Monday, January 25, 2016

NEST: Elton John's Fireside Candle

This Fireside candle from NEST was purchased during the post-Christmas extra 20% off sale at Sephora. Normally $38, I bought it for $20. Fireside is a sweeter more amber laden variety of a Fireside than Bath & Body Works. Bath & Body Works version is a touch less sweet, more deep and with cedar undertones. The throw on this candle was a solid medium-strong. It never got overbearing but you knew it was there, sitting right beside you, painting you canvas of a warming fire in the hearth. 

I would buy this one again if it were on sale. But there are other NEST fragrances I would buy at full-price. Namely Moroccan Amber.


  1. Girl, you've gotta stop posting about all these nice things. My wallet can only take so much! LOL.
    This sounds delightful, though!

    1. LOL! These are old hat now, from back in December. It just takes me forever to actually use them and blog about them. Sometimes I never get around to it. I was going to blog my Candles From The Keeping Room candle but I got lazy and it's too late now.