Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Mermaid Treasure: Rising Tides Jewellery

Remember that book ring from Rising Tides Jewellery I featured a while back? 

I did tell you that I would end up getting it. 

This book ring has such great detail! It is crafted of copper and is stamped with a crescent moon and star, arrows and various designs. This is the back with another sliver of a crescent moon. There is a black velvet carrying pouch that came with it. It was 30 pounds in cost and shipped in about a week or so from the UK. 

It is a standard size to fit most thumbs.

I love how it fits. It is working out my thumb muscle a bit since I am used to using my thumb and pinky finger to hold my books open, but I am getting used to it. 

I just finished reading Watership Down and it stole my heart. I can't stop thinking about Hazel, Fiver, Bigwig and the gang. I don't think I will ever quite look at the little brown rabbit that lives in the woods behind my yard quite the same. 

What are you currently reading? Any fun bookish things catch your attention?


  1. What a cool little device! I have avoided reading Watership Down since childhood because my mom told me that rabbits die and I hate books in which animals die.

    Speaking of haunting books, I just last night finished listening to The Giver by Lois Lowry on audio, and... wow. Still processing my thoughts on the whole thing, but the spare prose style made for a great listening experience, even though I wasn't a big fan of the way the reader handled some voices.

    (So clearly I am more concerned about animal deaths in my reading than humans, but there it is :D)

    1. I can see avoiding it if animal deaths touch you. I can totally understand that. Anytime a beloved dog or cat or animal passes in a book I am a blubbering mess. Particularly in Harry Potter and in the Knife of Never Letting Go.

      Yes!!! I read The Giver for the first time ever about three years ago and it stuck with me for a while too. I think there are more in the series as well and I keep meaning to get to them.

  2. :'( Watership Down, it's one for the ages isn't it? Probably the only novel that's made me feel sad I don't have children to read it to/with, although my husband and I did have so much fun reciting it to each other with different voices for the characters. Reading it as an adult meant my niece and nephews have grown too old now, but I can always recommend it at the library which makes me feel better!
    I have the same reaction with bunnies, the bigun's are BigWig and the littles are all Fivers to me:)
    Also, pretty book ring, I guess it is best suited for paperbacks, you're thumb would be breaking under a Gaboldon, lol!

    I'm still wading through my non-fiction tbr but have been *sneaking* my audio cd inside to listen to, quite a maddening mystery, titled, The Dry by Jane Harper.

    1. It truly is. I watched the cartoon film of it the other night and it was quite creepy. I see Netflix is making one soon and I am looking forward to that. I think I will try and read it to my girls over the summer. Thank you for the suggestion.

      The book ring is definitely not fit for Outlander consumption. Or Pillars of the Earth or War and Peace. Your thumb will simply sheer off.

      Ooooooo!!!! If you are sneaking it, it must be good and if you think it is good then I must check it out!! xoxo

      Have a nice weekend!!

    2. You too, JUlie! I keep meaning to sent you a pic of my old/worn Stephen King collection bc in one of these threads we discussed you needing some you hadn't read. I will do that this weekend and if any catch your eye. I will send them:)
      PS The Dry is maddening; chugged along slowly at first, but now I simply must know what happened!

    3. Thank you!!! That is super kind of you. I was just at a used bookstore eyeing some up but most were ones I had read already. <3

      I will put it on my list! Thank you!

  3. I am currently reading a Sarah J Mass series called Throne of Glass and loving every minute of it. I now have to read everything on my kindle- my eyes are getting worse and the reading glasses give me a headache. I am definitely not complaining, I will be 50 in August and only wear glasses to watch TV. Back in the day I had a plastic book ring that I liked to use, your is a much improved version! A TV show on BBC America just started last week- Killing Eve= seems like a promising start. Ellisa

    1. YES! I loved the Throne of Glass series! I stopped right before the Empire (Empress? Queen?) of Storms released so I need to catch up. I am sure my eyes will be not too far behind you. And thank you for the show rec! I am all about anything that is on BBC America.

      So 50 in August huh?? I will have to write that down so I can celebrate you. <3 Thank you for being such a kind friend to me all this time. I appreciate it.

  4. So sorry I am so behind on reading blogs, I will try to do better!! I love this book ring. I wonder if they have something a bit more manly or if my husband would use something like this when he reads... interesting. We are moving rather slow as we don't have time each night but the husband and I have decided to pick up reading the Harry Potter books together as I unfortunately never finished the whole series and he hasn't read any of them. Shame, I know. So we are starting up on the first one again but like I said, slow moving.

    1. No worries!!! I have been getting behind too. I am going to try and catch up tonight or tomorrow. Life is busy for all us!! xoxo

      I bet you could find something for him on Etsy. That would be a sweet gift. <3 I love that you guys are reading Harry Potter together. I would love if Adam would let me read the books to him (I married a decidedly UNbookish man). Maybe when the girls have left the nest and we have a quiet house. I will talk him into it one day. :-)