Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Zeep Bath Wax Tarts

Zeep Bath wax tarts caught my eye on Instagram. She posted about making a Lush sampler that you could buy via Direct Message, so I quickly sent off a DM requesting one. I believe Zeep is pronounced "zape" but not sure. At any rate, she DOES have an Etsy that is full of wax, including this sampler. It was $25 shipped via IG, I see it is $18 on Etsy without shipping.

Candy Fairy- A bubble gum and candy floss dupe for Snow Fairy. 

Bombshell- Candied jasmine and ylang ylang replica of Sex Bomb. I didn't realize I would like Sex Bomb so much. I melted both of these iridescent glittered hearts in my bedroom and got a medium to medium-light scent throw. 

Sugar Fluff- Smells frighteningly similar to Candy Fairy, the Snow Fairy dupe, but I believe it might be Rock Star. I am not sure. Either way it is one for my sassy Scarlette. She loves these candy gum scents. In fact, one went into her Scentsy bulb warmer and threw very nicely, at about a medium-strong, in her bedroom. The other went into their bathroom wall plug-in and threw medium-strong in there as well.

Rose Jelly- Rose Jam at its finest. The rose petals within make it that much better. I appreciate touches like that.

Snow White's Poison Apple- Is a dupe for So White, a scent I am iffy about. A very floral apple that would normally be my type, but there is just something I don't care for in Lush's version. I know this has a huge fan base so I will pass it on. 

Vanillarie- Mmmmmm, my baby. Vanillary was my first Lush Perfume solid, along with Karma and Breath of God (I bought all three at once). I used that stick in a matter of months. I miss those stick solids... so much more sanitary and preferred than those tins. Ugh. Anyway, the boozy vanilla bean paste sends me into raptures. So does this tart pack. What slays me is that she made the tart look just like the solid. A creamy tan base with flecks of black and gold glitter mimic the black flecks of vanilla bean seeds and bark in the actual solid. 

Olive Tree- My beloved The Olive Branch dupe. Yes. SO much yes. Smooth and musky bergamot and vanilla.

Dia De Muertos- I am guessing this is a Calacas duplication. It smells like a Haribo bag filled with only the orange, lemon and lime gummies (if there were lime Haribos, but you get me). A perky citrus scent with a touch of rubber. 

Avo All Over- WOW! These tarts pack a punch. Strong and invigorating! Sour lime and sharp lemongrass overload the nostrils. I cannot wait to melt.

Honey I Scrubbed The Kids- Pretty obvious what this one is... Honey I Washed The Kids. Slightly almondy silly putty is what I always get from this guy, not one of my Lush faves, but I will definitely gift it. 

Snow Pie- Snow Cake dupe! Another one I can never wrap my nose around. But these creamy guys are bound to light up someone's life. An accurate portrayal of the scent.  

'Merican Cream- Here she is. My favorite baby. I just LOVE American Cream. The red, silver and blue glitters on a white back ground are ah'mazin.'

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Fudgy Mint Brownie- Strong mint chocolate in a cute little shape!

Mystery- This was not labeled but it smells like lemon icebox pie or some thing along those lines. Lemon bakery, lemony creamy. I like it!

Overall, I am very happy with my order and will be frequenting Zeep Bath again. The attention to detail (look at those Lushy labels!!), easy ordering and affordable pricing ensure my future patronage. My dislike of certain Lush scents is in no way a contribution by Zeep, Ashley did an outstanding job obtaining precise dupes. I look forward to shopping with her again. Did you get this sampler? Any of these stand out for you?


  1. How many times do I have to tell you to stop posting about new to me vendors!! I finally got my stuff culled down to an acceptable amount and I'm already looking at expanding my storage. :P
    Avo sounds amazing! Of course anything snow fairy I'm a fan of. I like me some sweet scents :)

    1. LOL! I can't help itttttt! I have been hankering to try some of these new places. I have another one coming up from Valhalla, but you have probably tried them before. Uh oh! Expanding wax storage! Someone IS in waxy love! I will start saving any Snow Fairies I get for you. I just can't do bubblegum for some reason. It is a fun scent!