Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Lasting Scent Candles: Holiday Restock

Are you ready for the beast that is my Lasting Scent Candle's holiday restock order? This is the first time since they announced their intent to close (after using up supplies) that they have offered bags of brittle. I knew I wanted to grab a few in scents that I figured I would enjoy the most. During this restock there was a family tragedy that occurred, but the ladies kept pressing forward and got the orders out any way. I admire that they did that even though we would have all understood if it got pushed back or even canceled. My heart goes out to Pam and her family.

You know you were a bag girl with you get two Click-N-Ships. 

As always, at least in my case, the tarts were packed beautifully and with care.

Tart Brittle was $14.99 for anywhere from a 12.6 ounce bag to a 13 ounce bag. 
One and a half ounce scent shots were $1.75 and two ounce scent shots were $2.25 each. 

Pam and Jennifer ran a fun little contest where if you found an embed in your 2 ounce scent shots then you get a free bag of brittle during the next opening. (YAY another opening!) When I opened these four fellas I felt like poor little Charlie in Willy Wonka hoping for a Golden Ticket. Mine did not contain an embed, but my friend Lynda got one (WHOOOHOO Lynda!) <3

Winter White Cake blends wedding cake with double mint confetti. The funny thing is that I do pick up a slight sprinkle note, the slightly plastic sweetness of colored confetti sprinkles. The mint is sweet and wedding cake is one of my favorite vanillas out there.

Smokey Mountain Christmas melds pines, mint and cedar. It very much smells like a cabin in North Carolina on a mountain top. The mint adds a touch of candy to an otherwise evergreen forest scent. Very unique.

Free samples in:

Cozy Winter Nights is not one I thought I would like at all. But I was wrong. It is hot cocoa with candy canes and marshmallow. I see cocoa and think, "Ewwwww chocolate." But LSC must have a magic chocolate because it smells just like cocoa. Rich and real. The candy cane is mellow but refreshing. 

Chilly Morning is a Bath and Body Works Sweater Weather dupe. I do not care for Sweater Weather but I know it has a huge fan base so I am giving it away.

Peppermint Marshmallow Snow holds peppermint, candy cane, marshmallows and magic. I think the magic may very well be Vanilla Bean Noel. Loads of fluffy vanilla fall out of this bag with a touch of mint.

Peppermint Dreams houses pure peppermint and soothing lavender. The stuff Mr. Sandman dusts on my pillow. Perfectly dreamy.

Cloved Cinnamon is a spicy deep Red Hot bag of heat. Simple spice at its best.

Candyland Dreamin' fuses peppermint, lavender and vanilla into a more creamy and sweet version of Peppermint Dreams. Jacqui totally enabled me on this scent years ago. It smells like the best candied aromatherapy ever.

Toasted Embers is easily in my Top 3 favorite Bath and Body Works Marshmallow Fireside dupes list. It is one of the rare ones that is heavier on the vanilla rich marshmallow with a touch of ambered smoke that does not smell acrid. Yum.

The ladies had a slew of backstocked Fall and Halloween scents left so I grabbed two that I adored and really missed. I hope that there will be backstock from the Holiday release as I would love to get my hands on more Cozy Winter Nights.

You can read about these two scents here.

Pine Berry Wreath, pine, berries and balsam that reminds me of the Lingonberry Wreath scent a bit. Tart cranberries and a touch of pine. Not my favorite of the bunch.

Cranberry Citrus Balsam is phenomenal. The added cranberry takes the citrus and balsam to a whole 'nother level. It adds a tart dimension that makes an incredible scent even better. I wish I had bought it in a tart brittle bag. 

Strawberry Pine Cone is all about a sweet candied strawberry. The pine cone aspect adds just a tiny bit of bark and woods. This would definitely pass a cheerful year 'round scent.

Sugar Berry Clove blends cranberries, clove and white sugar. The clove is the strongest but the candied cranberry sauce is not far behind. Saving this one for next year.

Candy Cane Kisses couples Vanilla Bean Noel and candy canes in the perfect minty vanilla scent. My favorite of the vanilla mints I ordered. So strong and minty.

Peppermint Log merges Peppermint Marshmallow Snow with White Wedding Cake. There is a slight white chocolate hint that makes this far deeper and more like Vanilla Butter Fudge than the Winter White Cake.

Snow Globe is all about vanilla and marshmallows. No mint. Just creamy goodness. I must say there is a slight candy note that makes this stand out from just plain vanilla though.

Peppermint Shake combines vanilla bean shake and candy canes. The milky component can be detected and does set this apart. It is not my favorite of the mint and vanilla combos I ordered.

Winter White Cake, described above.

Cedar Wreath embodies cedarwood, greens and citrus peels. It smells like a sexy mountain man. The end.

Mint Mallow Creme is described as having mints, vanilla sugar and toasted marshmallow fluff. And it does. But one of those mints is spearmint for sure.

Pink Sugar Spruce is lovely. Pink and spruce. Just like it says. Heavier on pink. Love.

Spun Sugar Pine makes me think of all the Rock Candy samplers I have had from LSC in the past. It is like a piney rock candy. Love it.

Snowy Pines coated in vanilla, mint, and sugar. Vanilla Bean Noel holds reign here but the pine and sugar add coziness.

Smokey Mountain Christmas described above.

Christmas Tree really is just that. A tad too resinous but I will probably blend it out with something sweeter and creamier. 

Holiday In The Park entails Blue spruce and pines joined by cinnamon sticks and cedars. The cinnamon sticks are the dusty bark curls, no added sugar.

Holiday Splendor is a cornucopia of apples, balsam, fir, cinnamon and clove. An amazingly blended spiced apple and evergreen scent. Sweet, not too spicy and perfectly homey. One I would buy in tart brittle too. 

Magical Mistletoe is made of evergreen, spruce and magic. The magic smells like apples. Very nice! Little to no spice. 

Sparkling Wonderland features evergreen, pine cones, citrus and spice. It smells like mulled orange drink. I am not sure how I feel about it on cold. It might warm up nicely though.

Holiday Hearth simply says "all the comforts of your cozy home on the holidays." I pick up fireside, Christmas trees, and fruits. Interesting, and not one I remember smelling before.

If I had to pick Ultra Favorites I would pick: Toasted Embers, Candy Cane Kisses, Candyland Dreamin', Cobweb Cookies, Cranberry Citrus Balsam, Holiday Splendor, Cloved Cinnamon and Snow Globe.

Did you order this last opening? Do you plan on catching the next? Did you win a free bag of brittle? Any favorites? Do please share about your order or what you hope to try from Lasting Scent Candles.


  1. I am sad to hear a tragedy occurred. I hope everything is okay. Sister your wax order looks amazing and you had me at smoky mountain christmas; )

    1. Pam's mom passed away.

      I will save you a shot of Smokey Mountain Christmas. We need to work on getting you a new warmer though.

      Missed you last night. Have s great week and hope your tests went well.

    2. Thank you so much sister! And yes it is very sad that I have all 3 of my favorite warmers lidless. Lol I missed you too and I did do well! Thank you. Another final tomorrow. It never ends. :)

  2. Bonkers! This post has me missing the fall and holiday season already, especially that pic with all the peppermints and blue snowy scents.


    1. Lol!! Well.... There is always next year! It actually made me miss it a bit too as I sniffed my way through these festive scents. Most I will melt soonish but a few very Christmassy ones will wait until next year. I have had decent luck with old LSC.

  3. Holy Wax!!! That is one gorgeous haul :) I am hesitant to melt any of mine as I don't know if they have cured enough. What do you think? I am so excited for their next opening - but hoping it's not too soon so I can save up. Pam commented in an email dated the 16th "I will be back in town in about a week and will announce the opening.". Still can not believe I was so lucky to receive a tart with an embed in it :) There were so many awesome scents in this order. On cold sniff my favorites are; Candyland Dreamin', Frost Bite, Pink Sugar Spruce, Candy Cane Kisses and Cranberry Citrus Balsam.

    1. I know Lynda! I went buck wild. I just couldn't help it! I think I will try some of the brittle this week to test it out but I don't see why not. She did mention that she was working on a scent list already :-) But like you, I need it to wait for a bit. We have a lot of overlapping faves.... It looks like I need to try Frost Bite! Hope you have been well <3

  4. Amazing haul Julie! Those bags of brittle are awesome! Glad that she is branching out from the cups a bit lately. This was one opening I had in my mind that I wanted to catch. I only wanted bags of Candy Land Dreamin and Ginger Snap Noel. And of course, I forgot all about it because I had a scout meeting that evening. By the time I remembered, of course everything was gone. For the best, I suppose as I'm still trying to get rid of all this was I have that I don't use!! Perhaps I'll try to catch her next opening, whenever that may be!!

    1. I went bat poop crazy. And totally ok with that. :-) Ginger Snap Noel is one I regret missing too. But she is working on a new scent list right now and I am hoping for some back stock scents. A scout meeting? Like Girl Scouts? Are you a leader? I will message you at next opening if you want or I can pick up those two if I see them. Saw you did a destashed again >_< Those things fly!!! Lol!!

    2. Haha yes! Purge, purge, purge! My wax stash is very minimal at this point. I am a Brownie leader to 11 wild and wonderful 3rd graders!! It fills my heart with so much joy, those kids are hilarious and ridiculous and make me laugh constantly. So glad I got the opportunity to do it! Thanks Julie! I'll definitely keep my eyes peeled for the next opening!

    3. I feel the same way about my middle schoolers. I am so happy they have an amazing role model in you. I bet you enrich their lives just as much as they do yours. Cookie sales going on!!!! May your troop sell a mountain's worth!