Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Olfactif Artisan Perfume Subscription: January

January's Olfactif theme is "What's In A Name?"

Winter by Dasein- Notes include: Blue spruce, black cardamom, forest pine, French lavender.
Winter is quite lovely and wears perfectly easy. Comforting scents of pines, balsam, spruce and fir trees of all green and blue hues rise from the fat stubby needle leaves. Lavender threads through the whole scent starting herbal fresh and green then moving into sugar confection territory. With the added sweetness comes a change in the evergreen thread as well, it becomes a touch smokey and warm. This scent has personally requested to come live with me. And I shall abide. Soon, Winter, soon. A full 50 ml EDP bottle runs $90. 

The Dark Heart of Old Havana by 4160 Tuesdays- Notes include: Orange, peach, grapefruit, sugar, tobacco, bergamot, tonka, jasmine, vanilla, musk, black pepper. 
This is one you might consider spritzing on a test patch before spraying with abandon and walking out the door to greet your day. When Sarah McCartney set out to re-create her personal experience dancing the Tango on the dark side of the tracks in Old Havana, she went whole hog. Honey sweet rum and thick whiskey colored tobacco leaves make way for peaches just past their prime, rotting bananas and citrus fruits forgotten. The effect firmly places me walking down old Caribbean streets, past cracked buildings, scraggly fruit trees and trade winds carrying the scents of dumpsters and cats. Jasmine comes in adding to the feral funk until the base notes remind me why I came to this place, Old Havana, to see its beauty that lies in the authenticity. Who wants to go to the tourist traps? The real fun is experiencing the local life. The real culture. The finish of Old Havana softly warms with musk, vanilla bean pods and fine pepper. A full 50 ml EDP bottle costs $90. 

Poopoo Pidoo by Ego Facto- Notes include: Citrus, orange blossom, rice powder, amber, woods, musk. 
Apparently Poopoo Pidoo is how the French say Betty Boop's tag phrase "Boop Oop A Doop." How adorable?! All those sweet little moues the mouth makes saying that in a coquettish manner. Imagine the the blushing expression and awkward shuffling if someone asks what delightful scent you are wearing. Because delightful it is. The orange blossom and citrus are sweet and gauzy, airy and soft. Rice powder covers the wrists with a vintage scent of pink dusted powder puffs. There is romance, small smiles of remembrance and involuntary twirling involved here. The drydown features a velvet woods and amber finish that smells clean and snugglesome. This is very much a pretty and feminine fragrance that remains elegant and yet approachable. My husband would enjoy this as a date night perfume. A full 50 ml EDP is $100. 

So what is in a name? A brisk blustery day, a thrilling jaunt through the rough side of town, or a romantic daydream while wearing a fuzzy twinset and pearls? Which would you want to sample? I really want to get my hands on a full bottle of Winter. But Poopoo Pidoo is not far behind. I doubt I could wear The Dark Heart of Old Havana on a regular basis but I very much appreciate it for the experience that it bestows. 


  1. I have a habit of sitting down to comment on posts then getting sidetracked and never posting said comment. That appears to've happened here! LOL

    Poopoo Pidoo sounds like a winner! The looks on people's faces when you tell them what you're wearing would only be a plus. :P Like you, I would pick Winter first, though. I've found that lavender is one of my favorite fragrances, assuming it's not too medicinal or metallic.

    1. It was a flirty cute scent! I would totally wear it in the regular. It is pretty without smelling too mainstream.

      The lavender in Winter is lovely! A touch herbal then super sweet and snuggly. I have a lavender gap in my fragrances and would love to fill it.