Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Nocturne Alchemy Summer Tea Service: Cardamom Chai Sandalwood and Lavender Sugar

Cardamom Chai Sandalwood by Nocturne Alchemy- Notes: Chai spices, Sri Lankan and Guatemalan cardamom EO, Indian black tea essence, Basamati vanilla, nutmeg EO, Pyramid Santalum, and four variants of sandalwood. 
In the bottle, woody spice. On the skin, the spice blooms into a thick warm cup of fiery chai tea, lightly sweet and limpid with comfort. Woods creep in brun and twilight and the black tea leaves foreshadow portents in the bottom of the china cup. It dries down into a soothing cinnamon bark and sandalwood scent. Dusted with subtle bits of cardamom and rich with wood. I simply adore this spicy woods sweet scent.

Lavender Sugar- Notes: French lavender essential oil, sugar accord, Crystal infused sugar accord and Bastet's amber. 
Herbal lavender is tempered by a very subtle sweetness and the dry aroma of crushed resins. This is a simple and linear scent meant to be layered with the other Summer Tea Service scents. I enjoy wearing it on its own before bedtime.

The Summer Tea Service will probably return in the next few months and I wanted to have these up in case tea based scents might be your cuppa. Currently, Nocturne Alchemy has their Purpose Oils up for sale for a limited time and I happen to have two of them so I plan on featuring those soon.

Happy May 1st! I have some candles and wax and smell goods to blog about this month and look forward to diving into it. My weekends are pretty shot right now but hopefully I can get on the ball and squeeze some blog time in. Any plans for May?


  1. These scents sound amazing!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘ƒ๐Ÿ˜‘ *takes note*

    1. The Cardamom Chai Sandalwood seriously makes my mouth water. I adore it to pieces. I have loved seeing your photos from your DC trip. How have things been going??