Friday, January 8, 2016

Influenster: Jingle VoxBox

This box of products was provided by Influenster free of charge for product testing.

I had a certain feline helper during this review. Toddles yearned for belly rubs and the spotlight so I allowed her to tag along. This holiday themed VoxBox was full of cute little items. Some were amazing, others just good and some were not my thing. Let's see what arrived in the Jingle VoxBox!

Kiss True Volume Lashes run about $3.99 and come in various styles. It also came with the Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive, $3.99 as well. The falsies are made of natural hair (not sure how I feel about that) and they looked extra fluffy and wispy. I am not sure if they were self-stick because I saw the glue and just assumed they were not and used the glue. I liked that the glue was black, as I was wearing black eyeliner when I put them on and it blended effortlessly. False eyelashes are not the most comfortable things in the world to wear but I was a trooper and hung in there. I wore them out for a date night and no one laughed at me so I consider that a score. Although Adam kept looking at me and shaking his head. I just don't normally wear them. But if I am ever in the market for fake eyelashes again I absolutely would buy these. They stayed put and didn't poke my corneas out. 

I am the one in the back with the fake lashes. >_<

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream is a lotion I have had recommended to me in the past but have never actually tried. Bottles run from $8.99 to $15.99 depending on size. I was surprised how thick this lotion felt. It absorbed quickly with no greasy residue. It did feel a bit light so I could see this as a perfect summer moisturizer. There was no fragrance to interfere with perfume application which is a plus too. It is a nice lotion but I am not sure if I would purchase it, as I tend to support indie bath and body companies or I use Kiehl's. 

This Hallmark itty bitty immediately got scooped up by Scarlette. She loves her princesses and this version of Disney's Rapunzel is adorable. These guys start around $6.95 and I think are Hallmark's answer to the Tsum Tsum craze. It looks well made. The true test will be if Scarlette asks me to buy her more. So far she has not.

I am a way back fan of Pure Ice Nail Polish. I used to pick up any color that caught my eye in Wal-Mart. Their straight up black is the best black creme I have ever used. In fact, I am wearing as I type this. But the aqua shade here, Home Run, was sadly, not a home run. It is a crelly (a hybrid of a creme and jelly) but instead of being squishy and semi-opaque, it falls flat. There is streaking, bubbling and it peeled right off after one day. I do recommend this brand for other shades, just not this one. They are $1.97, only at Wal-Mart. Sorry. I realize I do this weird Wal-Mart thing. It is Walmart. Walmart. Got it.

Biscoff Cookies.... mmmmmmm. I had my very first one when I was flying out to Vegas. Then Cookie Butter became a thing. These crunchy caramelized cookies are insanely delish. Nibbling one while drinking coffee or tea is tops. They are $2.99 for a 250g package. Repurchase for sure, for when I crave them. 

NYC City Proof 24HR Waterproof Eyeliner runs $3.99. It glides on easily but when I went to blend some of it out a bit it came off completely instead of blurring. It feels too soft for my liking, though that does make it easy to apply. I am just not a fan. I need more pigment and more staying power. It's not you, it's me. 

A coupon for a free bag of tots?! Yeah buddy! Ore-Ida Tater Tots are a hit around these parts. When I am pooped from working all day and I want an easy dinner that I won't hear moans of complaint over I will pop these bad boys in the over with some chicken nugs and call it a night. But I decided to fancy the tots up a bit for this special free bag. I made the loaded tots I saw on Facebook. I sprinkled on Seasoning Salt, cheese and bacon then topped with sour cream. The girls were happy. I was happy. Adam was bummed because he was going out for tacos with a friend and missed the loaded tots. Repurchase for sure.

Overall, I am really happy with the cookies (go figure), the eyelashes and adhesive and Ore-Ida Tater Tots. I do enjoy Pure Ice nail polish very much, just not this shade. The Cetaphil lotion was pleasant too but I doubt I would hurry out to buy it. I am not digging the NYC eyeliner and the itty bittys are cute, but not for me either. Do you use or enjoy any of these products? How would you make your tots?


  1. How do you get so many Influenster boxes?? I am constantly so frustrated with that site/program because when I try to stay active with their stuff, I still get nothing. When I completely gave up, I got two boxes. So when I tried to stay active again after that...nothing.


    1. I have no clue what strange algorithms they use to determine boxes. I do take their surveys and try to complete most tasks. Yet some I ignore altogether, like the virtual boxes. And the Twitter parties drive me nuts. I will go all out but not "win" anything. I have also yet to "win" extra product from completing badges. Who knows. I love the makeup boxes though! Try doing some snaps and surveys.

  2. Pets have the best skills at butting their way into product photo sessions, don't they? :)

    I do the same thing with Wal-Mart. All the stores I go to have a star in between Wal and Mart so I read it as a hyphen. Bummer on the Pure Ice. I've always liked their polish. They were one of the first cheap drugstore brands to really branch out and do glitter bombs and other trends that took the nail world.

    I don't even have nail polish over here, so I can't say I use any of the products you got! T__T I'm a beauty disaster!! I'm regretting leaving ALL of my nail care supplies at home.

    As for tots? Smother them in chili and nacho sauce with some bacon and I will eat until I'm forced to roll myself to bed to take a fat nap.

    1. Ha! Yes they do! Especially Tod when I go into "her" territory... the computer room.

      Pure Ice really did have its game in before the trend gained footing. And they still have great shades and quality usually. I swear by their black. Only one I need.

      Naked nails?! Blasphemy for a nail blogger! lol!! You were one I read a lot during my nail collecting days.

      Mmmmmmm.... I will need to make them that way soon. And I will be the only one eating them as no one else in this house likes chili. Lol!

  3. Great review ! I kind of wanted this box but didn't get in, guess it's a good thing since I would have never been able to get those lashes on lol!!

    1. The lashes were a challenge! I am not a pro at putting them on at all but they at least weren't hanging half off or anything lol!

  4. Great shots of Tod! <3 <3 I like the one with the eyeliner since cats look like they are always wearing it, haha.

    1. She was my muse that day. <3 Lol! I totally agree! Cats have the best natural eye liner! No wonder they call it a "cat eye." Hope your weekend was nice.