Monday, January 11, 2016

Lush Boxing Day Sale (US): Part One

Once again I did Lush Boxing Day pretty haphazardly. I couldn't get to a store as I had planned since we decided to go down to Naples Christmas Day on the fly to visit my in-laws, but I did have my hand dandy phone on me. I ordered six little orders since items kept coming into stock. Part one is three of those orders. I am not sure what is going on with all the chaos that is Lush Boxing Day but my other three orders have not even shipped yet. And they are not going in order of time placed. But really, I don't mind as long as they come. So let's look at the damage shall we?

I bought two Santa's Belly gift sets, figuring the girls would love the Santa's Belly shower jelly (scented in So White- apples mainly) and they do. It charms them with the star glitter and cheery fruity scent. It was a tad runny though. The Stardust bath bomb smells of soothing vanilla and emits blue bursts of color in the tub. I quite like it. Reindeer Rock soap dances with tart lingonberries, similar in scent and flavor to cranberries just maybe not as tart. I want to say this set ran in the mid $20 range.

Two Butterbear sets arrived, filled with vanilla and cocoa butter goodness. Butterbear is the same as the general catalog Butterball bath bomb but in a more cuddly cute shape. These were $36 each, but BOGO of course. The girls and I love these for extra moisturizing. They really are effective.

I went Lord of Misrule shower cream crazy. I have 4 small bottles, 2 medium and one large en route. Sadly, I did not manage to order any of the bath bombs, though one did come in my Sleeps 'Til Christmas gift set and the Heebie Jeebie set that I still am hoarding. Anyway, I will be giving some as gifts and one is for my up and coming 1K Followers Giveaway on Instagram. This sweet, musky, vanilla based patchouli scent drives me wild. I am obsessed with it, as are many others. 

The Luxury Lush Pud is scented like Twilight, my candy lavender queen. It has to be one of my favorite bombs as far as motely goes. The little disks float like islands of color in the tub. I bought two of these. 

I admit I was dubious about Yog Nog last year but a bar of it came in a box I ordered and I fell in love. It is a super sweet and creamy bakery type of scent, which is not something I normally gravitate towards, but the vanilla, light spice and cocoa is enhanced with woody and amber undertones that make it luxury gourmand. I picked up one Yog Nog bath bomb online. 

Two helpings of Five Gold Rings tagged along for an order because, having never experienced these bubble bars, it was time to change that. I read that these can make 3-5 baths nicely and bath cocktails easy and affordable. The fragrance brings to mind a lovechild between Lust and Vanilliary. I get a sweet dark vanilla bean pod, fruit compote and jasmine hearts. Lovely scent. Have you tried these?

Two Hanukkah gift boxes were ordered when I saw they contained The Olive Branch shower gel. My love for this fragrance began with The Bathing Garden years ago and has grown since. There are so many wax dupes of Lush scents out there that I have probably tried more dupes than actual Lush products. I am excited to actually use The Olive Branch now and have it go with my Lush perfume solid I picked up in Japan. 

Celebrate came in a box last year and I fell in love with it. A little goes a long way and it moisturizes beautifully. I enjoy the slightly oily component for my feet and hands. It smells of oranges in a powdery, almost floral manner. Same scent family as Golden Wonder. 

The gold Fun is for the girls. They love it. It is scented in Honey I washed the Kids, which I am not a fan of at all. Pee-yoo. 

Sample of soap in Miranda. She is quite lovely on cold, smelling of mangoes and flowers and tropical fruits. 

My sisters, mom, daughters and I did swing by Lush at the mall way after Christmas and there were actually items left. I did grab two gift boxes of Holiday Cheer which contained: Beautiful shower gel (sunny citrus ditty that is as lovely as its name), Yog Nog bath bombs, Gorgeous facial moisturizer, Love and Light hand cream, Stardust bath bomb, Yog Nog soap and Snowcake soap. The girls also requested The Magic of Christmas Fun so I did buy them two of those as well. There was only one of those huge Christmas gift boxes left and my mom kept trying to make a deal with the staff in order to get it BOGO, but they just wouldn't budge. I love to see my mom haggle though. "So can we buy it half off? Can we get $200 worth of other Christmas stuff and get it free? Is there ANYTHING we can do to get it as BOGO?!" Sorry mama. But gold star for effort.

Are any of these staples for you? Did you do any Lush splurging lately? Guess who has starting doing the Lush Kitchen mania.... ooooooh boy. Oh man. Do you buy from the Lush Kitchen?


  1. Looks like you got a good haul! I still haven't been to a Lush store yet, wish there was one closer! Those bears are too cute!!

    1. If Lush came to Lakeside I think I'd be in big trouble. But I certainly would not be complaining. The one in Brandon, Tampa and Orlando are just so small now that I have been to such large ones in Japan. The Bears are super cute and smell so yummy! Do you do baths at all??

    2. I try to have a relaxing bath once a week. I let Savannah use my tub once a week too since she still likes them. :)

  2. Butterbear! I used an entire bear in one of my baths recently and oh my goodness. Such silkiness. I felt like I was bathing in silk! Next time I will definitely chop my bear up but that was a luxurious bath all the same.

    I've never tried Lord of Misrule and they never have it in store when I go so I can see what all the fuss is about. It sounds amazing, though!

    This sounds like a fantastic order all around! Can you tell us how Five Gold Rings performs? I have some coming to me in the mail but it'll be awhile before it arrives. Yay international shipping!

    I've resisted Lush Kitchen up until now. I keep checking it out, though. Maybe one day...

    1. I used a whole one the other night too and it was insanely moisturizing! I think you are right and I should half these bear boys and make them last longer. I wish I would have known you were interested in that scent. I would have stuffed one in your box. No worries, I have an extra laying around here I will save for the next friend package.

      I would love to do a review for 5 Golden Rings, it will give me an excuse to use it instead of hoard it.

      I placed two Kitchen orders a couple weeks ago. One mainly because I was dying to get my hands on one of my old favorites- Flying Fox and the other because they had some Ice Blue shampoo I was hankering to try and some bubble bars. I was tempted to order this morning too. They have a gorgeous sounding shower jelly and some other cool tidbits still in stock. But I MUST resist! SMT opening!!!!

  3. What a great haul!! The Olive Branch shower gel is my all time favorite! I just started using my 500ml bottle of Beautiful which I got from Japan last November :) Enjoy your Lush goodies!! :)