Friday, January 29, 2016

Candy Panda Wax

Candy Panda is a newer vendor that opened in the early fall I think and operates mainly out of Instagram where she posts all restock information and dates. There are two websites associated with this company which can kind of make things confusing if you aren't aware of that and aren't a part of Instagram. There is a website for 5 packs and scrubs and a site for samplers. It is the same company though the main owner runs the 5 pack and scrub site fulfilling and her friend/employer runs the production and fulfilling of the samplers. These 1 1/2 ounce 5 packs run $6.00 each. The tarts are RTS and ship very fast. I believe the TAT was only a few days and came well packaged.

Lord of Chaos is a Lord of Misrule dupe. Lush obsession much? Yes. Yes, I know. I go through phases. Right now I am crushing hard on some Lord of Misrule. This is a nice representation of that sweet musky patchouli blend.

I chose Fruit Loops because I have not had this scent in many moons. It was one I melted way too much at first but now have come to miss. Plus it is a great barometer of how well a vendor's wax performs, as it usually is a great throwing scent. And this one was a great thrower. It scented my whole kitchen and living room for about 4 hours. 

Uluru is a Lush dupe too (of Uluru) but I have never had this particular fragrance from Lush. It blends citrus, sandalwood and rosewood. A beautifully clean and sophisticated scent that would not be remiss in the bedroom. The rosewood is what draws me. I appreciate a lovely rosewood. It melted medium-strong in my bedroom.

Pink Sugar. Need I say more? Another good barometer of throw as quite a few vendors get this one right and it goes strong while some just can't nail it down. I melted two in the living room/kitchen and it gave off a true medium-strong to strong throw. There was a lot of variation among fill levels in this scent as you can see in the background. 

Free Samples!

Creme de Menthe- There is a white chocolate and milk chocolate base note with mint swirled through. A nice scent but not for my personal tastes. I tend to be really picky about what mint is blended with.  

Fizzy Soda- A bubbling brew of ginger ale and lemon-lime soda that tickles the senses. Looking forward to melting this one.

Paradise Garden- A tropical fruit and floral blend where pineapple stands out. There is an aquatic tone to this fragrance.

Blueberry Wonderland- Blueberry mixed with Tea and Cakes. The almond note is always the strongest for me in Tea and Cakes and it is here too. My sister has already claimed it though so it all works out.

Insomnia- A lovely blend of lavender and pink sugar. I am enjoying the sweet lavender oil that Candy Panda uses and look to try more lavender blends from her in the future.

I am overall happy with my order. I do wish all the cups were filled to the top, but the throw was good on all the ones I melted. Her Lush dupes will be what brings me back to order. I am kicking myself for missing her Vanillary dupe. Have you tried Candy Panda? What are your thoughts?


  1. I am lemming Candy Panda hardcore! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pics so I can live vicariously through your order, lol! If/when I order I would love to get some tea & cakes blends, as well as Insomnia and some Lush dupes, particularly Rose Jam. Who am I kidding though; I'd probably love them alllll.

    1. You will be happy ordering I think! Her Blueberry Tea and Cakes is really nice. And Insomnia was great. Her Lush dupes are excellent. Hope you get to order soon!

  2. Next time I get wind of a restock with a fair amount of scents I like I may place an order. If the performance is consistently good I might be willing to overlook a little inconsistency in the fill leves :)

    1. Of course! The fill level is not a deal breaker just something I noted. It make me appreciate how much Beezy and LSC and a few others really pay attention to it though. I did have one vendor where the scent shots were half full and that bummed me out. Especially since they weren't samples, but ones I had paid for. I hope you get around to trying Candy Panda and let me know your thoughts!

  3. how can u buy some of whats on this page ?

    1. Hello Tonya! If you click on the words 5-pack or sampler they will take you to the stores to purchase the wax. The 5-pack link may not have much as Candy Panda restocks usually Friday, Saturday or Sunday. I hope that helps you.