and evergreens but maybe even with a stronger throw. I burned it just a few hours for testing but will be saving it for next year. 

Have you tried a NEST candle yet? The Elton John editions are pretty groovy. 


  1. I love the golden insignia on the glass. Such a nice touch!
    I have not tried any NEST candles, but they sound divine :)

    1. It is a nice fancy schmancy design on the glass. Sephora can be a good place to get them on sale form time to time. But they do carry them at some department stores too. I like what I have tried.